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Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003. Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003 Introductions.

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1 Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003

2 Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003 Introductions

3 Employment 101 Who am I? Cheryl Rice 220 years of employment 215 jobs, 5 career changes 2Worked in 4 countries 2New to Red Deer and working as a consultant 2Can be contacted to answer questions or provide support at:

4 Employment 101 Housekeeping 2Lunch and breaks: whenever, upon request 2Slides: handouts when relevant 2ALL MATERIALS ON My Yahoo 2Where: 2ID: RDCE101 2Password: student 2Computers on Wednesday

5 Employment 101 Course objectives 8 days 2Preparation for work placement: 1Dealing with others 1Working in teams 1Getting the most out of this opportunity 2Getting a job stage 1: 1Writing resume 1Where to find jobs,including using the internet 1All that’s involved in applying 1Getting a job stage 2 in Spring

6 Employment 101 Before work placement Nov. 14-20 2You’ll get some ideas for getting the most out of this opportunity 2You will have a first draft of your resume

7 Employment 101 After work placement Dec 1-3 2You’ll have your journal for us to discuss the experience 2You’ll have a reviewed and critiqued Resume for marking

8 Employment 101 Why? Skills employers need: 2Fundamental Skills: The basic skills you need 2Personal Management Skills: The personal skills, attitudes and behaviours that help you move ahead 2Teamwork Skills: The skills and qualities you need to contribute productively to team efforts see handout!

9 Employment 101 Working together: How you’ll be marked 2Attendance20% 2Participation10% 2Teamwork10% 2Final Resume60% 1Late submission: marks deleted 1Accuracy: marks deleted for errors 1Presentation 1Ease of reading 1Length no more than 2 pages 1Quality: good use of verbs, grammar, achievements etc.

10 Employment 101 Getting to know YOU 2Who’s had a job? What kind? 2Who has a resume? 2Who uses computers? 1Do you surf the net much? 1Can you type? 1Do you know Word? 1Have you used ‘wizards’?

11 Employment 101 Getting to know YOU 2Rate your computer literacy: A:Super User B: Pretty Good at finding your way around the computer C: Know the basics D: The darn things intimidate you

12 Employment 101 Today’s Objectives 2Self & Group Dynamics Which simply means: 2Who are you? 2How do you work with others? 2How do others with with you?

13 Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003 Communication 101

14 Employment 101 How we communicate 2Different people learn and communicate differently: 2Some need to SEE 2Some need to HEAR 2Some need to TOUCH

15 Employment 101 Communication by Seeing 2See the world in pictures 2Phrases 1“I see what you mean.” 1“This looks good to me.” 2Approximately 55% of people are visual communicators

16 Employment 101 Communication by Listening 2 Experience the world in terms of sound 2 Phrases 1“That rings true.” 1“I hear what you are saying.” 2 Approximately 30% of people are auditory communicators

17 Employment 101 Hands On Communicators 2Experience the world in what they feel or can touch 2Phrases 1“I’ll understand once I try it.” 1“I’m comfortable with this.” 2Approximately 15% of people Kinesthetic communicators

18 Employment 101 How do you learn/communicate?

19 Employment 101 Why talk Communication now? 2If you know how you learn you’ll get the most out of this 2We’ll talk, we’ll listen and we’ll do hands-on to make sure you get the chance to ‘get it’ 2Watch and see how others learn

20 Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003 Win

21 Employment 101 Is Winning Everything? 2How does it feel to win? Great!

22 Employment 101 Is Winning Everything? 2What happens when you win? 1Somebody loses 2How does it feel to lose? 1Lousy

23 Employment 101 Is Winning Everything? 2So what would it be like to work with someone after you won and they lost?

24 Employment 101 Going for WIN/WIN is saying: I want to win and I want you to win too!

25 Employment 101 Win/Win 2Is incredibly powerful because it: 1Changes our approach from conflict, attack and defend to co-operation 1Shifts attitudes and alters how we communicate

26 Employment 101 Benefits of Win/Win 2Both parties “win” more 2Relationships are saved 2Future negotiations are enhanced 2You avoid making enemies 2Its more fun and rewarding

27 Employment 101 Win/Win Strategies 2Understand needs 1“What do I need?”, “What do YOU need?” 2Recognize that people are different 1“What is my Type?”, “What is their Type?” 2Being open and willing to adapt 1Is there another way I can meet my need? 2Attack the problem, not the people 1We need money to pay the rent, not “You spend too much”

