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S E O M U N X V S I X - P A R T Y T A L K S GUIDELINES President: Christina Hahn.

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1 S E O M U N X V S I X - P A R T Y T A L K S GUIDELINES President: Christina Hahn

2 AGENDA Effectively debate on all 3 issues Increase cooperation between fellow delegates in respective countries and others Formulate creative solutions to tackle the issue at hand Create an excellent joint statement

3 OVERVIEW SPT is divided into three parts: Session Caucus Finalization All delegates will be participating in all parts Day 1 & 2: Caucus & Sessions Day 3: Finalization A Joint Statement will be completed by the Day 2 to be debated on Day 3

4 SESSION One issue is chosen to be discussed for approximately 45- 60 minutes Delegates will follow the chairs order to move rooms Starts with each delegate making a short speech concerning the issue An informal talks would follow Three types of sessions will be in this years SPT: Simultaneous Session Exclusive Session Joint Session

5 SESSION (cont.) Clauses may be debated on during this time Delegates may submit it to the respective chair who is supervising Delegates may extend or table the session by raising a point to the chair IN ORDER to submit a clause during a Session: Requires 4 supporters at minimum If there are 3 supporters only, then could be re-discussed before submission Chairs will: manage time suggest, begin, and table the agenda introduce a clause regulate voting procedure make sure the debates is progressive.

6 Exclusive Session One delegate from each nation will follow the chairs order Will discuss on a specific issue (i.e. Exclusive Session 1 will debate upon issue 1) Delegates will: Share stances Collaborate decisions Create clauses Discussing the issue

7 Simultaneous Session All three issues will be discussed at the same time in different parts of the room or different rooms One delegate from each nation must follow one chair Exclusive, but at the same time (Check Exclusive Session slide)

8 Joint Sessions This is a session that includes all the representatives from all the countries. All eighteen delegates would gather to: Discuss countrys stances Clarify concerns during divided sessions Possibly create clauses.

9 CAUCUS Meeting among representatives who are not participating in a session Delegates will be present in the initial room along with the chairs Delegates may: Research & discuss on the issue Lobby with other countries Drafting clauses. Before a session, delegates must decide which representative would be attending which session Those not chosen will stay in caucus

10 CAUCUS To submit clauses: Require minimum 2 supporters MUST USE the CHAIR MASTER USB On the first day, the chairs will give a pre-session where all members will be present before anybody moves into a caucus or session. decide which delegate would join which session determine the stance and objective on each issue discuss with other nations; submit pre-written clauses.

11 Sections = Resolutions Each section requires an unanimous vote All three Sections combined = Joint- Statement Once all three are voted through, there will be a vote on the Joint-Statement as a whole. Signature of all delegations on Statement required FINALIZATION

12 Debate Procedures are: THIMUN Security Council Format No P5 veto powers. Different main-submitter per operative clause permitted Voting procedures will occur per clause 4 votes required for per clause Sections require unanimous vote to pass FINALIZATION (cont.)

13 Day 1 Opening Speeches/Pre-Caucus Simultaneous Session (Discussion) Exclusive Sessions (Issues 1,2, and 3) Day 2 Exclusive Session Simultaneous Session (Creation) Joint-Session Simultaneous Session (Finalization) Day 3 Debate on Joint Statement Signing of Joint-Statement SCHEDULE

14 DELEGATES if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Six Party Talks is a very complex forum, and will require complete comprehension for a smooth debate

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