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ABS INCLINOMETER CASING TEST REPORT 1999. 11. 21 Dong-A Geo van Co.,Ltd.

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1 ABS INCLINOMETER CASING TEST REPORT 1999. 11. 21 Dong-A Geo van Co.,Ltd

2 qThis test report for ABS Inclinometer casing which is to measure ground movement or to detect stability during buildings confines a summary observation and super computerizing by analysis tool, Model Hyper Mesh Version 3.0 OUTLINE l Product introduction & casing damage phenomenon l Mechanical properties of ABS resin grade by BASF Co.,Ltd l Analysis of casing internal structure

3 INTRODUCTION Main feature of ABS tubes l Non-corrosion plastic agent l Flexible than Aluminum tube l High impact strength and light weight l Strong support by 400mm long length coupling Site Operation Fig Cross-Section AA (Section A-A)

4 CAUSE OF DAMAGE qABS inclinometer casing damaged by external force : As the misalignment of borehole and ABS inclinometer casing during installation, it happened big radial stress to the casing. Sometimes soft soil layer (ex, silt or sand) would affect lateral movement excessively. qABS inclinometer casing damaged by axial force : Due to too much load to the top edge part of casing, The casing would be broken by axial direction. PHENOMENON Applied load to install casings Broken to the axial direction Broken by external stress

5 ABS RESIN TEST RESULT Mechanical Properties Tensile Modulus Stress at Yield Strain at Yield Stress at Break Strain at Break Flexural Modulus Flexural Strength Flexural Strain Impact strength notch Izod Hardness Rockwell Coefficient of friction1 ASTM D638 1mm/min 50mm/min ASTM D790 2.8mm/min 2.8mm/min ASTM D256. ¼ 23 ASTM D256. ¼ 0/ 30 ASTM D785. R ASTM D2240 Physical Properties Specific gravity Melt flow rate Water absorption ASTM D792 ASTM D1238 230 / 38N ASTM D570 /gm g/10min % MPA % MPA % MPA J/m 2215 1910 47 39 3.0 2.8 34 27 11 32 2150 62 11.0 265 236/119 110.0 1.050 1.07 Remark) BASF Lab test result

6 PROCESSING Processing Properties /Extrusion Barrel temp. rear Barrel temp. mid Barrel temp. front Die temp Injection pressure Holding pressure Back pressure Mold shrinkage Mold temperature Recommended drying time Material drying temp Screw Speed ASTM D955 Bar / ×10-³ hr rpm Min Max 200 220 210 220 220 230 0.0077 2 70 Remark) BASF Lab test result

7 PRODUCT ANALYSIS l Modeler :Hyper Mesh Ver 3.0 l Analysis Code : ABAQUS/Standard Ver 5.8 qSpecimen : Outer Diameter Φ70, Thickness 4.0 mm ABS Inclinometer Casing qAnalysis model : The cross-section of casing is symmetry. To record data after applied force equally to the 1/4 casing section. Refer to below Fig. qApplied force : External distribution force from 3bars ~ 16 bars to 1/4 casing section. qEvaluation : Checked maximum endurance break point of casing wall when the applied force being given. qAnalysis Tool Applied force

8 ANALYSIS RESULT I Deformation Shape Before deformation (Red color) After deformation l Input pressure : 16 bar l Max Deformation : 0.3 mm

9 ANALYSIS RESULT II VON-MISES Stress Distribution l Input pressure : 16 bar l Max Stress : 4.78 kgf/mm 2 Stress concentration Area

10 ANALYSIS RESULT III Deformation - Stress Curve ( X axial deformation in maximum deformation area) Stress concentration (kgf/mm 2 )

11 ANALYSIS RESULT IV ] This graph shows maximum stress to the casing in the interval of 3bars. VON MISES STRESS (kg/cm 2)

12 CONCLUSION qThis report is to write maximum endurance break point of casing wall when the applied force being given under same conditions. q ABS inclinometer casing made by BASF Resin grade in case of outer diameter Φ70, wall thickness 4.0 mm could endure maximum load up to 640kgf. qTop edge of ABS inclinometer casing damaged to the axial direction is not common but we may guess below ; l As strain at break at normal temperature is 11 %, ABS resin itself has no influence on casing damage. l However it would sometimes results from unusual stress concentration at rib area and weak molecular union during work under high temperature and low pressure. The basic chemical resin of ABS inclinometer casing are robust since high modulus of BASF grade made of balanced properties having high strength, modulus, and durability. Therefore the end user has to consider optimized installation way before use.

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