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© Fairtrade 2010 WORKSHOP 2 From « hopper » to Fairtrade loyal shopper Ingrid Bottelberghs, Christine Englebert.

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1 © Fairtrade 2010 WORKSHOP 2 From « hopper » to Fairtrade loyal shopper Ingrid Bottelberghs, Christine Englebert

2 © Fairtrade 2010 Part 1: key learnings market research TNS Dimarso And GFK 2011 by Ingrid & Christine 1.Awareness 2.Purchase behaviour 3.Fairtrade engagement 4.What are our main target groups? Part 2: Forward to basics – trends in Fairtrade by Herman Konings

3 © Fairtrade 2010 Presentatie Alpro Eerste strategische reflectie Fairtrade Max Havelaar & Alpro 1 Awareness © Fairtrade 2010 1 Awareness

4 © Fairtrade 2010 Awareness 84% gives a correct meaning towards Fair Trade. They associate Fair Trade mostly with an honest price. Wat verstaat u onder eerlijke handel / Fairtrade? Niet correcte invulling Artisanaal\ambachtelijk5 Biologische producten\ gezond3 Duurdere producten2 Wereldhandel\uit land van herkomst2 8 © 2012 TNS

5 © Fairtrade 2010 The general awareness of Fair trade organisations stays stable: around 70%. The spontaneous awareness of Max Havelaar is increasing from 56 to 63 %. Welke dergelijke organisaties of keurmerken kent u? (spontaan) % op basis: Allen Significante verschillen t.o.v. 2010 10 Awareness

6 © Fairtrade 2010 The aided awareness of Fairtrade Max Havelaar remains at the same level. More respondents recognise the logo and are familiar with the name. Kent u Fairtrade Max Havelaar, al was het maar van naam ? Kent u dit logo? 12 © 2012 TNS Awareness

7 © Fairtrade 2010 Especialy in Brussels the awareness of Max Havelaar is growing spectaculary. In the Walloon part of Belgium we stay stable but we still stay behind of Flanders. Kent u Fairtrade Max Havelaar, al was het maar van naam? REGIOTAAL 13 © 2012 TNS Awareness

8 © Fairtrade 2010 Bekendheid The higher the social class, the higher is the awareness of Max Havelaar. Max Havelaar is the best known within the age of 35+ and 55+. Kent u Fairtrade Max Havelaar, al was het maar van naam? SOCIALE KLASSELEEFTIJD 14 © 2012 TNS Awareness

9 © Fairtrade 2010 Knowledge 2/3 of the respondents that knows Max Havelaar, mention the economical guarantee of a fair price. 1/5 also mension social aspects such as fair treatment and no exploitation. Welke garanties biedt volgens u het keurmerk Fairtrade Max Havelaar aan ? 19 © 2012 TNS

10 © Fairtrade 2010 7/10 has trust in the label Max Havelaar as a label that gives guarantee for a stable income for smaller producers in the South. This is a bit increased in comparison with 2010. In welke mate heeft u vertrouwen in het label Fairtrade Max Havelaar als garantie van een stabiel inkomen voor kleinere producenten uit het Zuiden waardoor ze zich verder kunnen ontwikkelen? Geen vertrouwen Vertrouwen Geen vertrouwen Vertrouwen 20 Trustworthy

11 © Fairtrade 2010 2 Purchase behaviour

12 © Fairtrade 2010 Fairtrade has managed to grow fiercely in a difficult econonomical environment. More households are buying more fairtrade products! Evolution Fairtrade 2011

13 © Fairtrade 2010 FT coffee is flat ; price is declining but penetration Is quite flat too. FT banana’s are the best in class! A drop in price but a much higher volume HH’s are buying more at a lower price Sugar is performing well with more HH’s buying more FT sugar Evolution Fairtrade 2011

14 © Fairtrade 2010 4 consecutive periods of growth! Has coffee reached his limits in retail with the current range? Banana’s and sugar are still attracting more HH’s Less buying HH’s (but more volume!) Which product is attracting buyers

15 © Fairtrade 2010 78% (97) 51% (89) 44% (89) Where bananas are bought especially without other FT products, Coffee and chocolat are mixed with other FT products in 1 out of 2 cases. HH’s are mixing more between Fairtrade products Importance of cross selling

16 © Fairtrade 2010 An interesting fact for retailers is the added value that Fairtrade buyers offer versus the conventional FMCG-buyers. Value per buyer

17 © Fairtrade 2010 Purchase behaviour More than 50% of the consumers want a larger offer of Fairtrade products in their shop. Wenst u een ruimer aanbod van Fairtrade producten te hebben in de supermarkt waar u het vaakst uw boodschappen doet ?

