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Josephine County Criminal Justice System

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1 Josephine County Criminal Justice System
A presentation for Grants Pass, Cave Junction & County residents : General Fund budget What service does a $2 million dollar budget provide? Services not provided to the City of Grants Pass by the Sheriff Office were intentionally omitted.

2 This presentation does not provide the solution(s)
This presentation does not provide the solution(s). We are presenting only facts to inform the public. These decisions are the responsibility of our Commissioners. We need LEADERS, Commissioners with the education, experience, and business sense to take us into the future ! Ask the Commissioner Candidates how they will provide adequate safety to our community ???

3 Criminal justice 2011: District Attorney filed 2,650 cases.
Sheriff Office responded to well over 15,000 calls for service. 4,521 total # of inmates lodged in our jail. Provided helpful service to over 600 juveniles. Jail remained 43% empty avg daily population for 2011 = 149 City 1,575 = 35% County 922 = 20% State 215 = 5% Feds 696 = 15% Parole 1,063 = 24% Other 50 = 1%

4 Our Message It is the “Criminal Justice System’s” responsibility to provide the best services possible in a professional, ethical, and fiscally responsible manner ! (and, to do the best we can with what we have)

5 or Deputy Community Corrections How the “System” works

6 X X or Deputy X Community Corrections

7 Who determines the level of safety within our Community?
Remember this question we will come back to it.

8 THE FACTS Sheriff Office:
Total number of employees from 98 to 40, or less. Jail = From 150 beds to 30. Patrol = From 21 deputies to 5. (one 8hr shift 5 days per week)

9 THE FACTS District Attorney:
Will lose 6 deputy DDAs leaving only 3 to prosecute cases. Limits D.A.’s ability to prosecute anything but the most serious crimes. Major cases are very expensive. At least 1,750 cases will not be prosecuted.

10 THE FACTS Juvenile Justice:
Close16 bed shelter and 14 bed detention facility; loss of 2 probation officers. 3 probation officers would manage all youth crime intake, diversion, court, and probation supervision. Limited to two rental detention beds in Jackson County Juvenile Facility.

11 THE FACTS Community Corrections: Local Court:
Loss of ability to hold probation/parole offenders due to lack of jail capacity. Loss of current State funding to the Jail. Local Court: May cut personnel and hours due to State deficit shortfall – creating an additional bottleneck in our system.

12 Grants Pass, Cave Junction, County residents:
Summarization Grants Pass, Cave Junction, County residents: Criminals will be cited on promise to appear in Court (not held in our jail). Civil paper process & subpoenas / Court security / SAR / CHL / Fingerprint service diminished, and walk-in or non-emergent report taking reduced. Fewer cases will be prosecuted by District Attorney. Loss of local juvenile facility. Remember that question I asked you to remember at the beginning of this presentation? Who is responsible for determining the level of safety within our community?

13 Who determines the level of safety within our County?
To end where we began Who determines the level of safety within our County? Probably based upon your tolerance level of criminal activity and ability to pay the extra burden.

14 Who determines the level of safety within our County?
To end where we began Who determines the level of safety within our County? You ! Probably based upon your tolerance level of criminal activity and ability to pay the extra burden.

15 Tax estimated at rate per $1,000.00
So, what will this cost? Examples of Levy Cost Tax estimated at rate per $1,000.00  Assessed value Year Month Day $100K Property Current ¢ Plus $1.99 Total $2.57 $ $199.00 Totals $257.00 $ 4.83 $16.58 $21.41 .16¢ .54¢ .70¢ $147K Property $ $292.53 Totals $377.79 $ 7.10 $24.38 $31.48 $ .23¢ $ .80¢ $ 1.03 $200K Property $2.57 $ $398.00 Totals $514.00 $ 9.67 $ 33.16 $ 42.83 $ .32ȼ $1.09 $ 1.41

