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Jojo Abcede National Sales Manager

2 “Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.” THOMAS EDISON



5 Expectation from the Participants
Be yourself Relax Lets Learn together Ask to clarify Have FUN! FUN! FUN!

6 COURSE OBJECTIVES Gain insight into the selling personality
Gain professional competency in the execution of the different components of a sales call. Incorporate the value of productivity in making calls. Apply the learning's during actual call. Put into practice a selling skill that is responsive to the realities in the Phil market.


8 What is the most important quality of a SALESMAN?

9 What is personality? Is the resultant expression of the combination of the physical, mental and social qualities of a person. It is the ensemble effect of good health, appearance, speech/voice, knowledge, intelligence, sincerity, initiative, industry, cooperativeness and manners in the human being in action. It is not merely the combination of these qualities – it is the expressed effect of this combination.

10 Significance of personality.
Attracts attention of others Brands or trademarks of oneself Reputation

11 Personality is the total person.

12 Its what separates the good from the great.
ATTITUDE Its what separates the good from the great.

13 Attitude If A=1, B=2, C=3, ………Z=26 KNOWLEDGE = 96 HARDWORK = 98

14 Attitude A persons frame of mind Key word in the working world
Either positive or negative Can be developed

15 Attitude A positive attitude is more than just a happy face
It can take a person a long way A negative attitude is more than just a sad face It leads to trouble and failure

Negative to Positive Habit of self-pity Habit of worry How to rid of it? Learning to recognize it. Be honest with yourself. Ask someone you trust and respect. Admitting that you do it when you see it in yourself. EVERYONE CAN DEVELOP POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

17 What differentiates Phil Pharma selling from the other selling situations?
Call requires balanced presentation (must include strengths and weaknesses) Need for more evidence based medicine More frequent visits (and competitors are doing this also) Extremely competitive market driven by stretched targets Doctors are busier than ever

18 A glance at the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Phils.

19 What do you think the doctors least like about MR’s?
Write the answers.

20 Doctors, what do you least like about MR’s?
POOR Prod Knowledge Can’t explain clearly the product or the explanation is dry and senseless Can’t answer basic – CAIDAP Pretends to know everything

21 Doctors, what do you least like about MR’s?
Unprofessional Tactless and disrespectful Barges in without MDs permission Cuts through or interrupts patients in approaching or talking to the MD Does not consult MDs time Does not greet MD, takes seat even when not told so Noisy outside the clinic Treats doctors as buddy

22 Doctors, what do you least like about MR’s?
Unprofessional No word of honor Makes commitment but cant give due date Cancels appointment on the day itself Dishonest Fakes MD signature Only gets MD signature without detailing Does not admit if he/she cannot answer MD question

23 Doctors, what do you least like about MR’s?
Unprofessional Demanding Pressures MD to prescribe the product Blatantly expects prescription in return for a gift or support Talks about MD with other MR’s

24 Doctors, what do you least like about MR’s?
Infrequent visits Poor manner of detailing Takes long to detail Details in a hurry Unable to present supporting evidences to claims Lacks or no presentation skills Does not start properly e.g.. No greeting

25 Doctors, what do you least like about MR’s?
Not well groomed Lousy dresser or untidy Looks haggard With dirty shoes and nails Coming to MDs clinic sweating

26 Stand please! Remind your colleagues!
Ngayong alam mo na ang ayaw ng mga doctor, huwag mo nang gagawin ito ha!

Complete product knowledge Good communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) Interpersonal skills Planning and organizational skills Positive mental attitude Commitment Productivity

What academics said about personal selling may not be applicable anymore in a crowded market where; All competitors are using the same techniques The number of competitors have increased (some with large amount to spend) Doctors are busier than ever

29 The Pharmaceutical Selling Reality
As an example of how reality is, a study observing 260 calls in the Phils showed that: 40% of all calls lasted less than 30 seconds 60% of all calls lasted less than 1 minute More over a field research using video techniques showed that often doctors receive 5 and even 10 MRs at the same time

30 My Observations In general most MRs are not conscious of the value productive calls/productivity. Human nature – most people choose to travel the easy road MRs prefer to call on MDs that are easy to cover. Most MRs are not aware of the value of productive frequency Conversational approach is most effective

31 What is productivity? In economics, Productivity is the amount of output created (in terms of goods produced or services rendered) produced per unit input of used. For instance, labor productivity is typically measured as output per worker or output per labor-hour. With respect to land, the "yield" is equivalent to "land productivity".


