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Developments in Mexico

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1 Developments in Mexico

2 Teran Report of 1828 Manuel Mier y Teran was sent by Mexican Government to investigate colonies in Texas Findings of unruly and aggressive whites

3 Report Cont’d. Recommendations for Mexico:
Station more Mexican soldiers in Texas Colonize Mexican nationals in Texas (create Mexican cities) Bring more Catholics into Texas Paranoia of Mexican Government Report freaked government out! Consider an immigration ban in Texas (Mexicans only)

4 Law of April 6, 1830 All empressario contracts not completed are now void More military posts and Mexican settlers All immigration from the United States banned!

5 Colonization Continues Regardless
Galveston Bay and Land Company Led by Lorenzo de Zavala and David G. Burnett Selling a scam (land) Southeast Texas Made $10 million

6 This is an actual contract that Zavala and Burnett tricked people into signing.

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