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Mr. Fuller HFHSCP 1-7-09. Overview Advertising Stats Body Image Depression Alcohol and Tobacco Graphic sexual media Youth campaigns Why such a focus on.

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1 Mr. Fuller HFHSCP 1-7-09

2 Overview Advertising Stats Body Image Depression Alcohol and Tobacco Graphic sexual media Youth campaigns Why such a focus on the internet? Studying Habits What to do?

3 Media positives: Keep up with local, regional, country, and world events Many sources offer the same information from differing perspectives Can create an environment for critical thinking Political information can be divulged to large mass Relay of information quickly in times of crisis 9/11, tornados, earthquakes,

4 Media negatives: Keep up with the bad side of local, regional, country, and world events Sources can be similar or focus on what they believe is important Pawns to their news Political information can be divulged to large mass Can cause unnecessary mass panic

5 Increasing the sales of the product/service Creating and maintaining a brand identity or brand image Communicating a change in the existing product line Introduction of a new product or service Increasing the buzz-value of the brand or the company

6 Print – magazines, newspapers, etc. Outdoor – billboards, kiosks, events Broadcast – television, radio, and internet Now texts! Covert – inside the show, product placement Public service – social causes Celebrity – use of endorsements

7 Average person sees 3,000 (THREE THOUSAND) ads in magazines, billboards, and on television daily The internet increases this number In North America – 252,908,000 internet users Roughly 74.2% of N.A.s are connected in some way This is 5% of the world population 14.6% of the world internet user population Pretty clear why the internet is so prominent

8 Top 10 Teen Magazines American Cheerleader Girls Life J-14 M Magazine Seventeen Teen Ink Teen Vogue Teen Voices Twist Cosmogirl

9 Average models weight is 23% less than the average womans. Average model: 510 and 110 lbs Average woman: 54 and 145 lbs Yet, they are given hundreds of images daily about the correct weight

10 Infertility Osteoporosis – thin and brittle bones Type 1 Diabetes – shortage of insulin Anemia – lower than normal red blood cells Immune system deficiencies

11 Media is a vacuum of temporary escape What happens when the vacuum turns off? Major cause: stress from everywhere, + not allowing for a healthy release Too thin, too fat, too poor, not cool, fashion, school, grades, peers, boys, parents, home

12 Sadness or hopelessness Irritability, anger, or hostility Tearfulness or frequent crying Withdrawal from friends and family Loss of interest in activities Changes in eating and sleeping habits Restlessness and agitation Feelings of worthlessness and guilt Lack of enthusiasm and motivation Fatigue or lack of energy Difficulty concentrating Thoughts of death or suicide If suspected, call for help

13 Talking and listening to him or her Encouraging him or her to be involved in positive activities and to take good care of him or herself Being fair when dealing with or disciplining the teen Setting a good example by taking good care of yourself and getting help if you feel depressed or overwhelmed ASK FOR HELP

14 What companies have the best TV ads? 5 th grade – the Bud – Wei – Ser frogs Alcohol + Caffeine – a BAD combination Alcohol inhibits, caffeine does opposite Joose, Tilt, Red Bull + whatever Tobacco – Joe Camel,

15 Roughly 25% of the alcohol in America is consumed by underage drinkers Increases chances of sexual activity Can mask anxiety and depression MAJOR internal organ damage – brain, liver, kidney, stomach, intestine, urinary tract

16 What ads are most prominent? What do we all strive for again? Got Milk? Condom ads Television shows and movies even Golden Girls! 1 in 4 teen girls has at least 1 kind of STD The push for promiscuity Increases likelihood for sexual bullying

17 – anti-cannabis use – general information – general information, help advice, contact places – teen pregnancy – online and phone help



20 Currently most available means for teens to lose themselves temporarily Fantastic and wonderful tool when used properly Research, news, information, college Everyone uses it not always well Some can post on YouTube yet not access Trend towards more and more internet use in all aspects of life – bills, classes, communication

21 Basically, they go down the tube Virtually all students study with something else happening Situation-based learning Why is this bad? The way a human learns, is the preferred method of remembering the information No, HFHS will not be instituting background TVs during tests Meaning, the student must adapt

22 School Mitosis Algebraic equations Early American literature Teen Media Seventeens preprom playlist Taylor and Taylors romantic night out How to flirt with guys

23 CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL Virtually all televisions/ cable boxes have a parental control system Dont get how to use it? Ask for help Limit the amount of use of potentially neg. Consequences + positive reinforcement Cannot do fun things, or get additional time

24 Internet usage – BLOCK WEBSITES Use the internet to your advantage Computer use - if cant monitor Pull the plug, grab a mouse, unhook the monitor Drop the headphones Remember, they recall as they learn 1-2 hours of mandatory household off time This includes parents, siblings, and others

25 Look for warning signs – depression, alcohol, body image Sudden increase/decrease in weight, lethargic, overly hyper, withdrawn, overly enthusiastic, If their typical tendencies are either exaggerated or opposed, something is probably wrong Ask for help Free resources in the college center Look at the situation – not the person

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