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DSC/e Data Science Center Eindhoven Turning data into real value 29-10-2013.

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1 DSC/e Data Science Center Eindhoven Turning data into real value 29-10-2013

2 Data Science Center Eindhoven New initiative of Department of Math & CS of TU/e, in cooperation with EIRICT. Goal is to unite available expertise at TU/e (computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, innovation sciences, and industrial design) to attack real-life data science problems beyond individual/group expertise. Public start on December 2, 2013 with Launch Symposium. PAGE 1

3 DSC/e: Data Science Center Eindhoven DSC/e strives to be an internationally leading expertise center when it comes to data science research and education. Research focuses on developing new insights (models, theories, tools) to be able to add and extract value from real sets of heterogeneous data. Education focuses on the skills and scientific knowledge most relevant for tomorrow's data scientist. DSC/e: −should further strengthen data science research, −should make data science an integral part of TU/e educational programs, −should improve visibility of data science @ TU/e (inside and outside), and −trigger new collaborations with industry PAGE 2

4 Strategic Areas DSC/e PAGE 3 Johan van Leeuwaarden Wil van der Aalst Jack van Wijk Wijnand IJsselsteijn Ton Koonen Matthias Rauterberg‎ Fred Langerak Emile Aarts

5 Expertise from Math&CS PAGE 4 stochastic networks process mining databases/ web science random graphs stochastic operations research stochastic networks computational geometry visual analytics online algorithms securitydistributed systems computational geometry

6 Project Portfolio TU/e Impulse project “Extracting Value from Dynamic Data” (4+4 PhD students) Grant NWO Graduate Program (Van Leeuwaarden/ De Berg) (4-6 PhD students) … several other industry funded, NWO, STW and EU projects within research groups (30-40 PhD students) PAGE 5

7 Major Players in Business Network PAGE 6

8 Future Plans build up strategic research programs build up data science education unite and align existing courses expand to university wide programs build up strategic partnerships with companies align with other escience and data science centers in the Netherlands PAGE 7

9 Launch Symposium DSC/e: December 2 nd 2013 PAGE 8 Please register at or

10 Contact details Alessandro Di Bucchianico Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Mathematics and Computer Science P.O. Box 513 5600 MB Eindhoven e-mail: URL: phone + 31 247 2902 PAGE 9

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