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You will need your Belbin Reports for this session

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1 You will need your Belbin Reports for this session
Good Morning You will need your Belbin Reports for this session

2 Team Acceleration™ & Belbin Team Roles
Haas School of Business Evening & Weekend MBA Program Mid-Program Academic Retreat January 14th , 2012

3 Background Anton McBurnie
Anton brings to 3Circle Partners over 25 years of hands-on experience successfully growing, managing and turning around companies all over the world As a strong communicator and co-author of “The Third Circle – Interactions That Drive Results”, Anton leverages his deep personal experience and general management skills to the benefit of our clients. His previous positions include President of the Canadian affiliate of Estée Lauder Cosmetics, a Fortune 500 corporation; President of, an Internet start-up, and COO of Premier Salons International, a 1500 unit retail chain of beauty salons. He also held a number of general management roles for L'Oréal in Japan, Hong Kong, and France as well as for Procter & Gamble in the UK. Anton earned his MBA in International Business & Marketing from the London Business School and his BSc in Zoology & Psychology from the University of Exeter, England. Anton McBurnie San Francisco Bay Area, California (650)

4 Email
“Take Belbin to Work” Special Offer for all EWMBA students: Select a team in your workplace (maximum 10 people) Free Individual Belbin Profile for each member Complimentary 1.5hr session to take team through profiles and Team Map

5 An Integrated Approach….

6 The 3 Circles vs. Bias for Action
Strategy Strategic Thinking & Business Strategies? We want to WIN! Execution Implicit Assumption of Alignment on Goals Let’s get on with it! Interaction Opinions not Data Conflict avoidance - Voting Assumptions not verified Compliance not Commitment

7 What are the Problems ? Participation Rates – example based on actual data

8 What are the Problems ? 43 - Team Consensus - Boss Decides A TEAM’S PERFORMANCE IS MEASURED BY THE QUALITY OF THE DECISIONS IT MAKES

9 Accelerate Performance
Team Evolution performance Accelerate Performance PERFORMING Tolerance & respect within team Embrace & productive use of conflict Principle-based, with flexibility Maximum effectiveness FORMING Politeness Uncertainty about others Cover up weaknesses Lack of shared understanding NORMING Task-focused Conflicts getting resolved Systems, rules & procedures Feedback occurs time STORMING Frustration Open conflict, but unresolved Team becomes inward-looking Actual self-images begin to emerge Tuckman’s Stage Model

10 The Critical Elements DECISIONS 1 on 1 1 on Some 1 on All In addition to EXPERIENCE & DATA, Rapid, Quality Decisions require: The right BALANCE of people An effective PROCESS The appropriate INTERACTION from the people involved 1 2 3

11 Objectives Better, Faster Decision-Making Through Collaboration
Use your personal Team Role Portfolio to understand and play to your strengths Use the Team Map to optimize the contribution of ALL members of the team

12 1. Belbin Team Role Profiles What do you bring to the team?

13 High Performance Teams & Team Roles
The formation of effective teams is more by good fortune than good judgment….it doesn’t have to be that way! Rapid, high quality team performance is not an accident. It requires discipline & effective interaction skills: Balanced, diverse team Effective process Relevant experience Team Role Profiles – a scientifically proven, rapid way to predict team effectiveness: Design effective teams Diagnose existing teams

14 Belbin Team Roles Dr. Meredith Belbin from Cambridge University discovered over 20 years of research into team effectiveness: The skill or individual excellence of the team members was not a predictor of a team’s results. It was the way that the individual members behaved that contributed to or detracted from the team’s effectiveness. He identified nine predictable behavior patterns or “team roles.” He demonstrated that with a careful balance of technical skills and the optimal behavior patterns, we can select teams with a higher degree of predictable success.

15 Predicting Team Performance
A typical example of Belbin’s ability to predict the order of finish of teams in the Henley Management Simulations. The red x's on the graph represent the different teams participating in the simulation. Red x’s on the diagonal line represent where Belbin's predictions and the team's performance matched exactly. Predicted Actual 5 4 3 2 1 X Predicted Order of Finish Actual Order of Finish 1 2 3 4 5

16 BelbinTeam Roles What is a Team Role? A tendency to behave, contribute, and interrelate with others in a particular way when working in a team (Vs. A Functional Role which refers to the job demands that a person has been engaged to meet by supplying the requisite technical skills and operational knowledge) Nine Roles Identified The team roles for most people fall into three categories: Natural or Preferred roles Manageable roles they can assume Least Preferred roles As individuals differ greatly in personality & behavior so too will their team role profiles vary.

