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Recording English Pronunciation

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1 Recording English Pronunciation
Practice for oral examination!

2 Goals Practice pronunciation Critical listening
Improve sounds + general pronunciation Group work skills Useful smartphone application Working with actual final exam texts

3 Lesson 1 - Preparation Instruction Get one of the 7 different texts
Prepare + make recording Bring to next lesson: Students bring smartphone + earbuds TEST recording function at home

4 Lesson 2 – Critical listening
Form groups of 4 Find groupmates with same text Exchange smartphones with earbuds Grade all 3 classmates using form Discuss outcome in group

5 1 Reading Cijfer Pronunciation zeer goed goed matig niet th 3 2 1 p/b t/d k/g f/v s/z vowels Fluency Intonation

6 Lesson 2/3 - Evaluation Discuss common mistakes in group
Each group assigns one student as spokesperson Teacher asks 1 student from each group to read aloud Feedback on pronunciation, fluency and intonation

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