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Coming to Lake Pleasant, Arizona

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1 Coming to Lake Pleasant, Arizona

2 “Everything from A to Z” Forrest L. “Lenny” Geist
Business Plan Summary Developer/Builder Forrest L. “Lenny” Geist Developer of 1,000 estate lots, retail, medical, and tourist attractions near Lake Pleasant, AZ. Alpha-Omega Estates (AOE) will be the premier living environment in Arizona if not the SW and will be part of an immaculate and cohesive community that will include a statue of Christ, private education from Pre-K to Ph.D., mixed use retail services, and diverse 5-star amenities. Homeowners in AOE will have exquisite access to luxury living, social, and entertainment as well as the ability to grow spiritually, educationally, and economically while living there. Several diverse tourist attractions and a state of the art medical campus will enhance the living experience and lifestyle appropriations. A new Safety Center complete with fire, police, ambulance, and residential security will be included in the project. 2 2

3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary ….… Overview … Value Proposition & Unique Appeal …………………………………………….…….. 6 Company Summary … Features …………………………………………………………………………………….………. 8 Outlines of Location & Amenities ……………………………………………….……… 9 Disclosures ……………………………………………………………………….………...…….. 10 Market Analysis, Maps, Topography & Nearby Resources … Lake Pleasant Plan & Foresight …………………………………………..…………… Competitive Environment ….. 27 Strategy and Implementation ….. 28 Promotion Strategy & Branding Tactics … ….. 29 Financial Plan (basic) …. 30 Developer’s Resume’ & Background City of Peoria General Plan (Land Use Map) ……………………………………….. 34 Artist’s Information …………………………………………………………………….……… 35 3 3

4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background: Developer/Builder (D/B) seeks $250,000,000 (USD) to acquire nearly 4,000+ acres of private land surrounding pristine Lake Pleasant, AZ in order to build 1,000 luxury homes and mixed-use facilities to include common areas, fire safety, police, EMT, health club, and essential retail services. This project will handsomely blend three core lifestyle elements: upscale golf, access to a pristine lake, and the natural splendor of the AZ desert. Value Proposition (Living Experience Created): The Alpha-Omega living experience will be unlike any other and will give residents the feel of a 5-star resort experience at home. The development will have a faith-based tourist attraction that will become a world-class destination. Nearby will be grocery, financial services, many restaurants, a 24/7 convenience store, automotive repair, dry cleaning, veterinarian, 24/7 home repair handymen, automotive repair with emergency road service, landscaping, pool maintenance, laundry assistance, and even a turn-down service for special touches when guests are visiting. Day trips to Cibola Vista Resort & Spa will also be available. Objectives/Mission: D/B desires to create a luxury community for affluent persons who prefer a superior living experience complete with security, tranquillity, and unmatched amenities. HOA dues will be $5,000 per home with proceeds going to high-end amenities and services, asset maintenance, and a worship center that includes an associated worldwide outreach HQ that will positively impact the lives of AZ residents and the global population. Funding Needed: D/B wishes to ascertain $250M to buy the land and another $1,000,000,000 to launch the project effectively in a manner that incorporates the necessary retail, medical, and safety services. The B/D desires tax-deductible gifts, donations and contributions as the primary source of funding. Depending on needs, private investments and retail loans to fully fund the $2.5B cost will be considered. The basic financial plan can be found on page 30 of this document. Naturally, Pro Forma and balance sheet are subject to funding T&C (terms and conditions). Action Plan: D/B is negotiating with several landowners while searching for capital to buy targeted land and hire architectural design firm(s) as well as engineering firm(s) to gain plat approval(s) and install infrastructure. Deal Capacity: As noted, D/B estimates the need for $2.5 Billion in financing for this project. D/B seeks 100% LTC in private funding or tax-deductible contributions and gifts. Any unmet funding needs may be subsequently generated from commercial sources. D/B is entertaining a wide variety of funding options and alternatives. D/B will consider joint ventures, partnerships, fundraising from faith-based groups, private donations and contributions, as well as retail financing (A&D loan). Returns on investments vary for obvious reasons. However, any interested Party has the option of participating as a donor or investor depending on interest level and purpose for involvement. Donors may feel compelled to see the project come to fruition as it “brings God to people” and “people to God” while Investors may be compelled to get involved with this project as a worthy cause while earning a reasonable return on investment (ROI) in order to further the mission and increase holdings. The investment time horizon will eclipse 5 years. 4 4

5 OVERVIEW Establishing a residential resort and business clientele base will take some time as research typically reveals word-of-mouth, referrals, professional networking and due diligence can be time consuming. Actual living experience as well as value are often the primary ways in which home and location are selected by new buyers. People new to the area, or who have few established connections may look to the Internet, Welcome Wagon, outdoor ads, branding messages or sponsorship promotions along with other advertising to establish a sense of location, availability, pricing, lifestyle, and access periods. AOE will integrate the most effective branding tactics. Competitive Advantage. Alpha-Omega Estates (AOE) is poised to be the premiere living environment in ALL of Arizona. It’s a gated luxury home community which is exquisitely nestled by the nicest and cleanest lake in Arizona. AOE will be located just northwest of the Phoenix metro. Home sites will be nestled securely amongst untouched public land and the exceptionally nice Quintero Golf Community. AOE will be 10 minutes from 1-17 via Carefree Hwy (74) and will be right by the north access to Lake Pleasant, which offers world-class fishing, boating, and leisurely water cruises. AOE is designed to preserve the traditions of the American West while offering the finest amenities and comfort to its owners. The new marina, “Scorpion Bay Marina & Yachts Club” is in operation already. AOE intends to offer a dynamic retail center much like the Westgate City Center in Glendale that includes a plethora of desirable retail outlets, services, and destination stores. The developer of Alpha-Omega Estates has plans for a 5-star deluxe resort that may include upscale dining, boutiques, day spa, scuba lessons, a dolphin aquarium, water park, gaming-style entertainment, and many other luxurious amenities that are not concentrated in such an appealing manner anywhere in Arizona. Industry Keys to Success Arizona is ranked 1st or 2nd as a retirement destination for ”Baby Boomers” and others with tremendous net worth and affluence. AOE intends to cultivate this market assertively for prospective homebuyers and donors. AOE will have a Christian faith-based tourist attraction with a large statue of Christ that can be toured from inside like the Statue of Liberty about 333’ tall. There will be retail services in and around the statue. The AOE development will include a new worldwide missions and global outreach entity to impact others’ lives. The AOE missions organization will have an annual budget of $100 million+ and will reach people all over the world. AOE’s residential property will be in a fantastic setting by the nicest and best-kept lake in all of Arizona. AOE offers a solid asset appreciation and increased property value from initial purchase (equity building). AOE will be in a tranquil desert environment with serene and peaceful setting alongside contemporary amenities. AOE will offer its residents both a great sense of privacy and security coupled with vast and vivid lifestyle activities. 5 5