17 Factors Determining Individual Behavior in a Team
Observed behavior can be misleading – Beware first impressions! Tendency to over-rate Extroverts & under-rate Introverts Instability between the factors can create inner-conflict, Team Roles unclear – conflict needs to be consciously resolved Absence of conflicting factors leads to simple, uncomplicated behavior – Team Roles easy to see 6. Role Learning 1. Personality Set of Observable Behaviors 5. Experience 2. Mental Abilities 4. Environment & Constraints 3. Current Values & Motivations

18 The Complexity of Team Interaction
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 ? ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 ?? ? ?? ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6

19 Team Role Contribution
The Nine Team Roles Creative, Original, Unorthodox Solves difficult problems Objective, Strategic, Discerning Judges all options Deep Knowledge, Single-minded, Self-starting Team Role Contribution Absent-minded Ignores details Uninspiring, Critical Limited contribution Abrasive, Insensitive Easily provoked Inflexible Reluctant to change Worrier, Nit-Picks Reluctant to delegate Indecisive, Avoids Conflict Over-optimistic Easily Bored Manipulative Over-delegates Allowable Weakness Thinking PL Plant ME Monitor Evaluator SP Specialist Action SH Shaper IMP Implementer CF Completer Finisher Hard Driving, Influencer, Dynamic Challenges, Puts on the Pressure Organizing, Disciplined, Reliable Turns ideas into practical actions Meticulous, Conscientious, On time Searches out errors and omissions People TW Team Worker RI Resource Investigator CO Coordinator Diplomatic, Cooperative, Perceptive Listens, Averts friction Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Networker Recognizes Opportunities Motivator, Orchestrator, Facilitator Clarifies goals & decision-making.

20 Team Roles Key Concepts – Individual
Be aware of and manage your Allowable Weaknesses: This is the price to be paid for being good in your preferred roles, e.g., a strong Shaper is going to hurt some peoples feelings as they forge ahead Ensure that Allowable Weakness does not become “Disallowable”: Lose a Plant’s attention during a meeting because they are dreaming up a creative solution = OK Plant forgets to come to meeting because they are thinking about something else = NOT OK! Focus on what you do best: Understand and excel in your natural, preferred roles & manage, rather than struggle to be good at your least-preferred roles

21 Individual Belbin Profiles

22 Assessment Results in Rank Order
What are my Top Roles ? In the example above the Observers see the candidate (David) as making a very strong Coordinator or Resource Investigator contribution. The overall rank order on the bottom line is the weighted addition of the Self-Perception rank order and the total of the Observers’ rank order. (Note: Observers names can be shown or remain anonymous: Observer 1, 2 etc.)

23 Pie Charts Self-Perception vs Observers
Am I coherent ? In this example, many of David's perceived roles are in general accord with the perceptions of others. However, there are disconnects in the RI and SH roles, shown by large differences between self perception and observer scores at the bottom. Differences of 8 or more

24 Self-Perception Team Role Profile
In this example, the candidate (David) would PREFER to play the roles of Team Worker (TW), Resource Investigator (RI), Coordinator (CO) or Plant (PL), Can MANAGE the roles of Monitor Evaluator (ME) and Specialist (SP) and LEAST PREFERS the roles of Shaper (SH), Implementer (IMP) and Completer Finisher (CF).

25 Bar Graph of Observer Words
Are these weaknesses allowable ? In the example above David's most prominent role, as seen by others is COORDINATOR (CO). The role at the bottom of the graph, SPECIALIST (SP), is David's weakest role as perceived by others.

26 Counseling Report Generated by the Belbin software – this report is based on the top two and bottom team roles from Overall Ranking line of the first report: Assessment Results in Rank Order It offers advice on adopting a management style which fits in with the individual’s team role strengths and weaknesses: It also makes an interactive comparison of the top role from David's Self-Perception Inventory compared to where this is seen by the Observers.

27 List of Observer Responses
This list shows at the top David’s main strengths, e.g. broad in outlook, diplomatic, calm & confident. David should try to work with people who will cover what he lacks and who will most appreciate his strengths. Most appreciated behavioral characteristics. Maximum score = No. of Observers x 2 A score of 0 means no Observers felt these behaviors were descriptive

28 END of PART 1

29 Next Steps In next few days you will receive an with these overheads A pdf version of the Belbin Workbook: Pt 1: Adjusting to the reality of you - Improving your Belbin coherence Pt 2: Improving Strengths & Managing Weaknesses Belbin Word Analysis spreadsheet for questions on your individual profile

BELBIN WORDS ANALYSIS THINKING ACTION PEOPLE PLANT SHAPER COORDINATOR Clever 6 Forgetful 2 Challenging 1 Aggressive Broad in outlook Empire-building Creative 4 Unorthodox Competitive Impatient Calm and confident 7 Laid back Imaginative Up-in-the-clouds Hard-driving Provocative Conscious of priorities Manipulative Innovative 3 Outspoken Consultative 8 Original Tough Encouraging of others 17 32 MONITOR EVALUATOR IMPLEMENTER TEAM WORKER Analytical Critical Disciplined Inflexible Adaptable 5 Fearful of conflict Impartial Skeptical Efficient Resistant to change Caring Indecisive Logical Slow-moving Loyal Unadventurous Co-Operative Over-sensitive Realistic Practical Diplomatic Shrewd Well-organized Observant 12 10 26 SPECIALIST COMPLETER FINISHER RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR Knowledgeable Insular Accurate Frightened of failure Enterprising Easily bored Prof. dedicated Not Interested in others Conscientious Fussy Inquisitive Erratic Self-reliant Territorial Good at follow through Reluctant to delegate Opportunistic Impulsive Single-minded Perfectionist Outgoing Technically skillful Persistent Persuasive 9 19 Colour codes: Need to address Use others Good progress since last Belbin

