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Teh Intarw3bs Or becoming better informed users of the Internet.

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1 Teh Intarw3bs Or becoming better informed users of the Internet

2 Networks 146 BC - Greeks use torch signals 1830s - Electric telegraph 1870s - Telephone 1920s - AM radio 1930s - Television 1960s - FM radio 1970s - Computer networks

3 The Internet? A network of networks Companies, schools have their own networks , the World Wide Web, FTP are ways of sending info over the Internet



6 Why the Internet? Military: ARPANET 1969 First version of todays Internet in 1983

7 The WWW One of many services on the Internet A series of documents connected through links Started ~1990 Accessed through a web browser

8 HTML? Hypertext Markup Language Defines the structure of a web page This is a heading A sub-heading This is a paragraph!

9 How does the WWW work? I figure out the address of where the info I want is I make a request to the server The server sends back my info (A server is any computer that can send out data in response to a request)

10 Blue Scholars on MySpace Lets check out the Blue Scholars MySpace page Give me the Blue Scholars page! Ok here it goes: // Blue Scholars on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads MySpace.Ads = {};MySpace.Ads.Account = {"Type":"7"};MySpace.Ads.BandType = {"Genre1":"21","Genre2":"22","Genre3":"92","LabelType":""};MySpace.Header = {}; MySpace.Header.IsTrueGlobalHeaderEnabled = false; MySpace.Header.Navigation = {};MySpace.Header.Navigation.OnAfterRender = function(){}; MySpace.ProfileClientContext = {"ProfileType":7,"ProfileVersion":1,"PrivateToUser":false}; a.rdf#obrowsecaching":0,"msplpe="text/javascript">MySpace.Ads = {};MySpace.Ads.Account = {"Type":"7"};M/script>

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