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General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers Part 68 Visit: quizzes/general-awareness/gk-quiz-part- 68/

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1 General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers Part 68 Visit: quizzes/general-awareness/gk-quiz-part- 68/ quizzes/general-awareness/gk-quiz-part- 68/ Copyright @

2 1.) As per 2011 census, in Indian the number of females per thousands males is- a) a)972 b) b)940 c) c)934 d) d)933 Answer: b) 940 Copyright @

3 2.) Chemical name of Plaster of Paris is- a) a)Calcium sulphate b) b)Hydrated calcium carbonate c) c)Calcium hydrate d) d)Calcium sulphate hemihydrate Answer: a) Calcium sulphate Copyright @

4 3.) Who was the first envoy of the East India Company to meet Jahangir in 1608 A.D.? a) a)William Hawkins b) b)William Edwards c) c)Sir Thomas Roe d) d)Edward Terry Answer: a) William Hawkins Copyright @

5 4.) Carbohydrates are compounds of- a) a)Carbon and hydrogen b) b)Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen c) c)Carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen d) d)Carbon and nitrogen Answer: b) Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen Copyright @

6 5.) The growth of bacteria is measured by- a) a)Auxanometer b) b)Hemacymeter c) c)Spectrophotometer d) d)Calorimeter Answer: b) Hemacymeter Copyright @

7 6.) A government is classified as federal or unitary on the basis of- a) Saiyuud Diwong b) Hasan Isha c) Norman Black d) Vir Sanghavi Answer: a) Relations between the centre and states Copyright @

8 7.) EVM stands- a) a)Electric Vending Machine b) b)Electronic Vending machine c) c)Electronic Voting Machine d) d)None of the above Answer: c) Electronic Voting Machine Copyright @

9 8.) When ice is heated from 0 to 100C, the volume of water- a) a)Increase steadily b) b)Decreases steadily c) c)First increases then decrease d) d)First decreases then increases Answer: d) First decreases then increases Copyright @

10 9.) Mammals form urea in the- a) a)Liver b) b)Kidney c) c)Spleen d) d)Bladder Answer: b) Kidney Copyright @

11 10.) Wanchoo Committee dealt with- a) a)Agriculture Prices b) b)Agriculture Taxation c) c)Direct Taxes d) d)Monopolies and Trade Practices Answer: c) Direct Taxes Copyright @

12 11.) The tributary of River Indus which flows through Himachal Pradesh is- a) a)Hunza b) b)Sutlej c) c)Beas d) d)Ravi Answer: d) Ravi Copyright @

13 12.) Which one of the following is an essential ingredient of parliamentary government? a) a)A written constitution b) b)A rigid constitution c) c)Political parties d) d)An Independent Judiciary Answer: c) Political parties Copyright @

14 13.) Through which states does the river Chambai flows? a) a)U.P., M.P., Rajasthan b) b)M.P.., Gujurat, U.P c) c)Rajasthan, M.P., Bihar d) d)Gujurat, M.P., Chhattishgarh Answer: a) U.P., M.P., Rajasthan Copyright @

15 14.) The content of memory will not be lost, when the power goes off in- a) a)ROM b) b)EPROM c) c)EEPROM d) d)All the above Answer: a) ROM Copyright @

16 15.) Simple Goitre is a disease affecting- a) Gums b) Tear glands c) Liver d) Thyroid e) Glands a)Gums b)Tear glands c)Liver d)Thyroid e)Glands Answer: c) Liver Copyright @

17 16.) The Word Secular is a part of the Preamble of the Constitution of India- a) a)After the 42nd amendment b) b)After the 44th amendment c) c)After the 73rd amendment d) d)From the date of implementation Answer: a) After the 42nd amendment Copyright @

18 17.) The Programme which is being implemented in all the districts of the country is- a)Navoday Vidyalaya b)Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaram Yojna c)Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan d)M.G.N.R.G. Programme Answer: d) M.G.N.R.G. Programme Copyright @

19 18.) Which one of the following Cricketer has been declared by the ICC as Cricketer of the Twentieth Century? a)Anil Kumble b)Sachin Tendulkar c)Kapil Dev d)Rahul Dravid Answer: c) Kapil Dev Copyright @

20 19.) As per the 2011 population census, the most populous state in the country is- a)Rajasthan b)Madhya Pradesh c)Uttar Pradesh d)West Bengal Answer: c) Uttar Pradesh Copyright @

21 20.) Which one of the following is not an internal factor for industrial sickness? a)Mismanagement b)Diversion of funds c)Technology Obsolescence d)Wrong dividend policy Answer: b) Diversion of funds Copyright @

22 21.) Vikramshila University was founded by- a)Chandra Gupta Maurya b)Kanishka c)Dharmapala d)Pulakesin II Answer: c) Dharmapala Copyright @

23 22.) Acidity of rain is measured by- a)Barometer b)Hygrometer c)Ammeter d)Ph-meter Answer: d) Ph-meter Copyright @

24 23.) For which one of the following, are honey bees used? a)Sericulture b)Apiculture c)Horticulture d)Pisciculture Answer: b) Apiculture Copyright @

25 24.) Chlorination is- a)A process of converting chlorides into chlorine b)Adding small amounts of chloride to contaminate water c)A Chemical reaction in which chlorine is formed d)The formation of a salt containing chlorine Answer: b) Adding small amounts of chloride to contaminate water Copyright @

26 Hope it was helpful for you. Thank You! Copyright @

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