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首页 The First Period The Second Period The Third Period.

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1 首页 The First Period The Second Period The Third Period

2  born (bear 的过去分词) v. 出生;出世  international adj. 国际的; 世界(性)的  record n. 记录;(尤指运动中的)最高 记录  hiccup v. n. 打喷嚏  too … to… 太 …… 以致不能 ……  golf v.n. (打)高尔夫球  Brazilian adj. 巴西的;巴西人的  national 国家的; 全国的;民族的  achievement n. 成就;成绩

3  perform v. 演出;表演  gymnast n. 体操运动员  gold n. 金子;黄金 adj. 金的  medal n. 奖牌;奖章  championship n. 冠军称号;铞标赛(常作 -s)  golfer n. 高尔夫球运动员  become v. 成为;变成  call v. 把 …… 叫做;称呼;为 …… 取名

4 Famous People Ping-pong player Den Yaping Wan Nan Waldner

5 Famous People basketball player Michael Jordan Yao Ming

6 Football player David Beckham Ronaldo

7 diving player Guo Jingjing Tian liang

8 tennis player Martina Hingis Li Ting

9 Singers and actors Jay Chou Jack Chan

10 Activity 1a Make a list of international sports stars you know.

11 Activity 1b Listen and write the year the sports star was born under each photos. Deng Yaping ping-pong player Born: _______ Michael Jordan basketball player Born: _______ Martina Hingis tennis player Born: _______ David Beckham soccer player Born: _______ 1973196319801975

12 Activity 1c Practice the conversation about Deng Yaping below. A: Who’s that? B: That’s Deng Yaping. She is a great Chinese ping-pong player. A: When was she born? B: She was born in 1973

13 A: Who’s that? B: That’s. is a great. A: When was born? B: was born in 1973 Then make conversations about the other sports stars. Michael JordanHe American basketball player he He 返回

14 Activity 2a/2b Listen and fill in the Chart. Who Has world record forHow longStartedStopped Charles Smith Hiccupping 69 years and 5 months Donna Green sneezing 19221990 978 days January 13,1981 September 16,1983

15 Activity 2c Pair work Fill in the blanks with information from the chart in 2a. A: How long did Charles Smith hiccup? B: He hiccupped for ____ years and ___ months. A: When did he start hiccupping? B: He started in ______. A: When did he stop hiccupping? B: He stopped in __________ 695 1922 1990

16 Grammar Focus stop to do sth. 停下来去做事 stop doing sth. 停止做某事 start to do sth 开始做某事 start doing sth 开始做某事 When was he born? He was born in 1895. How long did he hiccup? He hiccupped for 69 years and 5 months. When did he start hiccupping? He started hiccupping in 1922.

17 Activity 3a reading You are never too young to start doing things. For example, Tiger Woods started golfing when he was only ten months old. Mozart started writing music when he was four years old. And Ronaldo, the great Brazilian soccer player, played for his national team when he was seventeen.

18 Reading You are never too young to start doing things. For example, Shirley Temple was a movie star when she was only three years old. Mei Lanfang first performed Beijing Opera when he was ten. And Liu Xuan, the Chinese gymnast, won a gold medal at the World Championships when she was seventeen.

19 Fill in as many blanks as you Achievement Age Tiger Woodsgolfing Shirley Temple Mozart Mei lanfang Ronaldo Liu Xuan movie star writing music performing Beijing Opera professional soccer star World Championship gold medal ten months old three years old four years old ten years old fifteen years old seventeen years old

20 Role play A: Who is _______________? B: _____ is a ________. A: When did _____ become a ________? B: When _____ was _____________. Shirley Temple Shemovie star she movie star she three years old

21 How old were you when…? How old were you when started doing the things below? Interview your classmates and fill in the chart. Name AchievementAgeMore information learned to ride a bicycle Started learning English started playing a sport first went to a movie first had a party


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