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WELCOME! Pasadena Villa – Orlando

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1 WELCOME! Pasadena Villa – Orlando
Pasadena Villa – Smoky Mountain Lodge Transitional Living/Learning Center Administrative Offices WELCOME!

2 Company Vision: Treating all clients with dignity and compassion
Social Integration Model The program at Pasadena Villa revolves around a comprehensive plan of education, support and therapy. All residents have a primary therapist who coordinates a myriad of individuals and group activities; assisting clients in making real gains toward independent living. Structured and supervised social activities and traditional psychotherapy, form the core interventions Every activity must be looked at as an opportunity to provide therapeutic services that increase social functioning

3 Customer Service through Social Integration
Opportunities include: clean and organized personal and group living areas, good personal hygiene, proper meal time behavior, staff eating with residents, basic socialization skills, staff modeling for residents, social contracts and schedules, conflicts and conflict resolution.

4 Governing Board David Nissen, MBA- Managing Director
George Kachmarik, LMHC- Clinical Director Valerie & Mike Williams, Facilities Director

At Renaissance Healthcare Group, our professional staff members are the most important resource in our care and service commitment to our clients/residents. By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize professional talents to the benefit of each individual and the company as a whole. Pasadena Villa Network of Services fosters an environment where professional excellence is valued, quality of healthcare is enhanced, individual needs are anticipated and the Pasadena Villa experience is strengthened.

6 Renaissance Healthcare group organizational chart
Pasadena Villa, L-II RTF, #8591—Pasadena Villa Lake Highland, L-IV, #8635—Pasadena Villa Summerlin, L-IV, # 8634 Smoky Mountain Lodge, L Governing Board Kachmarik-Nissen– Williams Administrator Corporate Administrative Services Culinary Manager Clinical Services Manager Facilities & Fleet Manager Culinary Staff Therapist & Interns Recreational & Expressive Therapists Nursing Staff Medical Staff RCC’s & Direct Care Staff Housekeeping Staff

7 Company Products/Services

8 Who We Treat Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Bipolar with Psychosis
Anxiety Disorders Asperger’s Syndrome Co-occurring substance abuse and addiction

9 Referrals: Where Residents come from
Hospitals Other facilities Internet Education Consultants Mental Health Professional

10 Telephone Protocol Telephone protocols and courtesy
RingCentral and Admissions Taking a message/ ing messages

11 Pasadena Villa Network of Services Customer Service Standards
Our promise: Always make our clients/residents feel welcome Always provide a room that is clean, fresh and organized Always respond promptly to any need that our clients/residents might have Always give our clients/residents the service you would like to have Always treat our clients/residents the way you would like to be treated Always make sure our clients/residents feel they made the right choice by choosing our program

12 Policy & Procedures Critical Policy Review: Policy & Procedures Manual
Reporting abuse or neglect to Clinical Team Complaints and grievances to Clinical Team Incident reporting Staff/Resident Boundaries Policy & Procedures Manual

13 HIPAA Compliance Overview Access to Best Notes
User names Notice of Privacy Practices Limits on Use of Protected Health Information Confidential Communications: , Computers, Phone calls, Written releases

14 Resident Rights Complaints and Grievance: How and where to address
Resident Rights and Responsibility review/posting (glass case)

15 Resident Management Emergency Medical Procedures
Management of Aggressive Behavior Verbal de-escalation Avoid power struggles Setting limits Calling for assistance Crisis Prevention and Intervention

16 Human Resource FAQ’s ADP online Pay periods and paydays
Scheduling, overtime, EZ Labor timekeeping/timesheets Expense Reports and reimbursement Job descriptions Performance evaluations Appropriate attire Smoking Policy Supervisor’s role

17 Benefits Health/dental/vision options Supplemental Insurance
Paid Time Off 401K Training and Development (CEUs)

18 Workers’ Compensation Injury Reporting
to open the First Report of Injury Allows for immediate physician referral and authorization of initial medical treatment Be prepared with: FACTS REGARDING THE INJURY. PERSONNEL INFORMATION: Social Security Number, Date of Hire, Date of Birth, etc. For all life threatening emergencies CALL 911 immediately before reporting your claim!

19 Employee Policies Company property
Vehicles, computers, credit cards, keys, etc. Communication Computer usage, cell phones, social networking Workplace violence Sexual harassment Disciplinary procedure Drug free workplace

20 Employee Resources Employee Handbook & Policy Manual
Employee Attestation Resident Rights/Resident Responsibilities Website: employee login Job Description Essential Learning Best Notes

21 Safety Policies, Information & Tour
Safety Manual & Policy Review Location of First Aid Kits Designated Smoking Areas (residents only) Fire alarm system (locations) Fire Extinguisher (locations) Evacuation procedures & fire drills Safe meeting point area Mechanical room - MSDS Inclement Weather: Weather Radio Company Vehicles

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