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OCD and The Exercise Solution Instruction Guide

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1 OCD and The Exercise Solution Instruction Guide

2 Paul L. Barr Diagnosed 13 years ago with OCD and Clinical Depression
Certified Personal Trainer Founder of Never Give Up Fitness, Inc Website: Facebook: Never Give Up Fitness - Exercise is Power Marathon Runner

3 The Exercise Solution Components
Nutrition Journal

4 General Exercise Guidelines
Get doctor’s ok before starting an exercise program Always stay hydrated while exercising 1 day per week must be a rest day NO EXERCISE allowed on rest day Always Listen to your body!!!

5 Exercise Workout Components
Warm up = minutes Exercise workout: Aerobic or RT or both Cool down = 5 minutes Stretch = 5 minutes Must be done in exact order Can prevent serious injury

6 Aerobic Guidelines Common Exercises: Running and Biking Start slowly:
3 times a week 30 minutes each session Continue for 3 months After 3 months feel free to challenge yourself Can combine with Resistance Training Follow exercise workout components

7 Resistance Training Guidelines
Common Exercises: Free Weights and TRX Suspension Trainer Start Slowly: Full body workout: Start with large muscle groups and end with small Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps and Abdominals 1 set of repetitions per exercise 30 seconds of rest between each set Continue for 3 months After 3 months feel free to challenge yourself Can combine with aerobic exercise Follow exercise workout guidelines

8 Journal Keep track of progress Releases thoughts from your brain
Write at least once a day Write whatever you feel No wrong way to write in a journal

9 Nutrition Eat more meals and smaller portions
All vitamins and minerals the body needs comes from food No need for supplements Drink plenty of water throughout the day Focus on the six food groups Fruits Meats Dairy Grain Vegetable Nuts

10 Resources Tormenting Thoughts and Secret Rituals:The Hidden Epidemic of Obsessive-Compu​lsive Disorder by Ian Osborn Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compu​lsive Behavior by Jeffrey Schwartz

11 OCD and The Exercise Solution Training Workshop
One-Day Workshop in Exercise Therapy for the control of OCD A Training Course for OCD Patients and Mental Health Professionals Never Give Up Fitness, Inc., Founder, Paul L. Barr, a Certified Personal Trainer will offer an intensive 1-day training workshop in the use of Exercise Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This workshop is open to current OCD Patients and licensed mental health professionals and those working under a license.

12 Workshop Components This 1 day workshop will...
Introduce participants to the Exercise Solution Toolbox Provide instruction in the basic techniques of exercise to treat OCD in adults, adolescents and children Provide guidelines for how and when to modify exercise techniques to tailor the therapy to the individual. Allow participants to practice the techniques of exercise under expert guidance To talk about how nutrition plays a role in helping OCD To talk about the importance of journalizing in the treatment of OCD. Provide detailed exercise, nutrition and journal protocols and support materials used in exercise therapy.

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