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A LL THE T HINGS October 21 st Class. Questions Citations Annotated Bibs SandwichUSE Registering: Do!

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1 A LL THE T HINGS October 21 st Class

2 Questions Citations Annotated Bibs SandwichUSE Registering: Do!

3 T ROUBLE S HOOTING Q UESTIONS Please write down one question that is burning in you. This can be about anything (to do with your experience at Regis… we cant help with the dog you lost when you were 8…) Pass forward to TA

4 C ITATIONS 206-229 As a group you must collect the following citations. RACE!: Cite one book that someone has on them in APA format. Cite one chapter from a book in MLA Cite one article in APA Cite a graphic novel in MLA Cite a TV show using this information: Dr. Who, 23 rd of November, 1963, Episode 1, "An Unearthly Child, Author is Anthony Coburn, and the Director is Warris Hussein. Your group will be checked by another group to determine correctness.

5 A NNOTATED B IB W ORKSHOP ! Look at page 108 in our book in A Simple Format for Learning to Summarize. Is the writer answering all of these points? Where could the writer add more detail about this source that would deepen your understanding? Analysis: Is the author giving their point of view? Are they relating this to the other articles/sources they have found? Is this writing usable for their essay? How else should it be improved? Is the citation correct?

6 E VIDENCE S ANDWICH : Introducing the Evidence… Evidence… Analysis of Evidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Connecting your analysis and evidence to your main point or thesis.


8 R EGIS - ALL -S EEING -P YRAMID Distributive Core RCC 200, Com intensive Core (Lit Matters) Integrative core

9 D ISTRIBUTIVE C ORE (37-46 C REDITS ) F RESHMAN / S OPHOMORE Economic Systems 3SH Fine Arts 3SH Foreign Language (2 classes 1 lang)6-8 Literature3SH Mathematics3-4 Natural Science with Lab4SH History3SH Philosophy (PL 270)3SH Religious Studies (2 RT classes in sequence)6SH Social Science (AN, ED, HS, POL, PY, SO) 3SH Public Speaking (COM 210)3SH

10 I NTEGRATIVE C ORE (12 H OURS ) J UNIOR /S ENIOR RCC 400 D– Diversity and Cultural Tradition RCC 410 EGlobal Environmental Awareness RCC 420 JJustice and the Common Good RCC 430 MSearch for Meaning

11 R EGISTRATION T IPS : Consider the schedule you want and look up classes around those times. Keep a list of what you need? What can you work around that schedule? Ask experienced students about faculty (not Dr. Reitmeyer, who can say nothing) Make 3 schedules (backups as things fill)


13 O VER THE WEEKEND For Monday, read Chapter 10 and prepare to talk about a thesis. Also bring final draft of annotated bib. Wednesday: Read Winchester (which I emailed out last Monday to all of you in PDF form) and PRINT IT OUT. Friday: In the Chapel– Dont be late (since I am MC its difficult to check in with me if you are late). No food or drink.

14 Happy short week!

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