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Springer Workshop on eBooks February 2014

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1 Springer Workshop on eBooks February 2014
Tiberius Ignat Scientific Knowledge Services

2 About Scientific Knowledge Services
SKS is Swiss company backed up by 20 years of experience in working with academic, public and research libraries. We started in 1993, selling print books and journals to academic, research and public libraries. In 2001 we started to sell electronic products like bibliographic databases, e-journals and e-books.

3 About Scientific Knowledge Services
With a focus on our customers’ objectives, we aim to create a partnership with our clients where their individuality is recognized and for which we are ready to provide customized services to the maximum efficiency. We work closely with our customers, offering services and products so that they can connect knowledge with their patrons SKS policy is to become a trusted partner of libraries in Hungary, exceeding the role of a vendor. We are open to propose a partnership in which our customers gain not only access to high impact scientific information at decent prices, but also balanced information about products, transparent negotiations and our commitment to work togather in promoting, make efficient use and continously evaluate these academic resources.

4 About Scientific Knowledge Services
We are ready to team up with you and deliver unprecedent and objective bibliometric studies in wich YOU will be able to take important decisions about the products you choose to deliver to your patrons. This includes practical applications of Bradford Law, Citations and Co-citations Analysis, Cost- Benefit Analysis, The Precision and Recall of your Information and Retrieval Systems. Although now over 85% of our turnover is made from electronic publications, SKS still continue supplying organizations with print materials, at their choice.

5 A Note On Prices Using our services you will benefit of the same price structure for customers as working directly with publishers. In other words, customers will take a great benefit of building an efficient and transparent relation with publishers, at the same price paid for products and services.

6 Springer eBooks Trial in Hungary, 2013
A Summary Of Results TIBERIUS IGNAT

7 INSTITUTIONS (alphabetic order)
1. Central European University 2. Corvinus Budapest University 3. Debrecen University 4. Eötvös Lorand University 5. Library of the Hungarian Academy of Science 6. Miskolc University 7. Pannon University 8. Pecs Univeristy 9. Szeged University 10. Szent István Egyetem 11. University of Technology and Economics

8 Usage per institutions
Name of university Feb-Mar 2013 No. of visits % University of Technology and Economics 109,215 28% Eötvös Lorand University 93,917 24% Corvinus Budapest University 41,732 11% Debrecen University 39,135 10% Library of the Hungarian Academy of Science 29,407 8% Pecs University 25,826 7% Szeged University 23,114 6% Pannon University 13,047 3% Miskolc University 5,792 2% Szent István Egyetem 2,849 1% Central European University 1,935 Total 385,969 100%

9 Usage per institutions

10 Usage per institutions, amended by FTE

11 eBooks Usage In A Closed Comparison
Name of university No. Ebooks (titles) % University of Technology and Economics 6,871 100% Eötvös Lorand University 5,206 76% Library of the Hungarian Academy of Science 2,679 39% Corvinus Budapest University 2,611 38% Debrecen University 2,521 37% Szeged University 2,364 34% Pecs University 1,858 27% Pannon University 1,250 18% Miskolc University 621 9% Central European University 418 6% Szent István Egyetem 301 4% Total 26,700

12 eBooks Usage In A Closed Comparison

13 Usage per eBooks Packages
eBook package Usage % Biomedical and Life Sciences 48,971 13% Mathematics and Statistics 47,479 12% Computer Science 43,490 11% Business and Economics 38,082 10% Medicine 37,018 Engineering 36,673 Earth and Environmental Science 29,474 8% Physics and Astronomy 21,357 6% Chemistry and Materials Science 21,171 5% Humanities, Social Science and Law 18,964 Others* 43,290 Total 385,969 100%

14 Usage per eBooks Packages

15 Usage During The Trial Period

16 Conclusions The conclusion of this report reveals great interest for Springer eBooks tested by a great number of academics and recommends a national approach. Individual purchases are possible, but better conditions will be obtained over EISZ Consortium.

17 TRENDS in eBooks

18 FACT: Current trend of eBooks usage

19 2013: Digitize everything Journals Books Journal articles:
146,000 articles/yr 1842 Springer-Verlag founded Journals Books 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 1860 2010 Journal articles: From 1996 to 2009 = 1.6 million published articles From 1842 to 1996 = 2 million published articles Online Journal Archive = 38 million EUR revenues

20 Scientific Knowledge Services
Tiberius Ignat Peter Szanto THANK YOU!

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