Ideally located by the nicest and best-kept lake in the entire State of AZ, Alpha-Omega Estates is poised to be the premiere living environment in ALL of Arizona. Surrounded by pristine, rugged, and scenic desert topography by way of State Land Trust and BLM areas, AOE will be nestled securely amongst untouched public land and the exceptionally nice Quintero Golf community. In late 2006, half-acre lots in Quintero sold for $500,000 to $665,000 with larger lots selling for more than $1.6 million. Land values and equity in luxury homes are expected to eclipse these figures in due time as high-end home sales in the Phoenix metro will regain strength based on demand. Incoming population growth and the number of current Arizona residents who plan to retire within AZ will drive up values. The luxury home market has a bright forecast for Upscale homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley have historically sold for $500 to $600/foot with modest lot sizes. Scottsdale and PV reaps are “sold out” of land. AOE will be in very close proximity (10-minutes) to the new Cibola Vista Resort & Spa and the new Peoria Town Center under construction in the rapidly-growing “Lake Pleasant Corridor.” The amenities, recreational options, and living benefits at Alpha-Omega Estates will be unmatched. Uniquely, the property owners in AOE will have the chance to “give back” to charities and causes of their choosing. AOE will help homeowners live their lives with purpose. Alpha-Omega Estates Contact Information and Answers to FAQ Questions about the development whether its site plan, construction time lines, investment horizon, methods in which to donate to the project, and other material matters related to the opportunity to launch the AOE development can be answered by contacting Lenny Geist. Cell: (632) Lenny is well versed in advanced and technical financing principles having been a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in Phoenix and has a background in advertising, marketing, and public relations. He is also a builder and general contractor seeking contributions, investment partners, or A&D financing in order to transact the purchase(s) of all 1,920 acres to build-out 1,000 homes in three phases with each phase lasting about 5-6 years. Lenny’s AZ general contractor’s license # is: (inactive). Lenny also had an active real estate sales associate’s license in Arizona. His AZRE license number is: SA Lenny also has Series 7, 63, and 65 licenses thru FINRA. Alpha-Omega Estates is a 501(c)(3). The FEIN is: Forrest L. “Lenny” Geist DEVELOPER Alpha-Omega Estates Lake Pleasant, Arizona Cell# : (623) 6 6

7 COMPANY SUMMARY The Company’s Nuts, Bolts, and Purpose 7 7
Forrest L. “Lenny” Geist founded Alpha Omega Estates (AOE) as a concept in 2004 by conceiving an original idea that integrates and embodies the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) Christians accept with the desire many people have to live in a secure and well-appointed environment that fosters and promotes openness, friendships, and common interests to include worship. Lenny believes AOE is a wonderful vehicle for Christians to enrich others’ lives who are much less fortunate while meeting the donors and residents’ needs for charity, outreach involvement, as well as civic responsibility. The purpose of AOE is to create, launch, and maintain a missions organization that will positively impact people locally, regionally, within the United States, as well as those who live abroad. (Matthew 25:40) The primary conduit for developing the AOE missions organization and maintaining it financially for the long term is the Alpha Omega Estates project. Lenny firmly believes “to whom much is given much is expected.” (Proverbs 11:24-25) Lenny desires for AOE to be the chosen place of residence for Christians and other persons of strong moral and ethical character who wish to give back some of the abundance and blessings they’ve received. Lenny also desires for people of all walks to join him in using their gifts, talents, and abilities to impact the world through giving of time, effort, or resources in God’s name (Matthew 6:24) while realizing a prosperous and blessed personal living experience. Mr. Geist desires to establish and uphold a first-rate residential community and living experience that enhances its property owners, visitors, business owners, service providers, and guests with the ability to grow their own spiritual and personal relationships through worship, continuing education and charitable works. Lenny invites givers, investors, and prospective inhabitants to contact him at any time with questions, comments, or suggestions as to how to make AOE become a reality. On a more personal note, Lenny consults with area businesses on development-related issues, including finance, and is a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch currently. Lenny, as noted, also has expertise with real estate, construction, project development, financing, risk management (insurance), advertising, marketing, creating brand awareness, public relations, media campaigns, telecommunications, lay leadership, teaching Bible study groups, missions work, and being a team leader. Lenny also enjoys sharing his vision, establishing new relationships, helping people enrich their own lives through God’s word, doing what others think can’t be done, and simply being a devoted follower, father, friend, confidant and business partner. Mr. Geist believes AOE will soon come to fruition and will offer “everything from A to Z” to Christians,prospective Christians and others who cherish and seek a sincere calling to help others while enjoying the fruits of their labor. (2 Corinthians 8:8). 7 7

Gated luxury home community right by the nicest and largest lake in all Arizona (Lake Pleasant). Single-story “Estate” homes of 5,000 sq. feet or more and up to 10,000 sf if desired by owner. At least 1.0 acres of land per home with many having 2.0 acres of land and a few with more. Common areas for playground equipment and sports such as tennis, mini-golf, BBQs, etc. A cooperative relationship with nearby Quintero Golf for superior golf outings any time. 2 guest houses or “in-law” quarters for independent living and overnight stays for guests. Special access to Lake Pleasant for boating, skiing, dinner cruises, or leisurely fishing fun. Private education facilities for pre-K thru PhD with tie-ins to Christian colleges/seminaries. Career assistance and special-interest resources to help retirees find activities, clubs, or jobs. A community Bible-based church and faith-based organizations for spiritual and social growth. State-of-art “Smart Home” and security systems as well as public safety (fire and police). Homes in AOE will be “Zero Use” homes in that each home will generate its own energy. A large statue of Christ that can be toured from inside like the Statue of Liberty (about 333’ tall). Mixed use and commercial retail available for shopping, dining, fellowship and fundraisers. A new worldwide missions and global outreach entity with an annual budget of $100 million+. Trail rides, hiking, desert excursions and additional recreation programs within community. Paved access to Carefree Highway with easy access to Loop 303 and 1-17 to the east. Solid asset appreciation and increased property value from initial purchase (equity building). Tranquil desert environment with serene and peaceful setting alongside contemporary amenities. 8 8

