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A New Kind of Dualism David Banach Department of Philosophy St. Anselm College.

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1 A New Kind of Dualism David Banach Department of Philosophy St. Anselm College

2 Plato’s Timaeus (48e-56c )  1. Way of Reason: Mind. Orders things for the best. A.Internal principle of Change. B.Works by persuasion, the presentation of attractive modes of being.   2. The Way of Necessity. Blind Matter constrained by its form.  A. Must have a medium: the Receptacle  B. Must have a external cause of its being and initial conditions: The Demiurge or nursemaid.  C. Must have external rule that govern the relationships between its elements.  D. Action is necessitated by the formal relations of the elements and their medium.

3 Plato’s Primal Triangles

4 Platonic Solids

5 A Mechanical Theory of the Elements

6 The Rules Of Life  (1) An unoccupied cell surrounded by exactly three filled cells will become full or alive  (2) A full or live cell surrounded by either two or three live cells remains alive  (3) A live cell surrounded by more than three live cells dies, or becomes empty.

7 More Life Resources\life

8 1-5 Pixel Patterns

9 Random Pixels

10 Stable Life Patterns

11 Oscillating Patterns

12 Gliders

13 Acorn

14 Breeder

15 A Turing Machine in the Life World

16 The Life World as Model of the Physical World

17 Lessons from The Game of Life  1. Another primal level of Reality is necessary  2. The Primal Reality cannot itself work through the way of Necessity. It can’t be Mechanisms all the way down.  3. The Primal Reality, the actual causal implementation of the rules, may be unknowable, given substrate neutrality of form.  4. Most of the observed regularities will not be real. That is they will not be the actual rules running on the medium that actually cause the course of events. They will be meta- regularities, or side effects of the operation of the rules.  5. Every Physical object and process also has its correlate in the Primal Reality, which may have other properties on the primal level.

18 A Virtual Pixel

19 Levels of Reality Pixels CPU Agent Output Input Physical Reality Primal Reality I/O Module

20 Mind and Body Physical Reality Primal Reality I/O Module Default Primal Reality (Part of PR running program) Brain I/O Interface =I/O Device=Mind

21 It’s NEW!!!!  Not a Substance Dualism: Body not a substance.  Not a Property Dualism or Dual Aspect Theory: Mind and Body are NOT the same thing as existing in the two different realms.  Not an Identity Theory or Physicalism.  No Emergence, Supervenience, or Epiphenomenalism.

22 It’s IMPROVED!!!  Interaction of Mind and Body a natural result of the theory.  Explains the essential Intentionality of mental states.  Explains why Consciousness should be a mystery while making it a part of (primal) Nature.  Has some empirical, research guiding, implications.

23 Conclusions  Mechanism implies a new kind of Dualism.  We may need a New Kind of Materialism. Mechanism, by its very nature, is limited in its explanatory power.

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