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The Eight Hero Archetypes

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1 The Eight Hero Archetypes
The Definition of Hero: From Shrek to Wolverine and everyone else in between

2 What is an archetype? The term “archetype” signifies ancient patterns of personality and relationships that appear across the world’s myths, legends, and folk tales. Archetypes and stereotypes are not the same thing. The term was first employed heavily by the psychologist Carl Jung.

3 The Chief A dynamic leader Has time for nothing but work
Tough, decisive, goal-oriented Can be overbearing or inflexible

4 The Bad Boy Dangerous to know Walks on the wild side The rebel
Bitter and volatile Charismatic Street smart

5 The Best Friend Sweet and safe Never lets anyone down Mr. Nice Guy
He’ll always be there

6 The Charmer Fun Irresistible Not too responsible or dependable

7 The Lost Soul A sensitive, understanding guy
Secretive, brooding, and unforgiving Vulnerable Might be a wanderer or an outcast

8 The Professor Coolly analytical He knows every answer
Logical, introverted, and inflexible Honest and faithful

9 The Swashbuckler Mr. Excitement Action, action, action
Needs thrills to keep him happy

10 The Warrior A noble champion Acts with honor
The knight in shining armor The protector Sticks up for the underdog

11 OK, Let’s review! Can you give me an original example? The Chief
The Bad Boy The Best Friend The Charmer The Lost Soul The Professor The Swashbuckler The Warrior

12 Tonight’s Homework Write one page about a book, movie, or television series that uses archetypes. Which characters could be considered heroes? With which heroic archetype(s) are they most closely aligned? Why? Support your statements with direct and particular evidence. Some suggestions: 24, Lost, The O.C., Lord of the Rings, X-Men, any of Shakespeare’s works.

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