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AGENDA My Pharma Career: Joan K. Snyder The Pharmaceutical Industry

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1 AGENDA My Pharma Career: Joan K. Snyder The Pharmaceutical Industry
Forest Laboratories Pharma Sales & Marketing Roles Advancement Tactics for Future Leaders

2 My Pharma Career 4 Years: Specialty Senior Sales Representative
2+ Years: Regional Account Executive 2+ Years: District Sales Manager 2+ Years: Senior Manager, Marketing Current: Associate Director, Training and Development B.S.B.A.: Marketing, University of Pittsburgh CBA, 2001 MBA: Management and Global Business Strategy, Rutgers University 2009 P.P.O.D.: Columbia University 2011

3 The Pharma Industry Greater than 5000 companies worldwide
The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, makes and sells medicines. Greater than 5000 companies worldwide Less than 100 companies account for over 90% of worldwide market 10,000 total FDA-approved drugs 70% of all office visits lead to prescriptions billion prescriptions/year

4 Corporate Overview Established in 1956
1977: Howard Solomon takes over as company CEO and remains as our current CEO 2010 revenues of $4.19 billion 5,000+ employees Founded in 1956, Forest Labs is a US-based pharmaceutical company focused on commercialization of products primarily for the US market. About 25 years ago the company began to take shape as a pharmaceutical company; originally focused on time-released generic formulations and then branded agents. So, as I said, we search the world for good science, looking for first-of-a kind products differentiated from others in the same class. Our strategy is not to look for that next blockbuster; our growth strategy is not based on blockbusters. We’re relatively small compared to Big Pharma companies like Pfizer, Novartis, and GlaxoSmithKline. Unlike them, we are comfortable and able to market a product with more modest sales potential. Our business model: we’re a licensee. We license promising new products from innovative companies worldwide at virtually every stage of development. Basic research is both risky and expensive, so our model allows us to take some of the risk away by focusing on those agents that we feel are most likely to be commercially viable. Other companies that need to support their in-house development often invest in costly R&D projects that may not produce successful candidate drugs. When a compound does offer a promising or unique contribution to the field of healthcare and people’s lives, we conduct rigorous and aggressive scientific development programs to bring those products to market. In fiscal 2010, FRX earned 89% of its revenues from four drugs: Lexapro®, Celexa®, Namenda® and Savella®.[3] The patents for both Lexapro and Namenda are set to expire in March 2012, and September, 2013 respectively JR#

5 Example of Sales entry level positions
Duties and Responsibilities Representatives are responsible for all sales activity within their individual territories. This includes (but is not limited to) sales calls to physicians, pharmacies, wholesales and any medical professional (or organization), which may influence promoted product sales. Requirements Candidates should possess 1-2 years medical and/or sales experience with proven track record. College degree is required. Candidates must be willing to relocate in order to live in their respective territories. Some overnight travel may be required. Typical Benefits: Our sales representatives are provided a company car, solid monthly salary, 401K, group insurance, expense account, incentive trips, and comprehensive training. Additionally, representatives may be eligible for quarterly bonus and commission & yearly stock options. As a Sales Representative, you will have the opportunity to regularly call on health care professionals within a specific geographic area. Day-to-day responsibilities consist of supporting the promotional efforts behind the company’s products, which includes organizing, tracking and distributing FDA regulated sample products. The incumbent will maintain a current and competent level of knowledge on the product line to be a reliable source of information to the health care professionals in the territory.

6 Example of Marketing entry level jobs
Duties and Responsibilities Creation of professional promotional materials and programs that align with brand strategy Management of KOL development and KOL led promotional medical education initiatives to support brand Management of promotional speaker bureau including developing all materials and training Participate in development and execution of annual marketing and tactical plans Communicate with internal departments, including regulatory, medical, compliance, legal and marketing operations Manage communication with field sales force and handle sales force requests Analyze and interpret prescription and market research data to identify market trends and competitor information This position is responsible for the planning and execution of marketing programs to achieve objectives. Responsibilities may include development and implementation of marketing and tactical plans, managing budgets and forecasts, and the development and execution of promotional initiatives.

7 Strategies for Career Advancement
Get Trained Through Experiences Gain Access to Power Make achievements Visible Blur Work-Life Boundaries Get Formal Training Plan Career Seek Advice When Needed Scan for Opportunity Outside the Company Scan for Opportunity Inside the Company Common wisdom about advancing in the workplace can be pretty straightforward: let your boss know you’re ready for that challenging assignment. Make your career ambitions and willingness to put in the requisite time and effort clear. Don’t just build a relationship with your boss; make sure to build one with your boss’ boss as well. Source: Catalyst “Myth of the Ideal Worker” Study; 2011

8 Self Promotion Marketing 5 P’s
Price – Your desired compensation Product – That’s you! Projects – It’s what you do Promotion – The way you promote yourself Position – What makes you unique and why it matters Tips for interviewing! 8

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