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- Introduction - Organization UvA & Faculty of Humanities - Duties and role BoS - Cases - Questions Eva Overman, Education and communication. Mail:

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1 - Introduction - Organization UvA & Faculty of Humanities - Duties and role BoS - Cases - Questions Eva Overman, Education and communication. Mail: Introduction Board of Studies 14 October 2011

2 Profile Faculty of Humanities The Faculty has strong links with cultural organisations in Amsterdam. Research carried out by the Faculty has a strong international profile. 7000 students About 1200 employees 27 BA and 49 MA programmes, divided over 6 departments

3 Organisation Puzzle How well do you know your University and Faculty?

4 Daily Board Dean Vice-dean and director Graduate School for Humanities Director College of Humanities Director of Business Conduct Student-member Board of Studies Executive Secretary

5 Organisation Univeristy of Amsterdam

6 2. Faculty - Daily Board Dean Vice-dean and director Graduate School for Humanities Director College of Humanities Head of operational management Studentmember Daily Board Executive secretary

7 Daily Board Faculty of Humanities Acting Dean prof. dr. Jan Willem van Henten Temporary director GSH prof. dr. Kees Hengeveld Director CoH prof. dr. Ieme van der Poel drs. Liduine Bremer Head operational management Student-member Anna Veltkamp, BA drs. Agaath Bronkhorst - Homminga Executive Secretary

8 Department of Art, Religion and Cultural Studies Department of History, Archaeology and Area Studies Department of Media Studies Department of Dutch Studies Department of Language and Literature Department of Philosophy Departments

9 De onderwijsdirecteuren Heads of Education dr. Hans van Rossum HAA ARCS dr. Arno Witte Mediastudies dr. Jaap Kooijman Dutch Studies dr. José Plug L&L dr. Ineke Vedder Philosophy dr. Jacques Bos

10 Structure Departments Board: department chair and Head of Education Staff Officer Educational Organisation (SOO in Dutch  programs, schedules, study guide) Study Advisor Programme Administration (onderwijsadministratie) Program teams (lecturers; advise head of education and coordinate admission/selection students) Board of Studies Examinations Board (exam regulation, fraud, exemption)

11 4. Faculty Representative Advisory Bodies Works Council (OR): chair: dr. Jonneke Bekkenkamp Students council (FSR): chair: Jaap Oosterwijk

12 OR and FSR Advise Dean on: Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) Budget Nomination board

13 5. Board of Studies Advise- and quality assurance body on level of programmes: lecturers and students Advises the Head of Education and the dean One BoS for every BA and subsequent MA programme. All dual and research MA’s have their own BoS

14 Duties BoS Advise about the quality of education Experts on education of your programme Discussion partner head of education

15 Structure and appointment BoS All members are appointed and discharged by the dean of the faculty The number of lectureres and students (with right to vote) is proportional A minimum of 4 members, maximum 8 Chair and vice-chair Lecturer members appointed for 2 years, student-members for 1 year

16 BoS Duties according to the law on higher education Art. 9.18 Board of Studies 1.Each programme establishes a BoS. The duties of a committee are: a.To comment on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) as meant in art. 7.13 b. To judge the manner of implementation of the OER c. If necessary, or on own accord, to advise the head of education as meant in first paragraph, and the dean about all matters concerning education of the programme in question.

17 Standing Orders (Huishoudelijk Reglement) The text that is highlighted can be changed The BoS determines when the standing orders take effect Mail standing orders to Publication on

18 Duties according to Standing Orders art. 6 1.The BS issues the dean with an annual recommendation regarding the Teaching and Examination Regulations. 2.The BS conducts an annual review of the implementation of the Teaching and Examination Regulations. 3.The BS offers solicited and unsolicited advice on all matters relating to educational components of the study programme. 4.The BS advises and assists the director of the College or the Graduate School on the coordination of the study programmes and on policy development within the College and the Graduate School. 5.The BS monitors the quality of matriculated students and diploma recipients. 6.The BS monitors the quality of student counselling. 7.The BS monitors coordination between the Bachelor’s programmes and the designated follow-up Master’s programmes. 8.The BS advises on the course catalogue. 9.The BS advises on the test schedules.

19 BoS Recommendations/advises Always put them in writing, even if the BoS gives a positive advise without comment Be specific, clear and give arguments. Unsolicited recommendations are possible Terms When a BoS recommendation is not accepted, it should be supported with arguments.

20 Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) Contains the most important rules and regulations Consists of a general part (rules of faculty) and a course specific supplement (study programme, rules for admission/end terms etc.) 17 November: OER 2012-2013 15 December: Course specific supplements to FSR and OR: before that time imput BoS via Head of Education BoS recommendations via head of education to the dean

21 Course catalogue Digital guide providing general information about programmes and course descriptions Advise on clarity and completeness of information offered, and if last years advises have been conducted March

22 Course manual Specific information about course objectives, literature, tests The BoS advises on the completeness and clarity of information about restrictions (?) of participationand feedback June

23 Course evaluations The head of education is responsible for course evalutions The BoS advises the head of education about education taking into account the results of course evalutions The BoS can advise the dean to evaluate certain courses September/Oktober and March/April

24 Cases Look at the 5 cases Discuss how and when you advise about each case: -At the moment when the OER takes effect -Before the OER, course catalogue or course manual? -Point of evaluation -Own initiative?

25 Visitation External assessment of the programme and landelijke vergelijking? Criteria: beoogde eindkwalificaties (?) programme opbouw? Gerealiseerde eindkwalificaties (?) Linked to accreditation (quality mark) BoS is discussion partner of the visitation committee

26 Study success Starting September 2012 1.Information/Intake and Introduction 2. Reinforced and continued counseling 3. Program frame-work 4. Transfer regeling(?) and compensational testing (?)

27 Services for BoS Pigeonhole at department Secretary BoS manual BoS mailing-list Grant

28 BoS Grant UvA Apply for grant at the end of your EC membership 1 year stands for 2 months of student support For application a declaration of membership is needed. You’ll receive this at the end of your year.

29 Faculty BoS Meetings 3 times a year Organised by Education and communication Goal: -Exchange of experience -Discussion of current educational issues with the Dean, FSR and other BoS members. -Discussion agenda: linkedin group BoS Next: 16 November 2011, 13:00-15:00.Bungehuis, room 1.0. First issue: explanation BoS manual

30 More Information BoS manual, and follow us on linkedin and facebook (from november onwards) Dive into the archive of your BoS (minutes, advises etc.) Ask for the most recent self study/visitation report

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