31 Globe & Mail Belbin Study on US Election

32 President Obama’s Results

33 The Path of Change Change at the team level typically takes hold more rapidly and lasts longer – this is Team-Focused Change Self-Awareness Self- Management Self-Mastery Awareness of Others Team Awareness & Effectiveness Organization Awareness & Change Successful change must begin at the individual level, but as anyone who tries to change a habit knows - while it may be simple, it is certainly not easy to sustain Initiatives “imposed” on the organization have a very reduced success rate

34 2. Belbin Team Mapping Is Everyone Optimizing Their Contribution?

35 Creating Awareness throughout the Organization
Self-Awareness Self- Management Self-Mastery 2. Team Maps & Pairs Analysis Awareness of Others Team Awareness & Effectiveness 1. Individual Team Role Reports Organization Awareness & Change 3. Culture Analysis

36 Team Roles in Decision Process

37 Team Roles Key Concepts – Team
Diversity is essential - Need all 9 roles to be most effective long-term Diversity is a key predictor of actual results, it provides a framework for constructive conflict Does NOT mean a team needs 9 people (4-7 is best) Each role should be represented (who plays each role may evolve & change over time) Some roles will be more or less important at a given time or for certain tasks

38 Team Roles Key Concepts – Team
Understand the impact of surplus and voids: Too many Plants – all brainstorming, no action No Plants – no innovation Too many Monitor Evaluators – analysis paralysis No Monitor Evaluators – wasted time on poor ideas Too many Shapers – CONFLICT & !!***#%!!/ No Shapers – no sense of urgency to get things done

39 Surplus of Plants *Surplus of PL TIME Deadline ME IM PL* SH RI CF SP

40 Surplus of Monitor Evaluators

41 Team Roles Key Concepts – Team
BEWARE OF LABELLING PEOPLE: Everyone has 3 to 6 roles they prefer or are comfortable with They may prefer or need to use different roles in different circumstances

42 Team Mapping Exercise – 20mins
Use 1st report: ASSESSMENT RESULTS IN RANK ORDER SURPLUS >50% have in Top 3 roles VOID no-one has in Top 3 roles NATURAL BIAS count no. of Top 3 roles in Thinking/Action/ People categories ACTION PLAN what will you do differently in the next round? PL ME SP SH CF IMP CO TW RI Susan Denise Mike John Beth Tim Raj 1 3 2 8 9 7 7 8 9 1 2 3 Thinking Action People

43 Team Map – REVIEW example
Team Role Team Member A B C D E Thinking Roles PL - Plant ME Monitor Evaluator SP - Specialist Action Roles SH - Shaper CF - Completer Finisher IMP - Implementer People Roles CO - Coordinator TW - Team Worker RI - Resource Investigator

44 Team Map – REVIEW example
Team Role Team Member A B C D E Thinking Roles PL - Plant 9 3 ME Monitor Evaluator 1 7 SP - Specialist 8 Action Roles SH - Shaper 2 CF - Completer Finisher IMP - Implementer People Roles CO - Coordinator TW - Team Worker RI - Resource Investigator

45 Team Map – REVIEW example
Team Role Team Member A B C D E Thinking Roles PL - Plant ME Monitor Evaluator SP - Specialist Action Roles SH - Shaper CF - Completer Finisher IMP - Implementer People Roles CO - Coordinator TW - Team Worker RI - Resource Investigator

46 Tools,Takeaways and downloads

47 Email
“Take Belbin to Work” Special Offer for all EWMBA students: Select a team in your workplace (maximum 10 people) Free Individual Belbin Profile for each member Complimentary 1.5hr session to take team through profiles and Team Map




51 Belbin Team Mapping template


53 Any questions on Team Acceleration or the Belbin Team Role Profiles?
THANK YOU! Any questions on Team Acceleration or the Belbin Team Role Profiles? please

54 Information These training materials, procedures and systems herein contained or depicted are the sole and exclusive property of 3Circle Partners, L.L.C.. (“3Circle Partners”). The contents hereof contain proprietary trade secrets that are the private and confidential property of 3Circle Partners. Unauthorized use, disclosure, or reproduction of any kind of any material contained in this presentation is expressly prohibited. The contents hereof are to be returned immediately upon termination of any relationship or agreement giving user authorization to possess or use such information or materials. Any unauthorized or illegal use shall subject the user to all remedies, both legal and equitable, available to 3Circle Partners. This material may be altered, amended or supplemented by 3Circle Partners from time to time. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between a provision in this material and any federal, provincial, state or local statute, regulation, order or other law, such law will supersede the conflicting or inconsistent provision(s) of this material in all properties subject to that law. © 2002 by 3Circle Partners, Inc. Portions of this material are © Belbin & Associates. Used here with permission. All Rights Reserved.

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