1,000 luxury home sites ideally nestled just 2 miles west of Lake Pleasant and 1 mile east of the Quintero Golf community. Quintero’s two pristine golf courses were designed by Greg Norman ( Targeted parcels for Alpha-Omega Estates (AOE) comprise 3 square miles of land (1,920 acres) adjacent to Quintero Golf. There is also a target parcel along Carefree Highway (Hwy 74) that is on the South side of Lake Pleasant that offers about 1,000 acres for estate lot development the B/D intends to use as Phase 3. It is worth noting that it is just a 30-minute drive to the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Coyotes stadiums in Glendale along the 101 freeway. The metro’s “treasures” are nearby. Further, It is just a brief 20-minute drive to 5 nice golf courses in Sun City, Arizona, that also offer year-round championship-calibre golf experiences. Not to be outdone, it is just a 15-minute drive to the Peoria Sports Complex that is home to spring training for the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners professional baseball teams. Glider planes, hot air balloon rides, and skydiving are available near the lake. Alpha-Omega Estates (AOE) will be10 minutes from 1-17 via Carefree Hwy (74). AOE is right by the north access to the Lake Pleasant, which offers world class fishing, boating, and leisurely water cruises. Lake Pleasant is Arizona’s nicest lake and a nice new boat slip and dock, Scorpion Bay, is already fully operational on the southwest shore. Location is everything! AOE allows for plenty of time to enjoy impromptu weekend getaways to Sedona, Prescott and Flagstaff. The new 303 Loop connects just a few miles away to the south. The heart of Phoenix is a 40-minute drive for sporting events, fine dining and theatre for those venturing downtown. Sky Harbour Airport is a 45-minute drive. AOE will offer a heliport, too. The Builder/Borrower, Mr. Geist, plans to build 1,000 luxury homes over the next years with the target client being an affluent “Baby Boomer” retiring to Arizona in the next decade or two or an Arizona resident seeking the ultimate living experience in the state in which to call home. AOE will also feature a new nondenominational Christian church to provide worship services and community groups throughout the week. There will be a headquarters (HQ) for the worldwide missions organization and professional office space for service providers such as a dentist, physician, chiropractor, CPA firm, investment/brokerage house, and other professional trades often needed by the affluent. The subdivision will offer private education, its own retail, as well as public safety (fire – police - EMT) and emergency medical services to include an urgent care center accessible 24/7/365. 9 9

Buyer/Builder (Lenny Geist) is in negotiations with multiple sellers of parcels within Phase One target area to transact immediately. Builder is in need of a Letter of Commitment (LOC) to proceed. Buyer/Builder has affirmed parcel specifications as well as current and future City of Peoria zoning regulations, restrictions, and planned projects. This target development is perfect for its purpose and is “ripe” for upscale home build-out in NW Phoenix. New marina coming to SW lakeshore. Target properties (about 4,000 acres) are privately owned and surrounded by BLM/State Land Trust. High-end single-family homes in the Valley continue to sell briskly and at all-time record levels in terms of cost-per-foot and sold. Homes such as those to be built in Alpha-Omega Estates have historically sold for $3.0 - $4.0 million in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. These upscale areas of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (MSA) are sold out. Arizona is ranked 1st or 2nd as a retirement destination for “Baby Boomers” and others with tremendous net worth and affluence Homes intends to cultivate this market assertively. Many of the “Baby Boomers” moving to AZ from other states will be affluent Christians with means. 10 10

11 MARKET ANALYSIS Alpha-Omega Estates Boasts Close Proximity to Lake Pleasant Regional Park and More! Lake Pleasant to Peoria Sports Complex = 30 minutes Lake Pleasant to NFL and NHL Stadiums and Westgate = 40 minutes Lake Pleasant to Downtown Phoenix = 45 minutes Lake Pleasant to Scottsdale Shopping & Retail = 45 minutes Lake Pleasant to Sky Harbor Int’l Airport = 50 minutes Lake Pleasant to Sedona, Arizona = 90 minutes Lake Pleasant to the Grand Canyon = 4 hours Lake Pleasant to Las Vegas = 5 hours Lake Pleasant to Palm Springs = 5 hours Lake Pleasant to Moab or Bryce Canyon, Utah = 6 hours 11 11

12 Topographic Profile of Target Parcels for 3 Residential Phases 2 miles west of Lake Pleasant and 2 miles east of Quintero Golf in Peoria, AZ (1,000 Lots on 1,920 Acres Surrounded by Natural Desert Terrain Preserved by the BLM and State Land Trust) North/West Boat Ramp Phase 1 = 400 Homes Scorpion Bay Marina Quintero Golf Courses Phase 2 = 200 Homes Phase 3 = 400 Homes 12 12

13 living environment has “Everything from A to Z”
Welcome to Alpha-Omega Estates! Alpha-Omega Estates development will be a world-class residential resort property in the fantastic setting of the nicest lake of Arizona. Amidst superbly by natural beauty of its surroundings. Feature an unlimited list of recreational activities and inspirational well-being, the best Arizona Marina, a beautiful “Greg Norman’s Charter Golf Course” and a splendid gaming and real retail entertainment. Boasts yachting, world-class boating competitions, wind surfing, top-level bass fishing tournaments, or take advantage of the exciting trail rides, hiking, desert excursion, all to preserve the American West tradition while offering the finest amenities and comfort for its owners. Arizona’s most scenic living environment has “Everything from A to Z” 13 13

14 A Unique Marina, Scorpion Bay, is already in operation on the shore!
Scorpion Bay boasts a floating family restaurant (Dillon’s), retail store, restrooms, gift shop, patio dining, and magnificent lake views and sunsets that will leave guests and visitors breathless! Imagine 2 miles west of the most scenic water recreation, a state-of-the-art docking facility and attraction that comprises: 5-star deluxe resort – Casino – Spa/well-being – Upscale dining – Boutique – Scuba lessons – A dolphin aquarium – All other amenities – The first unique marina in Arizona plans to accommodate boats but could do more. Watercraft of all types are accommodated at Scorpion Bay! 14 14

15 Quintero Golf
Greg Norman’s 18-hole golf course finely designed at the heart of the setting by Lake Pleasant. Greg’s course will complement the Founder’s Course at Quintero. If feasible and plausible, the AOE developers would like to acquire or integrate Quintero into the AOE project to accentuate water recreation and outdoor activities like hiking and walking. Award-winning golf in a setting without peer in all of Arizona! Quintero is home to the Rees Jones Founders Course, and will soon be home to Greg Norman’s Charter Course. The Founders Course has won numerous awards, and has earned its place among the most stunning landscapes created by Rees Jones. Ideally situated just 5 miles west of Lake Pleasant, these courses will offer AOE residents the opportunity to play two of the most desirable, challenging, and picturesque golf courses in the entire Southwest. Quintero is rated #10 among America’s private golf communities by Golfweek magazine. With less than 300 residences amid just over 800 acres. It is remarkably friendly, low-density community, offering unmatched privacy in the high Sonora desert. The AOE developers understand this luxury golf community may be available for acquisition very soon. 15 15

