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1 Texas Engineering Experiment Station Texas Center for Applied Technology Skip Mills – Director, San Antonio Operations

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1 1 Texas Engineering Experiment Station Texas Center for Applied Technology Skip Mills – Director, San Antonio Operations Dean Schneider, Ph. D., P.E. – Asst. Director, San Antonio Operations Susan Stuver, Ph. D. – Environmental Lab, Manager Mike Martin, C.E.M. - Energy and Automation Lab, Manager

2 State Agencies Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) Texas AgriLife Research Texas AgriLife Extension Service Texas Forest Service Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab Universities Texas A&M University College Station Galveston Qatar Prairie View A&M University Tarleton State University Texas A&M International University Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Texas A&M University-Kingsville Texas A&M University-Commerce Texas A&M University-Texarkana Texas A&M University-Central Texas Texas A&M University-San Antonio Health Science Center Texas A&M Health Center

3 Texas Center for Applied Technology Mission Statement 3 Providing quality research and practical engineering solutions to critical state and national needs. Mission:  To expand the research / technical expertise of The Texas A&M University System,  To establish partnerships / alliances with the Engineering Programs, industry, government agencies and other universities to promote the economic development of the State of Texas and the Nation and,  To bring together under the TAMUS umbrella a unique mix of academia, industry, federal and military expertise to achieve solutions to real-world problems.

4 Application Domain Energy and Environmental Sustainability Core Competencies / Technologies:  Energy: Alternative / Renewables Energy and Water Assessments,  Smart Grid, anticipated fault evaluations  Environmental: Compliance, Pollution, Prevention, Permitting, Restoration, Impact Analysis, etc.  EMS (14001/18001) and Sustainability planning and workshops 4 Texas Center for Applied Technology Energy and Environmental Sustainability Medical/Health Care Systems Operational Reliability Manufacturing Competitiveness Modeling and Simulation to Support Training in all Focus Areas Core Competencies / Technologies:  Technology Insertion for Operations/Maintenance  Process Flow Improvement  Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma  Work Methods & Measurements  Planning & Inventory Control  Facility Layout  Environmental & Safety Issues Aerospace, Manufacturing, & Systems Engineering Computing & Information Technology Core Competencies / Technologies:  Modeling & Simulation  Training Systems  Command and Control Systems  Data Visualization Technologies  Networking  Agent Technology Technology Insertion: - Preparedness (Military and Civilian) - Aging Infrastructure - Alternative Energy - Medical/Health Care Systems

5 5 Texas Center for Applied Technology San Antonio Operations Energy Audits Measurements and Verification Distributive Generation Alternative/Renewables Smart Grid / Fault anticipation Environmental Air and Water Quality 140001/18001 EMS Compliance & Pollution Prevention Entomology NEPA Impact Analysis Ecological Risk Analysis Special Projects Non-lethal Weapons Studies BRAC support Technology Transfer Public Health State Energy Cons. Office Dept. of Defense TX Com. Env. Quality Army Env. Command Brooks City-Base Marine & Naval Health

6 Baseline Vision DRIVERS (Pushing Us) iGRID (Intelligent Grid) Site Tech Insertion New Technology (From Us & Others) Existing Technology (From Us & Others) Virtual Site Physical Site Needs to Consider Spatial Scale Needs to Consider Temporal Scale Needs to Be Replicable & Adaptable Needs to Be Scalable & Flexible Transformational Change Agent Attributes Is Trans-disciplinary Is Trans-institutional Leverages Resources Creates Synergy Integrates OUTCOMES (Pulling Us) Social Value Economic Value Environmental Value Community EmPOWERment through Transformational iGRIDs

7 Mission Verde Center Sustainability One-Stop Center 7 Focal point for the local community, local and regional green jobs training, science and sustainability education, and green businesses Physical location to build practical and validated techniques and applications for dwellings, neighborhoods and communities with the city, state and country Living Laboratory that engages local workforce, businesses, community and students by positioning sustainable energy and water infrastructure projects on site

8 Selected Accomplishments - Remediation  A peer reviewed modeling tool that provides a quick and accurate assessment of ecological risk for wildlife and plants by utilizing default Protective Concentration Levels (PCLs) for ecological receptors.  Quickly determines when a full ecological risk assessment is required thereby saving thousands of dollars by reducing the need for full risk assessment Ecological Risk Tool

9 Accomplishments – Sustainable Growth  East Campus Development at UTSA  Environmental Assessment uncovered endangered species  Circurina madla and Rhodini exilis  USFWS wanted to designate entire east campus as critical habitat.  TEES Karst Management Plan utilized GPS and GIS to develop an easement that protected endangered species while still allowing land development to continue. Karst Management Plan

10 Accomplishments – Education Enrichment  Increase interest in sciences and engineering  Prepare high school students for college  Improve standardized test scores and GPA’s  Improve our communities

11 Energy Assessments Facility assessment/data analysis that provides the owner numerous options in the conduct of their energy or water-savings programs - Building system/component optimization - Appropriate energy and water conservation M & O procedures or routines - Energy conservation measures and projects - Energy saving calculations, pay-back estimations - Strategies to implement the measures Specification/design review, 3rd party oversight of projects - Validation of measures - Appropriate measurement and verification protocols Introduction of new high efficiency technologies - Distributed energy generation - New materials - Alternative energy integration 11

12 12 Texas Center for Applied Technology Energy and Environmental Incorporate knowledge/technology into industry applications (rapidly adjustable technology transfer) Cool Roof Evaluation Fuel Cell Evaluation Solar Thermal Evaluation Wind Energy Education Energy Storage Evaluation

13 Advanced Water Desalination Pilot Project (Laredo) Texas A&M Engineering licensed new high efficiency compression and heat exchanger technologies TCAT working with licensee to build, install, and operate pilot plant for City of Laredo to demonstrate commercial viability - Funded by City of Laredo - Will provide 100,000 gal/day potable water from brackish ground water - Economic expectation: $2/thousand gallons (Reverse Osmosis is $4-5/thousand gallons) 13

14 Temporary Hybrid Micro-grid Systems 14 Some Colonias along Texas-Mexico are without basic services (including electric power) TCAT funded by SECO to integrate existing high efficiency storage technology to solve near term temporary needs for electric service Currently serving ~40 families in the La Presa colonia south of Laredo Pay-as-you-go at $0.25/kWh

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