16 Oregon law Mandates Sheriff Responsibilities
§ ¹ General duties of sheriff The sheriff is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace of the county. In the execution of the office of sheriff, it is the sheriff’s duty to: (1) Arrest and commit to prison all persons who break the peace, or attempt to break it, and all persons guilty of public offenses. (Patrol, Dispatch, Investigations, Records & Jail) (2) Defend the county against those who, by riot or otherwise, endanger the public peace or safety. (Patrol, Dispatch, Investigations, Records & Jail) (3) Execute the process and orders of the courts of justice or of judicial officers, when delivered to the sheriff for that purpose, according to law. (Patrol, Civil & Admin.) (4) Execute all warrants delivered to the sheriff for that purpose by other public officers, according to law. (Patrol, Civil, Dispatch, Records and Jail) (5) Attend, upon call, the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Oregon Tax Court, circuit court, justice court or county court held within the county, and to obey its lawful orders or directions. [Amended by 1985 c.339 §1] (Civil & Patrol) One page of many….there are many more responsibilities in ORS One of many pages

17 What have we accomplished? (Sheriff office perspective)
Since 2007, we have saved the citizens’ well over $11 Million Generate Revenue Reduce Spending Efficiency (allowing us to assume more work) Service or benefit The chart is available on our website to see details. Total Projects Completed Working On Hold 94 73 14 7

18 JAIL: 2012-2013 Total Beds: 262 in use now: 150 NOW
Only 72 hr. Federally approved Jail in Southern Oregon (allowing us to generate needed revenue) Received 99.6% on last State Inspection Adverse Impact of $2 million budget Diminished community safety (revolving door) Reduced federal beds (less revenue= more layoffs = closure & transport) Fewer services to inmates (lock down for safety) Eliminate work crews (cannot use high-risk inmates internally) Elevated liability risks Deputy safety issues Inmate safety issues NOW 48.85% empty 51.15% used ORS mandated service: Our “state-of-the-art” facility can accommodate 262 inmates if necessary; however, we have never realized the full use of our jail. The jail is a proven behavioral modifier, if used properly. We work closely with the District Attorney, Juvenile Justice, and Community Corrections towards that goal. Without additional funding to support the Sheriff Office our jail will realize a drastic reduction in service. This will adversely affect the cities of Grants Pass, and Cave Junction, as well as the State Police. To utilize a jail, it must be done safely. With current staffing, we can handle inmates. In the event we lose employees, deputies will be withdrawn from patrol to assume those positions – which creates a negative impact upon the patrol function. One only needs to review the recent law enforcement issue in Klamath Falls to see the overall impact within a community.

19 The Sheriff Office will lay-off 58 employees
The Sheriff Office will lay-off 58 employees. Leaving 40 to perform all mandated duties. The following presentation reflects the services provided to the City & County residents by the Sheriff’s Office.

20 2011 annual jail usage by agency


22 Jail Releases over 100 criminals
These are the criminals that will be released and the types of crimes committed: Rape 3rd degree Sodomy 3rd degree Fail to register as a sex offender Burglary, theft2nd and 3rd degree, identity theft Assault 4th degree, disorderly conduct, menacing Strangulation Stolen vehicles Forgery Criminal trespass Unlawful carrying a concealed weapon Felon in possession of a weapon Manufacturing of meth, possession of meth DUII Probation violations -OR- With the release of over 100 inmates these criminals will be back on the streets committing more crimes. We will only be able house the most violent offenders such as Murder, Aggravated murder, kidnapping, manslaughter, Rape I and II, Robbery I and II (means crimes with a deadly weapon), sexual abuse, unlawful sexual penetration, and arson.

23 Personnel are already leaving for jobs elsewhere
UPDATE: As of March 13, 2012: Personnel are already leaving for jobs elsewhere Two positions remain open – we anticipated the loss of revenue and chose not to fill them. Two employees recently resigned with a potential of four more pending. Causing us to reduce beds from 150 to 120, effective April 1, 2012. Jail beds will be reduced to 30, effective July 1, 2012 Fail to appear warrants, many misdemeanor arrests, probation violations, including assaults will not be held in our jail. Three patrol deputies resigned with a potential loss of two more pending.

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