16 16

17 Lake Pleasant 17 Popular activities at Lake Pleasant:
One of the most scenic water recreation areas in the “Valley of the Sun.” This northwest Valley park is a recreation enthusiast’s dream! Located on the northern end of Peoria and about 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Lake Pleasant covers 10,000 acres. Utilized as a holding lake, its water comes from two sources, Central Arizona Project Canal and the Aqua Fria River. Managed by the Maricopa County Parks & Recreation Department. Lake Pleasant is Arizona’s second largest lake and offers a wide variety of recreational activities. General camping, RV accommodations, boating, sailing, water and jet skiing, and fishing are just some of the activities offered at the lake. The Desert Outdoor Learning Center offers excellent opportunities to learn more about the lake as well as the surrounding desert area. Enjoy Peoria’s “Jewel in the Desert.” At the Lake Pleasant Visitor Center, guests learn about the history of the area and desert wild-life. From the Visitor Center, visitors can get a beautiful view of Lake Pleasant and a close look at the New Waddell Dam. Popular activities at Lake Pleasant: Pleasant Harbor. Located on the south-eastern shores of Lake Pleasant. Pleasant Harbor boasts not only the lake’s only marina, but also a five star RV Resort. Pleasant Harbor Marina offers facilities and rentals for every water activity imaginable as well as dining. Pleasant Harbor RV Resort offers 254 full hook-up sites and 40 partial hook up sites as well as a clubhouse, heated pool/spa, access to the lake for your boat and other amenities. In addition, Pleasant Harbor Marina is the largest marina in Arizona offering 4 different moorage options including wet storage, dry storage, stack storage and economy storage. Wet slips are available in 30’-75’ sizes with end ties available for larger boats. Both covered and uncovered options are available at the marina. Dry storage is a second option for storing your boat at Pleasant Harbor Marina. Our dry storage yard is paved and secured and comes with unlimited launch/recovery service. Stack storage is an indoor and out of water option for storing your boat. The stack building can accommodate 17 17

18 most boats up to 30’ in length and also comes with unlimited launch/recovery service. Economy storage is the lowest priced option available at Pleasant Harbor Marina. It is gated and secured. Members have 24-hour access into the yard to launch/ retrieve their own watercraft. Visitors and guests will find the environment and people to be quite hospitable and friendly. Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Thought of as the jewel of the Maricopa County Parks system, Lake Pleasant Regional Park is one of the most scenic water recreation areas in the “Valley of the Sun.” The park offers camping, picnicking, boat launch and pick up areas, hiking, fishing, swimming and bird and wildlife viewing. Come experience this oasis in the desert open all year round. Desert Outdoor Learning Center. Overlooking Lake Pleasant, the Desert Outdoor Learning Center provides a spectacular backdrop for weddings, retreats, and other group functions. The facilities 26,000 square feet offer 30 different programs that range from life in the desert, dinosaur history to stargazing, guided hikes and more. Also, the Desert Outdoor Learning Center is utilized as an educational center by area schools and youth groups on a yearly basis. Scorpion Bay Marina & Yacht Club. Located on the western shores of Lake Pleasant. The Scorpion Bay Marina & Yacht Club is the newest facility handling all of your boating needs on the lake. The marina offers covered and open slips, launch ramp, tram service, and private heliport from the parking lot to the slip area as well as a restaurant/bar, store and deli. The opening of a second marina, Scorpion Bay Marina & Yacht Club at Lake Pleasant promises boaters more opportunities for fun and lower prices at the popular water destination. The Scorpion Bay Marina & Yacht Club opens Thursday at the lake, which drew nearly 700,000 visitors in the past fiscal year. There are plans for a 5-star deluxe resort that may include upscale dining, boutiques, scuba, dolphin aquarium, casino, and other amenities. 18 18

19 19 Lake Pleasant Development A tale of 2 marinas 19
The marina’s debut on the western shore follows months of construction and two years of legal battles with the owners of the nearly 15-year old Pleasant Harbor Marina on the south-eastern shore. Now, the operators of the two marinas are vying for customers. Scorpion Bay, which will feature hundreds of boat slips and cost $25 million when it is fully built in the next two to three years, is welcoming the public with open arms. Pleasant Harbor is going private, saying it wants to provide a less hectic recreation experience. One way or another, the opening of Scorpion Bay is a good thing, said Peoria resident Bill Johnson, commander of Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron, an association of sail-and -power-boat enthusiasts. “We don’t have enough facilities around here, and I don’t think competition is a bad thing,” he said. Boaters are already seeing competitive pricing between the two marinas, representatives for each of the operations said. Lake Pleasant Development 1928: Pleasant Dam, later renamed Waddell Dam, is completed, creating the upper portion of Lake Pleasant, with a surface size of 4,706 acres. 1965: Lake Pleasant Regional Park is formed. 1993: A new, larger Waddell Dam is finished, increasing the size of the lake to 10,000 acres. September 1993: Pleasant Harbor Marina opens. May 2008: Scorpion Bay Marina and Yacht Club to open. A tale of 2 marinas SCORPION BAY MARINA & YACHT CLUB Status: Open to the public. Wet slips: 250 now, a total of 600 when built out. Boat owners who reserve a slip before Wednesday will be assured of the same slip rate for the 2009 boating season. Dry storage: Can accommodate 300 boats now, plans to accommodate boats when built out, but could do more. Restaurants: Dillon’s Restaurant and gift shop both opened in September 2009. Shops: A convenience store, opened at the end of June 2009. PLEASANT HARBOR MARINA Status: Private. As of Thursday, open only to members of the Pleasant Harbor Marina Private Members Club and their families, invited guests, occupants of the Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, holders of Friends of Pleasant Harbor annual access cards, and boat-rental customers. 19 19

