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From Intern to Investigator Case study/vignettes of layered leadership through evolving internship roles.

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1 From Intern to Investigator Case study/vignettes of layered leadership through evolving internship roles

2 Pathways to Success

3 What is the CMIE? CMIE = External: Research Center & Program Development leadership Internal: pre-professional teaching artist training & program development research (MIE Concentration & Guided Internship Program) Internally: Value placed on internship diversity, self-motivation, inquiry-based learning processes Matching of intern idea with community needs (internal: CMIE/New England Conservatory; external: schools, arts orgs, Consortium partners)

4 Past Context Research Center was separate; students doing research internships werent supported by course seminars or department Teaching artist internships more similar to performance outreach (less emphasis on sustainability at one site; portfolios recommended but not required) Student experience not buttressed by department policies for portfolio work, layered research with blended methods, etc.

5 When I was a guided intern… Documentation Specialist: Observed, collected data, and tested K-3 students at the Peabody School (Musical improvisation project) Teaching Artist: Design/implementation of an aural skills/music literacy curriculum (using fixed-do Solfege) for Boston Arts Academy Music Plus Music Integration: Introduced music integrative/teaching for transfer/LQCPR- type teaching and reflective practices to school systems in China while teaching English as a foreign language Blended Research: Evaluative Report on MIE portfolio methodology; scoring of portfolio work and designing framework for digital portfolio system

6 Transition to Development of Guided Internship Program Visions for conditions & design of program

7 CMIE Organizational Flow Chart

8 Guided Internships in Practice Many internships conditions mirror real world scenarios Student shops internship to community partners and may have to tailor ideas to fit partner needs/expectations/goals Trajectory may span 2-3 semesters Portfolio work submitted by semester or at project end Internships designed around action research/documentation regardless of type (teaching artist, program development, private lessons, etc.) Guided Interns practice/serve in at least two communities (internal & external)

9 Vignette #1: From MIE Documentation Specialist to CMIE Researcher Read Freds own vignette regarding this process: Seminar 4/Fred_DS-to-Researcher_Vignette.pdf Freds perseverance and natural impetus for inquiry led to him authoring and compiling an entire library of: Audio/video recordings Transcripts of teaching Double entry journals Reference articles This library was accessible online by his peers so the artifacts could be included and reflect upon in their own portfolios. Examples from Freds MIE/Solfege Blog

10 Vignette #2: Roles and Contexts for Guided Interns as Documentation Specialists Excerpt from a Guided Internship Proposal: I want to be a part of [the growth of the Atrium music program] and hope to bring my own perspective and ideas to the programs evolution. Specifically, I would hope to establish a more active level of observation and reflection on the program and its progress. By focusing my efforts on expanding methods of documentation, I would be able to produce more material for which we could evaluate the programs progress and effectiveness. Read Charless vignette: Seminar 4/Charles_EmergingDS_Intern_Vignette.doc

11 Vignette #3: Artist-Teacher-Scholar as an Agent of Change CMIE Focus School Guided Internship Fellowship Building an Music Plus Music Integration Essential Skills Curriculum K-6 Guided Internship Team guided by MIE faculty and Seminar Documentation Specialists Engaged in School Project Creating Opera and Opera Performance Outreach Teacher Professional Development School Digital Portfolio and Program Demonstration Read Jessicas vignette: Seminar 4/Jess_A-T-S_AgentofChange_Vignette.doc

12 CMIE Focus School Project Vignettes of Guided Intern Team Documentation

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