18 © Fairtrade 2010 Purchase behaviour Especially Fairtrade bananas, fresh fruit, rice, organge juice are on the wishing list. Welke Fairtrade producten zou u graag zien in de supermarkt waar u het vaakst uw boodschappen doet ?

19 © Fairtrade 2010 Fairtrade engagement 3 3 Fairtrade engagement

20 © Fairtrade 2010 Fairtrade engagement 2006 > 2011 Quality products General respect for the planet (environment & people sustainibility) Guilt Solidarity with the South One direction Fairtrade = Van het Noord naar het Zuiden Fairtrade = cooperation between N & S. Fairtrade is the binding element from N to S and from S to N Fairtrade 2011

21 © Fairtrade 2010 WHAT? Especially: food Coffee, tea, wine, juices Bananas Chocolate/nuts Sugar/honey Rice Also: gifts Less: clothes WAAR? Mostly: Delhaize, Colruyt, Carrefout Also: Oxfam wereldwinkels WHEN? Mostlly: during the regular weekly shopping Also: for special occasions, party, reception,… Less: specific shopping for 1 product f.ex. in a specialised shop Purchase behaviour Fairtrade engagement

22 © Fairtrade 2010 A brand + Fairtrade Max Havelaar + offers more credibility to the ‘honest’ character of the brand/product + A-brand that is engaged in Fair Trade and have a ‘fair’ image on its own, clearly gain more credibility from the consumers.

23 © Fairtrade 2010 Fairtrade engagement Quality: A natural, pure, healthy and good tasting product Sustainable, with respect for our earth and its natural sources Taking care of our future generations Contribution On economical, ecological and social terms Discover new things, buy something special/different New tastes, new smells, … Not everyday food such as purple rice, blue crisps,.. A product with an added value, with a story to tell MOTIVATIONS

24 © Fairtrade 2010 Price: 23 % Accessibility: 22% Need for bigger offer of Fairtrade products at the supermarket Visibility at the point of sales: 20% The Fairtrade range does not ‘stand out in the crowd’. Many consumers don’t see the product. There is a need for more Fairtrade exposure (Fairtrade route in the supermarket, communication toolkit with floorstickers, wobblers, shelftalkers,…) Lack of information: 10% The added value of Fairtrade is often not sufficiently communicated. There is a need for more info about the effect of Fairtrade in a story telling way. I don’t know, I don’t think about it: 29% PITFALLS Engagement Fairtrade

25 © Fairtrade 2010 4 Target groups

26 © Fairtrade 2010 Growing importance for wealthy retired HH’s.DINK’s have gained share.

27 © Fairtrade 2010 Fairtrade buyers 3 Main Target Groups 1. Families with children +/- 30% primary: PRP, mostly female -Profile, higher income, 35+, they are convinced Fairtrade buyers because they are concerned about the future of their kids on this planet. They share a vision in life where values such as respect and responsibility are key. secundary: the kids - 80% of FMCG purchases are subscribed by kids - Kids as influencers and kids as future clients : ‘jong geleerd is oud gedaan’

28 © Fairtrade 2010 Fairtrade buyers 2. Young urbans, DINK’s +/- 9% -Cultural creatives -Social networking is part of their daily life (Facebook, Twitter,…). They can make or break a brand/a message,… Because of their word of mouth power they are important ambassadors for Fairtrade. 3. Mediors -55+, they have more time and more financial capacity. -Value seekers, often ‘young minds’ interested in ‘healthy enjoying’. - They are willing to invest in a better future for their kids and grandchildren.

29 © Fairtrade 2010 Value for money values for money Consumers conshumans Hopper loyal Fairtrade shopper

30 © Fairtrade 2010 Thanks for building together with us on these great results, the future is ours! And now Herman Konings take us ‘forward to basics’!

31 © Fairtrade 2010 Coffee break

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