20 The beauty of Lake Pleasant, AZ Turf Soaring School Near Lake Pleasant
Wet slips: 640 Dry storage: Can accommodate just over 700 boats. Restaurant: The Waterfront Grille. Shops: The Village Store and Azul Boutique, a clothing and swimwear shop. Peoria Development Goals and Objectives The City is continuously working to build the best community for our residents and our General Plan and approach to community and economic development reflect that. To learn more about what Peoria plans for the future, please take a look at our future profile or one of the many studies that we have undertaken: Peoria 2025 Building on the City’s history and vision for the future, Peoria in 2025 will be a vibrant balanced community of 270,000 residents. In 2025, Peoria will be known for: high-wage jobs in targeted industries affordable as well as luxury housing quality education and health care services diverse entertainment, shopping, and recreational activities This vision will become a reality because of the City’s 10-year Capital Improvement Plan - an ambitious plan for thoughtful, balanced and sustainable development. This strategic capital budget of $1 billion was developed with the General Plan and Master Plans in mind and is focused on coordinating efforts with schools, utilities, developers and other agencies for the express purpose of creating sustainable community assets. What’s more, the City’s infrastructure plan is partnered with developer-driven projects, underscoring Peoria’s pledge to collaborate with the community for smart growth and sustainable solutions. At present, Peoria covers an area of 180 square miles, only 30% of which has been developed. This is why the City’s vision for and commitment to funding strategic development for a truly connected and balanced community is of utmost significance. New and The beauty of Lake Pleasant, AZ Turf Soaring School Near Lake Pleasant 20 20

21 21 Current Projects Community Profile
expanded infrastructure, approved master planned communities, partnerships with bioscience and health care organizations, careful consideration of environmental realities – sensible management of these aspects is what will enable and encourage the extensive growth that the City is anticipating. In 2008, Money magazine voted Peoria, Arizona as one of the “Top 100” places to live in the U.S. Current Projects Higher Education Initiative – The review committee met on 6/10/09 to interview three consultants.  After the interviews, the selection of ESI Corporation was recommended.  For nearly 19 years, ESI Corporation has been involved with helping communities create jobs and expand and diversify their economic base through the preparation of economic development strategic plans, market and feasibility analysis, economic impact assessments and marketing plan development and execution.  ESI serves a wide array of public agencies and local governments, corporations, real estate developers, and investors.  The approval of the contract will be on the July 7th City Council agenda. Audi of Peoria - Audi is proposing to build a new dealership at the southwest corner of 88th Dr. and Bell Rd.  The building will be 1-story with a mezzanine—about 26-feet in height and around 20,000 sq ft (30,000 sf, including the mezzanine). Rough conceptual building elevations were provided in the pre-app packet and were reviewed at the pre-app meeting last week. The client for the Audi dealership wants the exterior elevations to comply with Audi’s design standards and materials. 250 parking spaces are proposed which encompasses all customer, service, employee, and display spaces.  The Audi dealership owner and architects have expressed a desire to implement sustainable elements into this facility. No estimated construction date was specified but a desire to start the project in a timely manner was emphasized. SGC of Peoria – SGC is planning to build a new 68,000 sf flagship facility in Peoria, located at the NEC of 83rd Ave. and Thunderbird Rd. The new facility will be a larger version of the Scottsdale facility with a well-appointed retail center, a multi-use Defensive Tactics Center, workout areas with lockers and showers, the country’s largest indoor ranges, classrooms, and meeting rooms. They plan to initially employ and growing to 70 by the end of year 3. Community Profile Peoria - an Opportunity Oasis. On the leading edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Peoria is one of Arizona’s fastest growing communities. This one-time farming community, founded in 1886 and located just 25 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport, is 21 21

22 22 Fishing At Lake Pleasant 22
a dynamic community of 176 square miles and more than 154,000 people today. Home to over 35 miles of trails, award-winning schools, well-planned residential neighbor-hoods, Major League Baseball, and the area’s second largest lake, this progressive yet grounded and well-balanced community is positioned to be a decisive component of Arizona’s economic future. Where infrastructure and attitude actively connect people to the environment and to each other. This is Peoria, Arizona. Fishing At Lake Pleasant Several creeks and washes feed into Lake Pleasant and where these creeks and washes empty into the lake are considered to be hot fishing spots. They include Humbug Creek, Castle Creek and Cole's Wash. Fishing can be good from the shore but, you will need a boat to get to the hot fishing locations. Jackass and Honeymoon coves on the east side of the lake are two excellent fishing sites. A wide variety of sport fishing is available at Lake Pleasant. The fish that are being caught are: largemouth bass, white crappie, white bass, channel catfish, salt water striped bass, bluegill, and tilapia. The salt water species of striped bass were introduced to the lake as the water containing striper fry and eggs is pumped into the lake from the Colorado River through the Central Arizona Project canal. When fishing the lake, anglers take advantage of the fact that the lake is considered to have three fishing zones. One is near the dam and marina, where the opening into the CAP canal is located. Here the water is extremely clear and highly-oxygenated. Second is near the middle of the lake, close to the original, submerged, Waddell Dam. Here the water is clear and deep when the lake is full. Here there are small islands, reefs, and coves. The third area is located at the north end of the lake where there are upstream channels and drainages. Here the water covers a forest of submerged vegetation. It also is shallow, turbid, and nutrient-rich. Another factor which contributes to the good fishing at Lake Pleasant is the fact that the rise and fall of the lake’s waterline enhances the aquatic environment for the fish. During the fall, when CAP water is delivered into Lake Pleasant; the raising water level, covers the seasonal vegetation enriching the lake’s nutrient levels. During the spring, the water levels are held steady to aid the bass spawning. Then in the late spring, the water levels fall as the downstream demand for water increases. This lower level allows exposed shoreline grasses, plants and bushes to re-seed and produce new forage and cover. This cycle is sometimes repeated, which causes the fish to move swiftly back and forth in their search for good food. However, this means that fishermen must always be on their toes trying to keep moving with the fish to the hot fishing spots. 22 22

23 23 Camping At Lake Pleasant Lake Pleasant is open year round
You don’t need a boat on the water to enjoy the lake's beauty. Camping, and hiking opportunities are in abundance. Campers and picnickers can find both day and overnight campgrounds able to accommodate large and small groups as well as tents and RV parking. At the Roadrunner Campground and Picnic Area there are 72 RV sites with water and electrical hook-ups. Covered picnic tables, barbeque grills, restroom and shower facilities offer guests all the modern conveniences to make their time even more enjoyable. The Desert Tortoise Campground and Cottonwood Day Use Areas are open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. year round. Arrangements can be made for overnight stays at both of these sites by contacting the park’s Special Events Coordinator. Lake Pleasant is open year round A small portion of the lake is off limits from December to about mid June so nesting eagles are not disturbed. The lake can often exceed its capacity during the busy summer months and holiday weekends resulting in some boaters and campers being turned away. Be sure to arrive early during those periods. Modest entry fees per vehicle and watercraft apply while camping and Ramada rental fees vary depending upon the site. How To Get To Lake Pleasant Regional Park From the Phoenix Area; Take I-17 north and exit onto the Carefree Highway (State Route 74) at Exit 223, then head west. The road becomes State Route 74, which is also known as the Lake Pleasant Road. Travel west for about 10.9 miles and turn north on the Pleasant Harbor Road about 1.8 miles to the Pleasant Harbor Marina. Pleasant Harbor Marina is the largest marina in Arizona offering 4 different moorage options including wet storage, dry storage, stack storage and economy storage. To get to the main park entrance continue on as the Lake Pleasant Road past the turnoff to the Marina for about 3.3 miles and take the turn off to the north on the Castle Hot Springs Road. Continue north for about 2.2 miles to the park's main entrance. You will see the entrance buildings about 600 feet east of the turnoff. The main entrance provides access to the Lake Pleasant Park's Visitor's Center, a 10 lane boat ramp, the Desert Tortoise Campgrounds and the Roadrunner Campgrounds. There is a second park entrance to the lake located about 3.1 miles past the main park entrance which is also located on the Castle Hot Springs Road. 23 23

