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An Organizational Assessment and Consulting Company

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1 An Organizational Assessment and Consulting Company
x An Organizational Assessment and Consulting Company

2 Mission & Purpose ConnectorsWerk is committed to providing businesses with high quality and timely information to assist decision-makers with business planning, development, problem-identification, problem-solving, and organizational improvement.

3 Approach ConnectorsWerk has developed proprietary software that incorporates social network analysis to produce visual maps of important employee connections within your organization ConnectorsWerk uses employee surveys to gather the data necessary for assessing your organization

4 Results Visual map of your organization that identifies potential problem areas for further investigation Identification of influential people who occupy key roles Customized report with an assessment of employee perceptions, engagement, and communications within 24 hours of the completion of the survey Recommendations for improvement by experienced organization & business consultants

5 Example: “A Restaurant”
Yellow supervisor was promoted out of the kitchen…still hangs out with the kitchen staff. The wait staff is split by shift so there is not a lot of communication overlap. Part of the management team is removed from the rest of the staff and the bar staff refuses to associate with anyone else. The bar manager and the restaurant manager used to date…

6 Applications Reorganization Restructuring
Implementation of Large Scale Changes Mergers & Acquisitions Measuring Employee Perceptions Leadership Development & Training Organizational Improvement & Growth Improving Internal Communications

7 Our Advantage ConnectorsWerk is a small, highly skilled group of individuals with experience in executive management, technology, and business consulting Our methodology is based on established organizational theory and studies used by consultants worldwide Our approach is faster, less expensive, and less intrusive to your daily operations than standard organizational assessments Follow-up services are available to help craft solutions and implement necessary changes, both large and small

8 Endorsements "Using Organizational Network mapping provided by ConnectorsWerk my office was able to show how effective we are at interacting with legislative and regulatory bodies across the western US. We were able to show what would happen without our office and now, instead of facing budget cuts, we are increasing our office size. Further, using the map as a guide we have been able to increase our outreach effectiveness by more than 20%." Clare Mendelsohn, Director US Air Force Western Regional Environmental Office

9 Bill Manson, Managing Partner, Cielo Estate Winery
Endorsements “The ConnectorsWerk study of Cielo Estate Winery confirmed many perceptions we had about our business as true. We always thought we had a tight and committed group. Now we know for sure. We also learned something we didn’t know – our communication plan needs some work. The good news is that the study identified those employees who would be best to have involved in the design and implementation of an effective communication plan. The entire process required very little of our employees’ time and, when comparing the cost per employee to the financial benefits that will come from what we learned, the ROI is extremely favorable. We strongly endorse ConnectorsWerk and the services they provide.” Bill Manson, Managing Partner, Cielo Estate Winery

10 Tracy Silverthorn, Owner – River Rocks Restaurant, Melbourne, FL
Endorsements “The information ConnectorsWerk provided helped me realize the differences between how I viewed my restaurant and how my employees viewed it. My employees view our business as two separate restaurants while I view it as one restaurant with two locations on the same property. This one seemingly minor detail was the root of ongoing communication problems we’ve been experiencing. Because of this I am conducting ConnectorsWerk case studies on all of my restaurants.” Tracy Silverthorn, Owner – River Rocks Restaurant, Melbourne, FL

11 Software & Tools Technology
ConnectiveHRx – Proprietary Software, Patent Pending Analytics Standard Social Network Analysis Methodology End-to-End Automation Mathematically Proven/Supported Electronic Responses: Tamper Resistant

12 Our Team Brian Silverthorn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Peter Oliver, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Scott Getchel, Co-Founder and Director of Analytics Peggy Sugarman, MAOP, PhD (Candidate) Marketing Director Stuart Chase, Business Development Director Andre de Souza, Director of Strategy & Business Growth In addition, ConnectorsWerk maintains a strong and experienced advisory group of PhD organizational consultants to ensure that our services meet the highest academic standards in the business.

13 3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-289, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Contact Us ConnectorsWerk 3941 Park Drive, Suite , El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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