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WORD PROCESSOR MICROSOFT WORD BCOMP0101 Introduction to Information Technology Noris Bt. Ismail Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Tel.

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1 WORD PROCESSOR MICROSOFT WORD BCOMP0101 Introduction to Information Technology Noris Bt. Ismail Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Tel : 603 8317 8333 (Ext 8408) E-mail :

2 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology2 Microsoft Word 2007 Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processing program that allows us to create professional looking documents such as:- i. announcements, ii. letters, iii. résumés, iv. and reports, and revise them easily

3 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology3 Uses of Microsoft Office Office allows us to :- i. work efficiently. ii. Communicate more effectively. iii. And improve the document you create Office contains a collection of media files:- i. Art. ii. Sound iii. Animation and movies That can be used to enhance documents.

4 Word’s desktop publishing features to create:- i. high-quality brochures, ii. advertisements, iii. and newsletters. Word also provides many tools that enable us to create Web pages with ease. From within Word, we can even place these Web pages directly on a Web server. Word’s DTP BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology4BCOMP01014Introduction to Information Technology

5 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology5 Word has many features designed to simplify the production of documents, we can include:- i. borders, ii. shading, iii. tables, iv. graphics, vi. pictures, vii. and Web addresses in your documents. Features in Words Application

6 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology6 Word can create a template, which is a form you can use and customize to meet your needs. Word also can perform tasks automatically. For example:- i. Word can detect ii. and correct spelling iii. and grammar errors in a variety of languages. Features in Words Application

7 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology7 Word can format text such as headings, lists, fractions, borders, and Web addresses as you type them. Word’s thesaurus allows us to add variety and precision to your writing. Within Word, we can e-mail a copy of your Word document to an e-mail address. Features in Words Application

8 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology8 Microsoft Word User Interface Buttons to change view of document Insertion point Title bar RulerScroll box Document title Word window Menu bar Formatting toolbar

9 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology9 Microsoft Word 2007 Commands / Tasks Office Button consist of :- TaskIcon / ButtonMenu /DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut New Blank Document Office ButtonCTRL+N Open Office ButtonCTRL+O Save Office Button CTRL+S Print Office Button CTRL+P Print Preview Office ButtonTo preview the document as whole page PublishOffice Button Close DocumentOffice Button UndoUndo move objectCTRL+Z RedoRepeat typingCTRL+Y

10 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology10 Home Tab TaskIcon / ButtonMenu BarKeyboard Shortcut Paste Home | ClipboardCTRL+V Cut Home | ClipboardCTRL+X Copy Home | Clipboard CTRL+C Font Home | Font Changing the font Font Size Home | FontFont size BoldHome | Font CTRL+B UnderlineHome | FontCTRL+U ItalicHome | FontCTRL+I

11 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology11 TaskIcon / Button Menu BarKeyboard Shortcut Subscript Home | FontCTRL+= Superscript Home | FontCTRL+SHIFT++ Grow font Home | Font CTRL+> Shrink font Home | Font CTRL+< Clear Formatting Home | Font Clear all the formatting leaving only the plain text Highlight Text Home | Font Font Color Home | Font Home Tab

12 Home | Paragraph BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology12 CTRL + L – Align text left CTRL+E – Align text centre CTRL + R – Align text right CTRL+J – Align text to both left and right margin. Show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols Customize the border of the selected text or cells

13 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology13 Paragraph Dialog Box i.General ii.Indentation iii.Spacing - Line Spacing :- i. Single ii. 1.5 lines iii. Double iv. At least v. Exactly vi. Multiple

14 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology14 Insert | Page CTRL + Return – Start the next page at the current position Insert a new blank page at the cursor position Insert | Table Insert or draw a table in the document

15 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology15 Insert | Illustration Illustration:- i.Picture ii.Clip Art iii.Shapes iv.Smart Art - Organizational Chart, Cycle diagram, radial diagram, pyramid, Venn diagram v. Chart

16 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology16 Insert | Link Types of link :- Hyperlink, bookmark and cross-reference Insert :- Header, footer and page number Insert :- Text box, quick parts, Word art, Drop cap and symbol

17 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology17 M icrosoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program allows you to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop professional looking reports, publish organized data to the Web, and access to real-time data from Web sites. The four major parts of excel are: Drop cap Insert :- Symbol Insert :- Signature

18 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology18 Page Layout | Page Setup i. Margin ii. Orientation iii. Size iv. Column Page Layout | Paragraph i. Indentation ii. Spacing Watermark

19 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology19 View | Document View i. Print layout ii. Full screen iii. Web Layout iv. Outline v. Draft View | Show/Hide i. Ruler ii. Gridlines iii. Document map iv. Thumbnails

20 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology20 View | Show/Hide  Ruler | Gridlines | Document map Ruler Document Map Gridlines

21 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology21 View | Zoom View | Windows

22 BCOMP0101Introduction to Information Technology22 THE END!

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