24 Stay on the Castle Hot Springs Road going north past the main park entrance for about 3.1 miles, on the east side of Castle Hot Springs Road. Once you go through the entrance, you will travel about 1 mile further, where you'll find access to the 4 lane boat ramp, shoreline camping areas, and the Cottonwood day-use only picnic area which also provides a restroom convenience. NOTE: If you continue past Lake Pleasant; all the way on the Castle Hot Springs Road, you will see some beautiful country, and you will pass by the Castle Hot Springs Resort; where several Presidents of the United States, including John F. Kennedy, have stayed! While the road is a public road, the resort is closed to the public at this time. The Castle Hot Springs Road drive is about 29 miles in length, along a very scenic dirt - gravel road, which is passable for 2 - wheel drive vehicles, with high clearance. The road comes out of the wilderness, at State Route 74, about 1.2 miles east of US 60 (Grand Avenue). The other entrance, (or exit depending upon which way you are travelling), to the Castle Hot Springs Road is located 17.2 miles west of the turn off to the main park entrance, also located on State Route 74. It makes for a very nice 1/2 day trip. It can also be done in less than two hours. Be sure to take water with you. The park is open all year! Park Fees are: Day Use $6 per vehicle $2 per watercraft $5 per motorcycle 24 24

25 25 History Of Lake Pleasant 25
Pleasant Dam was completed in 1927 as the Valley's only local water facility to be constructed by private interests. This private interest is known as the Maricopa Water District (MWD). Upon its completion, this dam became the largest multiple arch dam in the world at 76 feet high and 2,160 feet long. It was later renamed, the Waddell Dam. Lake Pleasant was formed by the waters behind Waddell Dam which came from the Agua Fria River; which runs south through a broad Basin from its beginning east of Prescott, Arizona to its confluence with the Gila River, west of Phoenix. Lake Pleasant’s waters were supplied primarily by the Agua Fria River and by Coles Creek, Castle Creek, Humbug Creek, and other drainages. An early settler, King Woolsey gave the river its name. The lake itself was named after Carl Pleasant, the engineer who designed the dam. As the need for more water in Central Arizona increased; the construction of the Central Arizona Project Aqueduct, was started in 1973, to divert water from the Colorado River to Lake Pleasant. Converting Lake Pleasant from an agricultural project, into a storage reservoir for the Central Arizona Project. A new, larger, Waddell Dam was started and then finished in November of The old Waddell Dam was then partially dismantled and breached before it was covered with waters from the enlarged Lake Pleasant. A 224-foot wide breach opening in the dam was cut into the old dam, making two sections. The breaching of the dam took place on December 4 and December 16, 1992, then the sections were toppled into Lake Pleasant. The breaching created a channel between the two dams which allows the water levels to remain the same in front and in back of the old dam, providing a safe passage for boats. The original dam now lies under about 100 feet of water. The New Waddell Dam increased the size of Lake Pleasant, making it the second - largest body of water in central Arizona. Roosevelt Lake is larger. It now impounds the water, not only from the Agua Fria River system, but also water moved from Lake Havasu by the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal. The water from this canal now provides most of the water that fills the lake. The Old Beardsley Diversion Dam, which was built in 1895, is located downstream from Waddell Dam. It is now called the Camp Dyer Diversion Dam. In August of 1992, the New Camp Dyer Diversion Dam was completed. It is about four feet higher than the Old Beardsley Diversion Dam. It diverts lake water into canals which transport the water to the Greater PHX metro area. 25 25

26 The New Camp Dyer Division Dam creates the Hank Raymond Lake, which serves as the MWD’s regulatory water storage area. It can store a maximum of 400 acre feet of water. The "Waddell Pump/Generating Plant" is located here and it pumps water into Lake Pleasant during the winter and the water flows out of Lake Pleasant during the summer. As the water flows out it, generates electricity for the "Valley Of The Sun." The water is then diverted from the New Camp Dyer Dam into the Beardsley Canal; which is the MWD’s main water transportation system. This concrete - lined canal extends for almost 33 miles. From the Beardsley Canal, there are about 100 miles of laterals, sub-laterals and pipelines which are located throughout the service area. Today, Lake Pleasant is “ripe” for an upscale, classy, environmentally-responsible residential development and living experience. The developers of Alpha-Omega Estates intend to do just that; construct and adorn the precious little privately owned land near the lake with a state-of-the-art residential community unparalleled in Arizona and perhaps even the entire Southwest. In addition to establishing a one-of-a-kind living experience for its residents, the AOE project leaders want to foster a spirit of goodwill and good tidings to the Lake Pleasant area, the Valley of the Sun, the State of Arizona, and make AOE the premier living destination. The Alpha-Omega Estates project is a rare and unique blend of luxury residential living, outdoor recreation enthusiasm, quality of life involvement with social groups and community networks, and the opportunity to give charitably to the needy and less fortunate. The men and women who are champions of the AOE cause welcome people to make the Lake Pleasant area the most “pleasant” lakeside experience anyone can imagine through a sense of community, belonging, spiritual growth, and civic pride. “Nothing on earth is more beautiful than the morning sun.” - Ecclesiastes 11:7 26 26

