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AP 3D Studio Modular Design

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1 AP 3D Studio Modular Design

2 What is modular? The artist creates a single unit that is a form.
The artist creates multiples of the exact unit. The units are assembled together in an interesting way.

3 Start with one well designed module or unit.

4 Change module colors and place together to make one overall form.

5 The innovative Casamania from Claudio Bellini is the newest urban modular bookshelf appliance for any contemporary room design. For indoor or outdoor use. Made from polyethylene Available in many colors; sky blue, white, orange, light grey, purple, black, and red.


7 Coat Hanger

8 Modular Furniture

9 Magazine Holder

10 This modern seating is innovative approach to outdoor furniture design
This modern seating is innovative approach to outdoor furniture design. These modular cushions can be transformed into nine different configurations.

11 Modular Bookcases

12 Architectural Design Fiber glass House design - Prefabricated modular house from Architect Jorge Fontan


14 This Prefabricated modular house has 4 basic components.
A Core where all the utilities connect and the bathrooms are located. There are radiating wings in 7’, 14’, and 21’ modules. These can get connected in different configurations allowing for endless possibilities in design for different houses.





19 Dice Sculpture by Tony Cragg

20 Holly Holmes, Multiplication by Division, Ceramic, Dims var, 2011


22 Kristian Pedersen tested the boundaries of legibility related to perspective and light; the result was a 3-dimensional installation with a modular sculpture forming the word legibility on a rigid horizontal grit. The separate modules for each letter consisted of simple plexiglass square plates in various widths and lengths. “The aim was to explore legibility that depends on the position of the viewer; what makes sense from one specific angle, may reveal different qualities from another.”

23 Kristian Pedersen: “Interlace”


25 Melissa Szwan

26 Jiorgina Diaz Modular Formation Project 2009

27 Kat Oquiola

28 Paul Vexler Truncated Cube with Chicken Feet

29 Sol LeWitt Accession no
Sol LeWitt Accession no. GMA Medium White enamel paint on wood Size Each structure x x cm Five Modular Structures (Sequential Permutations on the Number Five) 1972

30 The Clouds installation by brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Kvadrat was a spectacular addition to the space at IMM. Clouds are a modular textile system used to create room dividers or sound-absorbing art pieces and held together with elastic bands.

31 Anne Sewell Design "Interlock" Room Divider MDF and Formica W210 x H210 x D25 cm

32 Marc Fornes THEVERYMANY
Computer generated architectural prototype

33 Cellular Tesseallation C. Christian


35 Sandpaper Origami

36 Tucked In Mary Moss Painted ceramic, muslin, embroidery floss

37 Huge Neck Party This necklace has been evolving for more than a decade. All glass beads and sterling silver are flameworked and forged by Jenine Bressner. Just imagine creating about a dozen styrofoam spheres with 3D surface designs. Oooh!

38 MacIntyre Pullen

39 MacIntyre Pullen

40 Clara Utesch

41 Clara Utesch

42 Maryyann Landlord 2011-2012 Q-tips, Glue assemblage
Dimensions: 23’’ X 23’’ X 23’’

43 Resources

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