33 A story on Productivity.
Productivity pays.doc$

34 How do you improve productivity?
Know the potential of the area you are operating on. Know how much you are producing now. Set daily goals to improve productivity. Track your success. Compare this month with previous month. Try to do better vs. previous periods. Celebrate your success and let the world know about it.

35 Who will you priorities? Choose!
Doctor A Surgeon Friendly Gives you importance Operates on 3 patients per week Doctor B Surgeon Snob Hard to cover Operates on 10 patients per week

36 Who will you priorities? Choose!
Hospital A Market is 1mio Private 100 mds Good DPI account Hospital B Market is 1.5mio Government 80 mds Difficult DPI account

37 Who will you priorities? Choose!
Doctor A OB Class A Hard to cover Difficult person Doctor B IM Class A Hard to cover Difficult person

38 What can be done to reach the customer?
To gain share of voice Use RTD, symposia, sponsorship to international meetings Recently the internet (with doubtful results) Hiring of aggressive and professional selling people who are productivity conscious

39 BASELINE CALL All participants Participants will call on the trainer
Each call will last for 5 minutes Calls will be video taped MR will choose between two doctors and will detail existing products


41 Learnings from the Basecall.
How is the experience? What did you like most about the exercise? What are the areas you need to improve on?

42 Sales Cycle

43 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

44 Let’s do the juggle. Juggle Recite your most remembered prayer
Recite your most remembered prayer and answer my most familiar question

45 Pre Call Highlight Prep
Each call is linked to the last There is a need to formulate a specific strategy for each call With good planning, there is a better chance of achieving call objectives

46 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

47 Opening Opening is the most important step of a sales call
Helps to capture customers attention and create interest Establishes the purpose of your call Sets the mood & structure for the entire call


49 Steps of a Successful Opening
Greetings Rapport building Purpose of a call Sharp shooting.. Sharp Shooting

50 Types of Sharp Shooting
For creating that moment of stillness in which the attention of the customer focuses towards the MR, we recommend the following tactics. Provocative questions Amazing statements Trivia challenges Curiosities of medicine

51 Provocative questions
To make the brain of the customer instinctively look for an answer. However is has to be done in a way in which the customer does not feel threaten. “Doctor, patients normally think that multinational produced inject able antibiotics are expensive. I am here to show you that the opposite is true.”

52 Amazing Statements This statement aims to provoke curiosity or amusement. Something like a “believe it or not” kind of sensation. “It is incredible that for more than 80 years we only knew half of the truth about Diabetes. The other half of the story has just recently been discovered, and it is only now that we found a way to treat it.”

53 Trivia Challenges Everybody loves trivia challenges, especially when they are ingenious and offers a bit of entertainment. “Doctor, what do you think is the name of Medixon horse?”

54 Curiosities of Medicine
Using anecdotes in the history of medicine related to the diseases or therapeutic approaches is a good way to catch the attention of the MDs. “There is evidence that in the ancient Peruvian civilization, patients underwent brain surgery and survived. It is believed that these patients were schizophrenic and the “Shamans” opened holes in the skull for taking out the bad spirits from their heads.”

55 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

56 Call Link Intermediate step in between opening and presentation proper
Process of verification Creates call continuity Links the previous call to the present

57 Call Link Steps Step 1- Mention the agreement/commitment agreed from previous visits Step 2- Probe if agreement is still valid Step 3- Listen and determine response: misunderstanding or real objections Step 4- Handle response Step 5- If doctors response handled positively then proceed to Presentation proper

58 Prepare your opening and call link

59 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights


Presentation Presentation is the skill of ZEROING in on the customers identified needs / wants with appropriate product features and benefits. The result is that the customer feels they “must prescribe” your product.

62 Features Features are attributes or inherent characteristics of a product which you can feel, see or measure. Features are meaningless unless translated to benefits for the customer Example: Small tablet Once a day dosing Available in 5 forms

63 Benefits Feature translates into a benefit. A single feature may have multiple benefits. Benefits are advantages that meet the explicit needs and wants of a customer A products features don’t vary but the benefits must be tailored to the need of the individual doctor PEOPLE DON’T BUY PRODUCTS OR FEATURES, THEY BUY BENEFITS

64 Linking Feature and Benefits
Each feature is “LINKED” to each corresponding benefit in a single sentence To link a feature to its benefits use “LINK PHRASES” such as Which means So your patients can This would result in FEATURES LINK PHRASES BENEFITS

65 Features and Benefits EXERCISE
By pair One will write 5 features of your current product and the partner will convert it to benefits using F + LP = B Then reverse. 20 minutes