Market Research Marketing strategies will build on this model taking advantage of precipitating events and the City of Peoria’s planning authority. It is anticipated a 5-star deluxe resort and casino at Scorpion Bay will attract customers from Las Vegas for a get-away with the family for a vacation or holiday while having a chance to enjoy gaming at the same time. Lake Pleasant is sure to become a holiday destination, faith-based education venue, and a popular retirement spot for people all over the world.. Summary of Opportunities and Threats in the Environment Overall, the environment appears very positive for AOE. The forces driving market demand, mainly economic and geographical, are strong, with more people staying closer to home for shorter getaway trips and their comfort level of visiting Lake Pleasant, one of the Midwest’s premiere travel destinations. On the negative side, there is competition, and it will take a while for AOE to get ‘established’ in its market niche. However, the time horizon for build-out and completion is a very favorable one. The Arizona real estate market is currently in a major downturn and the recovery period is expected to continue for some time. This creates significant advantages for the AOE project. First of all, the land prices for acquisition are discernibly lower now than they were in when the concept originated and groundwork was begun (figuratively). Land prices were going for up to $1.0 million per acre in the NW part of Phoenix. Currently, raw land prices in the NW Valley and/or near the Lake Pleasant area are likely to be only one-quarter (25%) to one-third (33%) of recent historical highs. This makes 2013 to 2015 excellent windows of opportunity to acquire the targeted raw land for AOE. Secondly, labor and materials are considerably more affordable now than before. In the very recent past, it may have cost upwards of $250 - $300 per square foot to build luxury homes of the magnitude, scope, and design idealized for AOE. Today, the construction costs of these homes is more like $150-$175 per square foot…as low as half of what it cost 3-5 years earlier. Thirdly, technology has escalated appreciably. New “zero use” and “smart homes” are more in the mainstream. Private residences can be very well secured and may have a “central nervous system” that is a computer monitored living environment that helps the homeowner maintain and enjoy a safe haven for rest, relaxation, and family entertainment. In addition, the “zero use” homes have solar energy sources that are plentiful enough to be self-sustaining and actually create a “profit center” for each homeowner. For example, additional electrical energy created through solar panels is required to be purchased by the area electrical service provider (like APS) at market rates. Therefore, each home may actually turn a profit from its solar energy while offsetting 100% of the home’s energy costs and utility expenses to include natural gas and water. 27 27

Strategy, Tactics & Growth Model The business is predicated on purpose-driven people of affluence and means who wish to couple a well-appointed retirement lifestyle with their penchant for generosity and community. Thus, for the first few years, AOE will need to be aggressive in sales and marketing as it attracts new homebuyers and grows its retail services to accommodate the first residential guests. Naturally, word of mouth and notoriety will grow notably as will the general population of Arizona. Positioning Philosophy From Revelation 21:6 we get this message from Christ, “It is finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End. I will freely give water from the life-giving fountain to everyone who is thirsty.” What better association can we think of then to create a positive living environment by a beautiful body of water that honors Christ thru charity and worship? The AOE project leaders believe all who give will receive much more in return as the Scriptures foretell. Target Market Target Markets include Persons 50+ who are likely to possess abundance in excess of $1.0 million in net worth as well as persons who have substantial affluence and means but may yet lack true purpose for their lives or spiritual security. Positioning and Property Strategy AOE will be positioned as a new, impeccably-landscaped, nature-filled, and unique atmosphere where residential living is pristine and unequalled in that it affords a hard-to-find blend of both privacy & community. Alpha-Omega will do just that. Pricing Strategy Given historical sale prices of comparable homes in highly affluent areas of the Valley, the AOE direction team feels sales prices of $300 - $500 feet are reasonable and realistic once homes are completed and available for sale beginning around By then, the developers believe the general real estate environment will be substantially improved while the demand for such a monumental and impossible-to-duplicate living environment will continue to grow demonstratively. Home sales in in upscale Phoenix areas reached over $600 per square foot. AOE project leaders feel sale prices for its properties to be one-half to two-thirds of these historical highs in Phase One. Estimates are well founded given the AOE time horizon and real estate recovery anticipated to coincide with the AOE growth model. Phase Two and Phase Three sale prices may reach $500 per foot. 28 28

29 PROMOTION STRATEGY Marketing Plan Publicity and Public Relations
Promotion strategy will vary depending on the target market segments. Given the importance of word of mouth referrals among all market segments when choosing a home in a beautiful and comfortable location sure to increase in value. Marketing Plan A direct marketing package consisting of a tri-fold brochure, letter of introduction, and reply card will be sent to a list of potential buyers. This list can be obtained from International Business Lists, and is compiled from tax records by upper-income geographical areas, Secretary of State Incorporation registrations, business license applications, and announcements from newspaper clippings, etc. Cable TV ad placements and Network TV sponsorships on targeted shows will be prevalent. Publicity and Public Relations A news release will be sent to area newspapers and magazines announcing the launch of AOE resort. Lenny Geist also may make himself available for speaking engagements at other community or civic organizations as a low-cost way of increasing awareness and building goodwill in the community to include outreach projects, missions work, and church tie-ins. Advertising Advertising is utilized primarily to attract new guests and serves to build awareness and name recognition of the resort in general, which is important for word of mouth referrals, “Oh yes, I’ve seen that residential resort’s ads before.” Periodic advertising in target market area newspapers will afford AOE name recognition benefits. From quarter ads announcing its entertainment line-up to business card-sized logo ads, AOE will maximize media campaigns while keeping an eye on cost-efficiency and fiscal responsibility. However, the AOE principals know marketing is an investment – not a cost. The Internet and electronic versions of print publications will likely be utilized. Contemporary marketing and promotional activities to include sponsorships, tie-ins, co-promotions, Chamber involvement, NFP committee work, the Welcome Wagon, and media cross-selling tactics on cell phones, billboards, and interactive platforms will be part of the overall media plan. The branding campaigns for AOE will also include the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others that will enable AOE to gain awareness, exposure, and familiarity amongst persons all over the world who may desire to see AOE come to fruition. The developer’s background, expertise, and supervisory experience in TV, radio, and promotions ties nicely into the marketing, brand-building tactics, and core “awareness” needs the AOE development will have soon after land is acquired. 29 29

