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The teaching of legal history in Hungary (1635-2011) Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi

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1 The teaching of legal history in Hungary (1635-2011) Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi

2 Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) 1. Oldest continuously existing university in Hungary („first university of Hungary”) Established in 1635 by Cardinal Péter Pázmány i n Nagyszombat (today: Trnava, Slovakia) 2. Largest science university in Hungary ~ 32000 students, ~ 6000 staff 3. First ranked university in Hungary in most fields Assessment of the leading Hungarian economical j ournal HVG 1667: Faculty of Law 1777: The university moved to Buda 1780: Was declared a Royal University 1921: New name: Pázmány Péter University 1950: Renamed to Eötvös Loránd University baron Loránd Eötvös (1848-1919), physicist

3 Nagyszombat (Trnava), 12 May 1635 The Deed of Foundation

4 Faculty of Philosophy 1635 Faculty of Law 1667 Faculty of Theology 1635 Faculty of Medicine 1769 Diploma Inaugurale, 1780, Maria Theresia

5 Faculty of Science (1950) Faculties of Eötvös University (ELTE) 2011 Faculty of Arts (1635) Faculty of Informatics (2003) Faculty of Psychology (2003) Faculty of Social Sciences (2003) Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers (200 0 ) Faculty of Law (1667) Faculty of Special Education (200 0 )

6 Teaching Hungarian legal history at the Faculty of Law...sorry about the long introduction....

7 1667: 3 departments (1 for roman law, 2 for Hungarian law – 4 professors) 17th Century: legal history = law in force, ~ ‘applied science’, teaching the Tripartitum

8 Maria Theresia: planned reorganisation based on the structure of University of Vienna 1775: Planum iuridicae facultatis (5 professors, history of roman law) 1777, 1806: (1 st, 2 nd ) Ratio Educationis (new subject: Introduction to the critics and diplomacy of the history and law of Hungary) – was not obligatory

9 1820: 1 st textbook: Epitomae instiutionum iuris Hungarici privati (by János Markovics) Legal history at that time = descriptive presentation of different Acts in chronological order

10 Ignác Frank 1827: professor at ELTE 1 st person to say that legal history is more than just a descriptive method

11 Gusztáv Wenzel 1855: Teaching of the history of law and state as a university subject The first lectures on the history of law of the German Empire were held by him and later on this subject was extended and became the history of the universal European law. Later on under this title in fact he taught Hungarian legal history.

12 Imre Hajnik 1872: professor at ELTE The first professor of the history of Hungarian law (solely) Comparative legal history “Legal history is the foundation of the law in force”

13 1890: the birth of the Department of the History of Hungarian Law Teaching of history of Hungarian law and universal European law were separated (1946: Department of the History of universal European Law)

14 Ákos Timon Ferenc Eckhart Kálmán Kovács Mihály T. Révész Barna Mezey

15 Nowadays Conferences Publications PhD-programme Joint summer seminars (with universities in Germany and Switzerland) ERASMUS-programme (Heidelberg, Hamburg, Jena, Gottingen, Vienna, Amsterdam, Basel, etc)


17 The Fundamental Law of Hungary (25 April 2011) The Fundamental Law of Hungary (i.e. the Constitution) shall take effect on 1 January 2012 Article Q (3) The provisions of the Fundamental Law shall be interpreted in accordance with their purposes, the National Avowal and the achievements of our historical constitution.

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