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Vantaa January 2008. Philosophies e.) Kick Plays f.) Running Plays.

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1 Vantaa January 2008

2 Philosophies e.) Kick Plays f.) Running Plays

3 e) Kick Plays: 1.The kicker´s restraining line on onside and short bad kicks will be officiated as a plane and any player (other than the kicker or holder) breaking the plane before the ball is kicked will be called for offside.

4 2. For deep kick-offs, we will also use a plane but don’t be too technical. e) Kick Plays:

5 3.When in doubt, the ball is accidentally kicked rather than intentionally. e) Kick Plays:

6 4. When in doubt, a ball has not been touched on a kick. a) Kick Plays:

7 5.When in doubt, kicking team members have interfered with a receiver in position to catch a kick. e) Kick Plays:

8 6. Any time the kicker or holder is knocked off their feet it should be called as “ roughing ”. e) Kick Plays:

9 7.When in doubt, the foul is roughing rather than running into the kicker. e) Kick Plays:

10 8.If the kicker runs out of the punt formation prior to punting the ball he loses his roughing protection unless he clearly re-establishes as a punter. A personal foul may still be called if warranted, but not „ roughing the kicker “. e) Kick Plays:

11 9. On normal field goals, no more than 5 seconds will be run off the clock. e) Kick Plays:

12 1. When in doubt, the ball is dead in the field of play rather than a touchdown. f) Running Plays:

13 2. If contact occurs before the runner has a foot down out-of-bounds, it is a legal hit. f) Running Plays:

14 3. Runner continuing down sideline: If the whistle has blown and player has eased up then this is a foul. Be sure any action is not part of the initial play before calling a foul. f) Running Plays:

15 4. A non-airborne runner crossing the the goal inside the pylon with the ball, crossing the goal line extended, is a touchdown. If the runner is airborne, then the ball must penetrate the goal line inbounds (including hitting the pylon). f) Running Plays:

16 5. If the runner is being held by only one player, let it play; if he held by 2 or more, rule forward progress is stopped. f) Running Plays:

17 6. When in doubt, the runner did not step out of bounds. f) Running Plays:

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