The Investment Opportunity and Call to Action to Create a World-Class Residential, Mixed-Use, and Recreational Living Experience within the “Alpha-Omega Estates” Subdivision by Lake Pleasant, AZ. Step 1 is to acquire the necessary real estate. Developer seeks $250 million to buy the raw land. Developer/Builder Seeks $2.5 Billion in Contributions in order to: Launch and create the Southwest’s most impressive and responsible living venue. Gain financing from private funding, donors, commercial lenders or a joint venture. Acquire approx. 4,000 acres (residential, retail, tourism, medical, etc.) for $250,000,000. Developer/Builder will engage in aggressive sales and marketing once land is acquired through MLS and contemporary advertising and promotional campaigns. Developer/Builder needs $250,000,000 for advertising, marketing, and public relations. Developer/Builder needs $250,000,000 for infrastructure, utilities, common areas. Developer/Builder estimates financing costs at $500,000,000 for retail funding (if necessary). Land $250M + Infrastructure $250M + Medical/Safety Centers $500M + Mktg $250M = $1.25B The subsequent $1.25B will be used for residential phases 1, 2, and 3 as well as tourism initiatives. Developer/Builder seeks $600M in start-up capital (40% LTC) in equity funding and/or donations. Developer/Builder needs $900,000/home x 1,000 homes for $900M vertical completion. Developer/Builder creates 1,000 homes of 5,000 to 10,000 sf with a goal of selling each home for $300 to $500/foot ($1.5M to $3.75M) in about 5-15 years. Average sale price estimate $2.5M x 1,000 homes = $2.5 Billion in gross revenue. Developer/Builder estimates $1.0B cost for medical campus, retail, and safety center(s). Developer/Builder estimates annual revenue from services to exceed $500M initially. Developer/Builder estimates annual revenue from services to exceed $1.0B after 5 years. Developer/Builder estimates total cost for AOE project at approximately $2.5 Billion. Developer/Builder seeks tax-deductible donations and gifts as primary source of funds. Developer/Builder will entertain and discuss a variety of financing options, equity participation angles, sustained giving efforts, and other measures to ensure project success and results. Developer/Builder welcomes timely participation and questions at any time. This document does not constitute an offering of securities whether actual or implied. 30 30

31 RESUME’ Background Professional Successes 31 31
This is the resume of Forrest L. “Lenny” Geist, the developer and project champion for Alpha-Omega Estates. Mr. Geist has much demonstrated experience in business management, sales organization leadership, and essential project development. Mr. Geist offers and provides a very unique blend of expertise, talents, gifts, attributes and acumen. He blends an understanding of traditional values, conventional wisdom, contemporary business strategies, and state-of-the-art initiative tactics to ensure goals are achieved and objectives are met on time while being done the “right way” from beginning to end. Mr. Geist also meshes his success in real estate, construction trades, financial planning, money management, media campaigns, and professional networking in a manner that enables the AOE business model to reach its potential and to become a landmark reality. Succinctly, Lenny’s accomplishments, attributes, areas of expertise and distinguishing profile traits can be evaluated with the information below. Background Lenny was born in February of 1963 in McPherson, Kansas, to a fireman and clerical administrator. He is the youngest of three children with sisters in the Denver and Kansas City areas. Lenny currently lives in Glendale, Arizona, with his 10-year-old son, Brandt, and his 7-year-old daughter, Solei, who both attend worship services with him at Mt. Ridge Church ( Professional Successes Merrill Lynch – Phoenix, AZ (Dec. ’08 – May ‘10) Financial Advisor & Registered Investment Advisor LCG Financial Services, Inc. – Gilbert, AZ (Nov. '07 – Nov. ‘08) Chief Operations Officer 54321 Homes – Glendale, AZ and Tulsa, OK (January '03 – Nov. ‘07) Owner/Operator Journal Broadcast Group – Tulsa, OK (March '02 - January '03) Director of Sales 31 31

32 Clear Channel Radio Group – Yuma, AZ (Nov '99 - Dec '01) General Sales Manager & Promotions Director
KSWT-TV (CBS 13) – Yuma, AZ (Mar '99 - Oct '99) General Sales Manager KOKH-TV (FOX 25) – Oklahoma City, OK (Aug '96 - Feb '99) National Sales Manager KFOR-TV (NBC 4) – Oklahoma City, OK (Sept '91 - July '96) Account Executive U.S. ARMY – Stuttgart, Germany (June '82 - June '84) Radio Site Manager (Specialist E-4) Licenses & Credentials Series 7 (Financial Advisor) Series 24 (pending exam for supervisory regulatory compliance) Series 63 (Registered Investment Advisor) Series 65 (State of Arizona Securities Laws) Certified Financial Planner (33% complete) Life and Health Insurance License Property and Casualty Insurance License Arizona Real Estate Associate’s License Arizona General Contractor’s License Certified as “Advanced” User in MS Office 32 32

33 Education B.S. Journalism – Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Kansas University (Lawrence, KS 66045) Graduated: May 15, GPA: 3.32/4.0 scale. High School Diploma – General Studies McPherson Senior High School (McPherson, KS 67460) Graduated May 17, GPA: 3.30/4.0 scale. Civic & Trade Involvement Mt. Ridge Baptist Church (Glendale, AZ) - Regular attendee and small group study leader of 12 for theological ideals. Grid Iron Flag Football (Scottsdale, AZ) – Former coach and mentor of boys’ team for ages Current referee. Rejoice Church (Tulsa, OK) – Study group leader of 20 people, Publicity Chairman, and Media Relations Director. Mission trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil (2003) to remodel orphanage and to construct new playground for young children. Tulsa Metro Chamber - Fmr. co-host of the monthly “Breakfast Network” for 300+ business leaders, execs, & guests. Yuma Metropolitan Planning Org (YMPO) committee chairman & Yuma Community Food Bank (YCFB) volunteer. Sponsor and co-sponsor of informational meetings, seminars, and workshops for financial and insurance services. Personal Interests Reading Biographies and Sales Training Books, Exercising, Improving Computer Literacy, Basketball, Travel, Church Volunteerism, Adult Bible Study Groups, Spending Time with 12-Year-Old Son and 9-Year-Old Daughter, Fellowship. Greatest Accomplishments Seeking and finding the Truth that is Jesus Christ Acknowledging my fallen nature and self-inferiority Leading others to Christ and fostering their godly growth Baptizing my own son at 6 years of age upon his request Baptizing a 23-year-old friend and co-worker upon his request Completing a missions trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2003 and loving it Committing to attend weekly worship services at Mt. Ridge Baptist Church Committing to lead weekly Bible study groups and lectures at MRBC, also Doing my best to enrich others’ lives as much as I can while managing my own shortcomings 33 33

34 Tourist Attractions & Safety Center
Lake Pleasant, AZ Tourist Attractions & Safety Center AOE Phase One AOE Phase Two AOE Phase Three Quintero Golf (2 courses) Retail Centers/Services Alpha-Omega Estates target land parcels for Phases 1, 2, and 3 between Lake Pleasant and the nearby Quintero Golf community in Peoria, Arizona as well as on the South side of Lake Pleasant along Carefree Highway & Lake Pleasant Pkwy Peoria, Arizona was voted one of the “Top 100” places to live by Money magazine in 2008. 34

35 “Everything from A to Z”
35 35

36 36

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