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The Royal Fidelity Multi Employer Pension Plan

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1 The Royal Fidelity Multi Employer Pension Plan

2 Who We are + Key Facts: 50/50 Joint Venture between Fidelity and RBC completed in Dec, 07 Operations in the Bahamas (since 1997) and Barbados (Dec, 07) Comprehensive range of domestic and international investment banking and wealth management services Manage and administer in excess of US$1.3 Billion in assets Use local intelligence and a global perspective to provide innovative, objective and well rounded solutions Active and well respected participant in the communities we serve Trusted advisers in Barbados market for more than 30 years through RBC Investment & Trust division

3 Key Services Corporate Finance Investment Management Pension Administration Trading & Brokerage Services Mutual Fund Administration Trusts & Estate Planning

4 Our Multi Employer Plan
Registered last November just ahead of the passing of the Occupational Pension Benefits Act Been in existence in the Bahamas for 8 years Six Thousand Lives and nearly 100 Companies Incredibly simple structure that solves many of the problems now present with the new Act Online Access Administration Provided through Penad system

5 How the Plan Works Company A Company
B Participation Agreements allow for different rules for each participant Varying contributions Varying vesting periods One Plan so ones set of fees One registration One Audit ROYAL FIDELITY MULTI EMPLOYER PENSION PLAN Company C One set of rules Unless participation agreement has a different set of rules Company Z Individuals

6 Key Features Eligibility – Both Individuals & Companies Portability Feature Flexible Investment Options Administrative Solutions Fees, Costs and Time

Retirement Career Start Job 1 Job 2 Job 3 Upon termination/resignation from Employer, Plan Participants can opt to change status to Individual member or transfer investments into a Royal Fidelity Personal Pension Plan Account

The Plan allows Participants to choose one or a combination of the following funds for investment of the employee, employer and voluntary contributions. These funds have proven track records and are managed by our professional investment managers: Portfolios options: Royal Fidelity Select Balanced Plan Royal Fidelity Premium Income Fund Royal Fidelity Strategic Growth Fund

9 SELECT BALANCED FUND Period 9.44% 10.02% 3.44% Rate of Return 1 Year
3 month 10.02% *5 Years CAGR 3.44%

10 PREMIUM INCOME FUND Period 4.63% 0.6% 6.68% Rate of Return 1 Year
3 Months 0.6% Inception 6.68%

11 STRATEGIC GROWTH FUND Period -3.73% -0.42% -5.33% Rate of Return
1 Year -3.73% 3 Months -0.42% Inception -5.33%

12 Risk vs. Return

13 Administrative Solutions
Comprehensive Recordkeeping Support and Reporting Quarterly Member Statements Efficient Benefit Payments to Plan Participants Expert Plan Consulting services, including plan reviews and compliance services State of the Art Technology – Online Capabilities Extensive Education & Communication Program

14 Consultation through Implementation
Review of current benefit structure & investment make-up Assess the needs of both employer & employees Discuss important considerations: Eligibility requirements Contribution levels Vesting schedule Loan/Withdrawals availability etc Conducting onsite meetings with employees to introduce plan, explain features and complete enrollment forms Customizing the Plan features to meet special requirements

15 Fees No Set Up Fees Annual administrative fee of 1% of the net asset value of the plan Trustee Fees 0% per annum Custodian Fees 0% per annum Investment Management Fees: 0% per annum

16 Questions and Answers Thank You!

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