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Is the Facebook/Twitter Revolution Relevant to our Industrys Survival and Your Business Growth? WBFI Research Foundation Annual Board Meeting Naples Fl.

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1 Is the Facebook/Twitter Revolution Relevant to our Industrys Survival and Your Business Growth? WBFI Research Foundation Annual Board Meeting Naples Fl. November 11, 2011 ©2011 Dr. Ira Kaufman

2 Invite you to 75 min Conversation Opening the doorway to possibilities PT 1 : Digital Revolution Digital Mindset Impact of Digital PT 2: Implement in Wild Bird Feeding Industry – Digital Strategy

3 The Revolution Impacts

4 What are your impressions? + What did it make you feel? + Did you feel connected to it? + Did you feel comfortable with the technology and changes?

5 Statistics of the Revolution More uploads to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 yrsYouTube 110 million tweets are sent per day on Twitter or 4+million per hour (Twitter)Twitter Facebook generates 770 Billion page views, 700+ Billion minutes, every monthFacebook StumbleUpon (43%) has overtaken Facebook (38%) as #1 source for US social media trafficStumbleUpon

6 Demographics for WBFI Markets 90% online North American adults access social media each month. –Internet (Can -72%; USA 67%) –Facebook (Can -83%; USA 71%) –YouTube (Can 71%- USA 55%) –Twitter (Can 13.7%- USA 11.3%) Access social media –Students 90+% daily –Young Professionals <30 yrs - 61% daily –Parents 35-44 yrs - 50%+ daily –Baby Boomers - 50-64 yrs-32% daily

7 Digital Basics People use technologies to get things from each other, rather from corporations Relationships are currency of exchange Transparency is expected Collaboration rules Sharing is influence Publish generates power Value differentiates Content is king

8 Rules Have Changed It wasIts now Information Age -BroadcastingDigital Age - Conversing Pushing message to clientPulling client to the message One way message, controlledInteractive conversation, open dynamic Business generated contentUser generated content Interrupt client- direct immediate actionEngage, build sustainable relationship Attention economyAttraction economy Hard to measure resultsReal time metrics Coveting information- protective Sharing information – transparent Charging for entry – block entry Giving free ebooks, product Organized in silos – PR, Advertising, DMIntegrate media seamless across silos Company promotes valuesPractice what you preach

9 What is Your Digital Position? Digital Native –born digital, think social, –need to implement strategic Digital Immigrant –think strategic, –need to implement digital Digital Alien –think strategic, –need to experience digital value

10 10 Social Map

11 Paid, Owned Earned Media

12 Paid, Owned, Earned Media Paid: YouTube Pennington Wild Bird Seed 1460 viewsPennington Wild Bird Seed Owned: Pennington Facebook 5557 likesPennington Facebook Earned: Pennington Seed Wild Bird Feed ReviewsPennington Seed Wild Bird Feed Reviews Birds at feeder in winter 216 viewsBirds at feeder in winter

13 Social Media Live Update Clicking this link will show you how social media has been embraced. Notice the elapsed time.

14 How does Social Media Impact ? Businesses Non profits Political campaigns Influence Points – social media is growing dramatically; expect that your influence points will change completely

15 Business Impact Build Brand Loyalty – 95% of consumers do not trust advertising 95% of consumers – 70% of Americans look at online reviews before making a purchase 70% of Americans Brands post at least once every day will reach 22% of their fans in a week.Brands 67% Twitter followers & 51% Facebook fans more likely to buy the brands they engage with on the social media site.likely to buy the brands 83% of moms do online research after seeing TV ads for products that interest them83% of moms

16 Nonprofit Impact Resource, Fund Raising Increasing Audience Interaction Volunteer Recruitment Education MSUSuOWA4M&feature=related

17 Political Impact 2008 Presidential Campaign Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain Obama: 2,379,102 supporters McCain: 620,359 supporters Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain Obama: Friends: 833,161 McCain: Friends: 217,811 Obama has 403% more subscribers than McCain & 905% more Viewers than McCain Race Speech 3.8 MM YouTube 4 MM Cable-3 channels Obama has 240 times more followers than McCain Obama: @barackobama has 112,474 followers McCain: @JohnMcCain 4,603 followers

18 Social Media Provides Value Kellogg COO - we are tripling social media spending over the past three years and experiencing "great returns on this investment. Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos We are about 3 Cs: Clothing, Customer Service and Culture… Gross sales grew from $1.6M (2000) to $1+ billion (2008) by focusing relentlessly on customer service and culture – a potent digital marketing tool. Social media and pets are a perfect match. Why? Because people are passionate about their pets and social media gives them a platform to share it with others. American Pet Products Association

19 Is the Facebook/Twitter Revolution Relevant to our Industrys Survival and Your Business Growth?

20 Survival of the Adopters The revolution in social media has become mainstream; it is changing all organizational systems. If your organization is not embracing social media and leveraging it to your advantage, you are part of the legacy and not part of the future. Daniel Burrus, author, leading technology forecaster

21 Wild Bird Feeding Industry-current situation Touches some 52-65 million Americans New bird feeders are increasing at a slower rate than 4%, maybe @ 0% Youth market is distracted by Angry Birds!!! There is significant # of empty bird feeders… maybe 50%

22 What will it take to move to move the needle ½%?

23 Need for a Fresh Approach

24 02C7D1/0/ql-N3F1FhW4 After video went viral, U.S. sales of the Toyota Sienna in May 2010 were up 49.7% May 2011 total Toyota sales were down 33.4% over May 2010 But Sienna sales recorded sales of 8,618 units.. Successful Targeting Families 9.7 million views

25 How can WBFI members Implement Social Media? Listen to social sites with bird advocates Listen to what youth parents, Baby Boomers and retirees are saying about bird feeding Set goals Develop a integrated digital strategy, combining traditional advertising with social media Develop your digital footprint Build fan base and network Collaborate as an industry to create a public conversation on wild bird feeding It is not if, but when ?

26 Challenges Executives concerns regarding embracing social media. Lack of Expertise Loss of Control Time Commitment Information Overload

27 ROI of Social Media

28 Those that stand still will ultimately perish! James Parker, Former CEO, SW Airlines

29 About the Presenter Dr. Ira Kaufman, President, Ira combines 30 years of rich experiences with businesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the power of social media for marketing, recruitment and organizational development. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to design interactive environments to by integrating traditional advertising, online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong values and sensitivity to organization innovation and change are the foundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as a consultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and Senior Executive programs. Currently, he is Assistant Professor, Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics. © 2011 LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Website:

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