66 During Presentation Sit up right and in front of the MD
Look confident and speak with enthusiasm Hold the detail aid in front and use a PEN to focus doctors attention Don’t look at the detail aid, look at the MD to observe his/her reaction If interrupted do a brief recap Don’t be distracted by the surrounding

67 To Improve Retention PAULIT-ULIT, PAULIT-ULIT, PAULIT-ULIT (both visual and oral) People remember more from what they see than what they hear (HONEYWELL study: visual retention is 65%, hearing retention is 35% after 3 days) Smart sales rep keep using the same messages with slight variations

68 Selling Emotions Features appeal to logic, benefits appeal to emotion
People buy emotionally then justify it with logic Doctors seldom buy logically Many of us try to sell our products logically To create the emotional desire – sell the benefits, not just the features

69 Emotion Words Words that have a strong emotional connotations which are very influential when selling Use of these decisive words helps to create positive emotions in the MDs minds and increase their curiosity Improve Increase Reduce Proven Help you Your patients

70 Fear Words Words or phrases which have a negative connotation and should be avoided These are referred to as “fear words” Death Toxicity Unsafe Disability

71 This is my baby brother, his name is Enzo.

72 Selling Tools Helps to enhance customers attention/interest
Enhances recall and retention of brand name Facilitates effective communication Provides proof of verbal claims Assists in systematic delivery of promotion messages

73 Effective Use of Visuals
Know the lay out and contents Practice with it Keep visuals neat and clean Show what you say Use visuals to answer questions Illustrate one point at a time Draw attention to key points using a pointer Show the visual only when needed

74 Sales Materials Don’t Sell Anything
Sales people makes the sales happen, sales material can only offer support You are the star not the material Don’t compete with your sales tool Don’t hand over the material until your done with the call Don’t talk while they are reading

75 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

76 Probing Skill of asking question that helps us guide the doctor into revealing their needs that your product can satisfy We can satisfy these needs with our products key messages Used for getting insights and information Use probing judiciously Plan and structure your first few questions

77 Probing Sequence Start with open probes to uncover areas of interest that your product can address Ask more open probes or choice probes to isolate / narrow the areas where your product has an edge Ask close probes to pin point EXACT need you can address

78 Types of Probes Open Close Choice Feature=Benefit Close probe (FBC)

79 Open Probe Invites extended customer response
Helps to explore doctors needs/attitudes/concerns and prescribing habit WHAT, WHEN, why, WHERE, WHO, HOW AND HOW MUCH

80 Sample Open Probe Participants participate

81 Closed Probes Invites YES OR NO reply from the MDs
Should be designed preferably to obtain a YES. Starts with DO / WILL / IS / SHOULD Close probes may come across as rude or harsh to some sensitive persons; it is advised that “SOFT” words be used to reduce the negative impression Avoid asking a string of close probes Use it when the customer is not communicative It elicits quick and precise reply Compels a customer to a clear out decision as closing

82 Samples of Close Probes
Participants to provide examples

83 Accelerated Learning All participants Train game
First participant gives CP the next will convert it to OP and so on

84 Feature=Benefit Close Probe
A product benefit is presented in a form of a statement, supported by a feature and followed by a close probe The close probe calls for an agreement from the MD A technique for generating a flow of YES responses from the MD

85 Feature=Benefit Close Probe
(Feature) Doctor Medixon has a minimal suppression of HPA axis (Benefit) which means minimal side effects for your patients needing quick relief from asthma. (Close) Is this important for you, doctor?

86 “Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall.”

87 Suggestions in Using FBCP
Practice this skill, it is the MOST POWERFUL probe. Do not use too many FBC in one sales call Do not use a string of FBC Use different FBC so that the MDs will not suspect your technique Do not wait too long for an answer after getting MDs response, move to your presentation

88 Accelerated Learning All participants Train game
All participants will give example of FBCP

89 Effective Listening The purpose of probing is to LISTEN for customer responses to uncover their needs/wants/expectation/problem/goals. Do not ask if your not ready to listen Very few people are good with listening

90 Principle of Effective Listening
Constantly analyze what is being said Listen for main points and supporting reasons Remove your bias Look ahead and see where the customer is going Look for non-verbal signs

91 Accelerated Learning to Know me is to ask me.
This a contest By pair One will probe and the other will give information 2 minutes each (reverse) Try to get as many information from your partner as possible

92 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

93 Detailing Practice/Group Dynamics
All participants Everyone in the group will have a chance to be a med rep, doctor, timer and critique. All calls will last 3 minutes. The exercise ends as soon as all participants finish all the roles.

