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Instructional Design & Online Learning Greg Kearsley.

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1 Instructional Design & Online Learning Greg Kearsley

2 What is Instructional Design? Emerged in 1950s as an engineering approach to the design of instruction Goal is to develop reliable and effective instruction Encompasses a set of design principles and methods Involves a team approach to course design

3 Some Instructional Design Principles Clearly stated learning objectives that focus on competencies Learning activities and evaluation tied to objectives Material to be learned should be broken down into small chunks Learner must be suitably motivated

4 Some Instructional Design Methods Needs/learner assessment Task analysis Media selection Formative evaluation (including pilot testing)

5 Instructional Design Roles Editor/Reviewer/Tester Surrogate student Project Manager Designer

6 Visual Design Tasks Document/page layout Typography Tables/Charts Graphics/Images Color Multimedia (audio/video/animations)

7 User Interface Design Control Options Navigation options Organization/sequencing of documents Error avoidance

8 Other Design Considerations Accessibility Standards Maintenance Time/Budget Available Bandwidth

9 Formative Evalution Pilot course logs Course evaluations Discussion board postings Program follow-up surveys

10 Elements of A Course Objectives Reading assignments Study Notes/Lectures Exercises Evaluation/Grading

11 Online Course Tools Announcements Email Discussion Board Chat/Conferencing (realtime) Calendar File Uploading/Downloading Quiz/Survey

12 How to Design an Effective Online Course? Follow basic ID principles Build as much interactivity into activities as possible Create visually interesting screens/pages Ensure that instructions are very clear

13 Typical Problems with Online Courses Time management Learning to use course tools Ambiguous directions Lack of timely/adequate feedback

14 Factors Beyond ID Control Enthusiastic, Responsive Instructor Reliable, Fast System Good Learner Support Motivated Learners

15 Summary ID tries to ensure that learning will be effective Main contributions are to organization and presentation of material Part of an overall Quality Control process

16 A Few References Turning Traditional Courses into Distance Education” (Chronicle of Higher Ed, Aug 2000) [] “Big Dogs ISD page” [] “Design Principles for Online Instruction” (FGCU) [] WW. Lee & D. Owens (2000). “Multimedia-Based Instructional Design” Jossey-Bass.

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