28 Employment 101 How to find the Win/Win 2Be your friendly self 2Be ethical and honest and ask them to be too 2Find the positives on both sides 2Don’t hurry the other guy 2Be flexible on each point 2Understand the other person’s needs and priorities 2Be a good listener

29 Employment 101 Picking WHEN for Win/Win 2 Are either of you emotional? angry, hurt, upset? 2Excuse yourself and ask for a meeting later 2Get back in control, try: 1Writing down your reaction and feelings as if you were talking to someone 1Project your feelings onto objects, go for a walk, hit a pillow, play a sport 1Share your emotions with the other person

30 Employment 101 Why talk about Win/Win now? 2Practice before employment week 2Watch for good and bad examples during the next few days 2Its how we’ll work together from here on

31 Employment 101 What color are YOU today? I Win You Lose I Lose You Win I Lose You Lose I Win You Win Consideration Courage

32 Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003 Who are you?

33 Employment 101 Getting to know each other 2Where have we worked 2What good experiences can we share 1See examples of WIN/WIN? 2What bad experiences can we learn from 1See examples of Win/Lose, Lose/Win or Lose/Lose? 2What did learn? 1Could do better next time? 1Others could benefit from the lesson? see handout!

34 Employment 101 Discuss in Break out groups PURPOSE: 2Apply principles of WIN/WIN to our own experiences 2Get to know each other 2Get comfortable with this format cause we’ll do lots of it 2Practice working as a team 2Learn by doing

35 Employment 101 Discuss in break out groups AGENDA: 2Introduce yourselves 2Select a presenter 2Select a note taker 2Discussion the questions 2Come back ready to share key points with others

36 Employment 101 Discuss in Break out groups LIMIT: 2Be back by:

37 Employment 101 Cheryl Rice November 2003 Know yourself

38 Employment 101 It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is. Hermann Hesse

39 Employment 101 Observe all men; thy self most. Ben Franklin

40 Employment 101 Self-knowledge is the beginning of self-improvement Baltasar Gracián 1601-1658

41 Employment 101 It is wisdom to know others; It is enlightenment to know one's self. Lao-Tzu 6th century B.C. The Way of Life

42 Employment 101 And he who does not know himself does not know others… Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792 Discourses on Art

43 Employment 101 Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing. Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

44 Employment 101 Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung

45 Employment 101 Ninety percent of the world's woes come from people not knowing themselves, their abilities, their frailties, and even their real virtues. Most of us go all the way through life as complete strangers to ourselves – so how can we know anyone else? Sydney J. Harris

46 Employment 101 Lets find out who you are: 2By typing your personality….

47 Employment 101 What are Personality Types? 2A way to understand ourselves 2A way to predict how we act in certain situations 2A way to understand how others see us 2A way to understand others 2A way to find the best way to communicate with others.

48 Employment 101 What type are you? 2Read each pair of columns 2Select the column that is MOST like you 2Write the letter at the top of the column into the appropriate box at the top of the page 2When done your results should be FOUR letters: for example ISTJ or ENSP see handout!

49 Employment 101 4 Personality Types Introverts or Extroverts 1 2 3 4 Intuitors or Sensors Thinkers or Judgers Feelers or Perceivers

50 Employment 101 1 I ntrovert or E xtrovert? 2Introverts 1focus on the inner world 1get energy through reflection 1like information, ideas, and/or concepts 2Extroverts 1focus on the outside world 1energy through interacting with people 1like doing things

51 Employment 101 S enses or I N tuition? 2Sensors 1notice and trust facts, details, and present realities 2Intuitors 1 rely on and trust interrelationships, theories, and future possibilities 2

52 Employment 101 J udgment or T hinking? 2Judgers 1tend to be organized and orderly and to make decisions quickly 2Thinkers 1make decisions using logical, objective analysis 3

53 Employment 101 F eeling or P erceiving? 2Feelers 1make decisions to create harmony 2Perceivers 1tend to be flexible and adaptable 1keep options open as long as possible 4


55 Employment 101 Review Day one 2Communication Styles 2WIN/WIN 2Know Thyself 2Know Others 2Conflict management techniques see handout!

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