94 Handling Objections



97 Handling Objections Customer objections are important because
It indicates interest It is an opportunity to sell the benefits May not really be objections but simply request for additional information Provides valuable information

98 Typical Objections Raised
Price Product Service Company Personal Competition Lack of need

99 Handling Objections How to deal with objections Welcome the objections
Separate people from objections Develop empathy with the doctor Show concern Do not reject the objection Do not argue Lead the doctor to answer their own question

100 Types of Objection (ARM)
A-cceptance Customer accepts your product, also known as positive response R-eal Objection Customer’s concern that your product cannot offer or does not have M-isunderstanding Customer is misinformed or lacks information

Stand please! Affirm everyone in the room. WAG MATAKOT SA OBJECTION! KAYA MO YAN! YOU CAN DO IT!

102 Steps in Handling Acceptance
Step 1- Acknowledge Step 2- Link product message to MD’s expressed need by citing the FEATURE+PRODUCT CLAIM+PROOF Step 3- Provide message of product Step 4- Probe for acceptance by using closed probe Step 5- Proceed to presentation

103 Steps of Handling Real Objection
Step 1- Listen Step 2- Acknowledge Step 3- Feed the objection back Step 4- Minimize the impact by focusing on the advantage Step 5- Verify

104 Steps of Handling Misunderstanding
Step 1- Listen Step 2- Acknowledge Step 3- Rephrase the question Step 4- Tactfully answer the objection by providing the correct information Step 5- verify

The strategy is: CLARIFY REAL OBJECTION The strategy is: MINIMIZE

106 Handling Objections EXERCISE
Identify the type objection. Drozid is under dose, I need a 250mg/5ml preparation. Medixon seems ok. I prefer original products, your Cladex is just a copy cat. I use your 50mg Medixon once a day. Velodyne is an effective third generation anti biotic.

107 Handling Objections EXERCISE
Identify the type of objection I am not confident to use Trolip because you don’t have bioequivalence study vs. the originator brand. Medixon is a good long acting corticosteroid. I have a tie up with Unilab. I stopped using Cladex because it is expensive. I do not prescribe local products like yours.

108 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

109 SALES CALL 2 By 3’s All participants will call using their current promotional brochure There will be a buyer/seller/observer Roles will be switched after each call and after the observer has made his appraisal Each call will last 3 minutes One member of the team will present his observation of the team

110 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

111 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

112 Asking for business Why do sales people hesitate in asking for business? Fear of spoiling the relationship Assuming that their job is only to inform Belief that since they have good products the MD will prescribe Lack of confidence Believe that they have not provided enough reasons for the MD to prescribe

113 Types of Commitment Trial use Continued use Expanded use

114 When to close? If you close too soon: the MD may still have an answered or unidentified concern/s If you take too long doctor may loose interest or you may raise a concern that had not occurred earlier When you sense a buying signal When you reach a logical point Presented the product as planned You addressed the concern When time is running out

115 Please don’t sleep on my dad.

116 Buying Signal A signal from the MD that he/she has accepted your products benefits or feels positively about the product It is either verbal or non-verbal

117 Buying Signal VERBAL MDs ask questions – dosage, cost, availability
Makes positive comments Asks technical questions Asks you to repeat something

118 Buying Signal Non-Verbal MD leans closer to you
Smiles, nods in agreement Picks up brochure

119 Steps of Closing Step 1- Close on the specific need benefit agreed upon. Or summarize all the benefits accepted by the MD. Step 2- Suggest to MD to consider the products for his patients Step 3- Leave a “MARK” for the next call

120 Next Step After a Close Inform the MD how to prescribe and direct the availability of the product Thank the customer.

121 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

122 Post Call Analysis Step 1- Take note of the important agreements made
Step 2- Note MDs reaction, feedback and comments Step 3- Set next call objective

123 Components of a sales call
Pre call highlights Opening Call Link Mission of an MR Probing Handling objections Closing Post call highlights

124 Final Call All participants
Videotaped full call applying all the learning's 5 minutes each

125 Viewing Process the learning's

126 Recap How is the experience? Did you have fun?
Did it meet your expectation? What will you do next?

127 Take Home Message “People say to me, “You were a roaring success. How did you do it?” I go back to what my parents taught me. Apply yourself. Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something. Don’t just stand there, make something happen.” LEE IOCOCCA

128 Salamat po!


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