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© 2005 - IONIC Software 4th GML Relay.

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1 © 2005 - IONIC Software 4th GML Relay

2 © 2005 - IONIC Software RedSpider Product Line OGC/ISO Interoperable Bus OGC/ISO Catalog registerResource getRecord reharvest ebXML PUBLISH FIND BIND Servces Web OGC/ISO WMS – WFS - WCS SLD Gazetteer - Annotation Routing Portail OGC/ISO Applications

3 © 2005 - IONIC Software Multi-tier architecture Maps Features Coverages Queries http Data RDBMS or Files Data Management Tier GML, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, ArcSDE, Shape- files internet User interfaces, applications or other services Servlet Engine Data services (Servlets Java) OGC Interfaces Process management RedSpider Web Java Servlets. Exposes OGC interfaces Runs in an application server Connector LAN

4 © 2005 - IONIC Software RedSpider Web IONIC WFS Interfaces OGC WFS Interfaces OGC WMS Portrayal Oracle Spatial 8i, 9i, 10g ArcSDE 8.x, 9.x PostGIS Shapefiles GML Simple Framework API MIF/MID GetMap JPG, GIF, PNG WBMP GeoTIFF SVG Your format GetFeature GML ESRI Shape BOSTON

5 © 2005 - IONIC Software GML Application Schema XML SchemaOGC GML Schema GML Application Schema FeatureCollection The GML schema from OGC: defines what is a FeatureType, a geometry etc. Your application schema definition Geospatial data encoded in GML in conformance with your schema XML schema from W3C. Defines the base data types

6 © 2005 - IONIC Software Modèle de données des données géo spatiales existantes Data Store CODE N2000 NAME Table: NATUREPARK NAME EMAIL Table: CONTACT The mapping GML Application Schema RedSpider Web WFS Service fid siteName contact name email natura2000 FeatureType: ProtectedArea Mapping FeatureCollection

7 © 2005 - IONIC Software Data Store WFS Service fid siteName contact name email natura2000 FeatureType: ProtectedArea CODE N2000 NAME Table: NATUREPARK NAME EMAIL Table: CONTACT Mapping application  Mapping a relational data model to an object model  Change the data model on the fly without changing the existing data structure  Publish only the feature types and the attributes that one wants to expose to the outside world  Translate the attribute names on the fly  Extract only the attributes required for the rendering  Select attributes on scale basis  Select table/file on scale basis

8 © 2005 - IONIC Software Creation in 1999 Offices : Belgium USA France staff in UK Exportation to 27 countries / 50+ Clients Software Editor Devoted to create interoperable solutions for Geospatial Focus on geospatial interoperability & standards (ISO / OGC) Head of Belgium delegation at ISO TC211 Leading edge Java Products (Web & Enterprise) Markets : Space, Military, Government, Telecom, Ministries & Agencies for Public Safety & Disaster Management, Transport, Infrastructures, … About IONIC

9 © 2005 - IONIC Software “One-stop-shop” for interoperable geospatial solutions :  Off-the-shelf products : the RedSpider product line  Leading-edge expertise & consulting services to design interop systems  Experienced & skilled staff delivering professional services  References of high-end / business critical systems in operation  High investments in R&D with proven successful experience Focus & experience in solutions for :  Space / Ground Segment  Defense & Intelligence  SDI’s for Governments & Enterprises  Location Services for  Mobile Telecom  Transport, Logistic & Mobility  Call Centers  Business Critical Applications About IONIC

10 © 2005 - IONIC Software 18, Rue de Wallonie 4460 Grâce-Hollogne (Liège) BELGIUM Tél : +32/(0)4.364.0.364 Fax : +32/(0) Stay tuned on Thank you for your attention

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