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High Antioxidant Chocolate

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1 High Antioxidant Chocolate
By Dr Gordon Pedersen

2 Dr Gordon Pedersen Board Certified in Anti Aging Medicine
Ph.D in Toxicology (drug research) Naturopathic Doctor (ND) Formulated over 150 products Published the Cure for Malaria

3 Cumulative cellular damage determines a person’s age at death:

4 “Very few individuals, if any, reach their potential maximum life span; they die instead prematurely of a wide variety of diseases…the vast majority being free radical diseases” (Denham Harmon, MD, PhD, 1954)

5 Dr Harmon demonstrated anti aging effects in rats
Rats were fed standard rat chow while another group of rats were fed standard rat chow fortified with antioxidants The rats eating antioxidant rich rat chow lived 40% longer…in human terms that is an extra 40 years The more antioxidants you have floating around in your blood stream protecting your cells the healthier and longer you can expect your life span to be

6 Every 28 days you regenerate enough skin cells to totally replace all of your skin
Every 240 days all your red blood cells have been replaced Every 4 years all of the cells making up your skeleton have been replaced Muscles that aren’t worked for 29 days atrophy Bodies that don’t exercise become weaker A brain that is not challenged, forgets The body you have is a result of cells being duplicated daily (10 yrs) Free radicals interfere with this process causing cellular damage

7 Can we really turn back the hands of time
There is a medical specialty in anti aging medicine (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine) Thousands of studies prove therapies work There is a Journal of Anti aging therapeutics

8 4. Antioxidants are anti-aging

9 Stanford Medical Researchers
It is possible to reverse and prevent the effects of aging New England Journal of Medicine “The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable”… ”We now realize that some aspects of it (aging) can be prevented or reversed”

10 Anti-Aging with Antioxidants
According to US Public Law , “The use of nutritional supplements prevents disease, promotes wellness and reduces long term health care costs, are safe and increase the longevity and quality of life” * This law was approved with help from the FDA, NIH and numerous medical experts.

11 Scientific research reports that the aging process can be reversed
*Journal of Clinical Investigation Regenerate damage tissues *New England Journal of Medicine Prevent symptoms of aging and Rejuvenate deteriorated organs *National academy of sciences Reverse symptoms of aging *Anti Aging Journal Amino acids and antioxidants improve the quality and longevity of life

12 According to UCLA Medical School:
“The daily use of antioxidants can add ten healthful years to your life”

13 “A single acute serving of flavonol-rich cocoa can increase cerebral blood flow”
Journal of Cardiovascular pharmacology, 2006, 2:


15 Clogged Artery



18 The average healthy cell undergoes free radical attack approximately 10,000 times every hour
This is why we need an endless supply of anti- oxidants If we are short of anti oxidants we age prematurely, loose energy, feel fatigued, our tissues and body systems breakdown and we get old, tired and sick unnecessarily.

19 Pre-mature aging originates in a single cell and is caused by a free radical damaging the cell

20 It is possible that a single cell could be attacked by free radicals ten thousand times an hour

21 Cardiovascular Age 1. I have swollen legs
2. I experience shortness of breath when I exercise 3. I experience light headedness 4. I have been told I have a heart murmur 5. I have difficulty breathing when I am lying down 6. I have a rapid resting heart rate 7. I am always tired during the day 8. I have a cough that does not go away 9. My lips are often a bluish color

22 This is a main reason we age prematurely
Damage from free radicals destroy the cells, tissues, immunity, and cause the deterioration of our health by causing stress at the cellular level

23 Did you know: in the year 1900 the average person lived to be 48 years
Did you know the average person today lives to be 76 years old Medical science says if you minimize stress and supplement you can live to be a healthy 100 years old

24 Causes of Aging Stress Overexertion and injury
Toxins that build up in the body Inactivity Hormone imbalances Enzyme reduction Cellular damage By age 40 we are producing only 5% of some essential hormones Starting at age 35 we lose 5% of muscular strength each year so at age 60 we are 50% of strength

25 Did you know our brains shrink 25% in size by the time we are 70 years old
Unless we feed them, exercise them, make them work, and neutralize the free radical that would consume them


27 Antioxidants can reverse damage and restore function in the brain
(MRI scan Post)

28 Did you know this is considered normal aging
But can be prevented and reversed with anti aging therapies that include supplements like anti oxidants

29 We accept deterioration of our bodies as normal aging
We accept our eyesight getting worse We accept our reflexes to slow down We say it is just part of the normal aging process to lose memory or turn gray What if we didn’t have these symptoms? Would we be AGELESS

30 13. Dark Chocolate and the Brain

31 Brain Function: 1. I never seem to get enough sleep
2. I have problems staying focused at work 3. My friends told me that I’m becoming absentminded 4. My muscles hurt more often than they used to 5. My ability to remember faces and names has decreased

32 6. I have forgotten where I put important things like my keys this week
7. I’ve been told my patience is diminishing 8. I tend to worry more than I used to 9. I sometimes experience mood swings 10. I have trouble making decisions 11. I have depression in my family history 12. I have anxiety, alzheimer, or parkinsons disease in my family history

33 Score Evaluation Number of true answers
extreme free radical damage moderate free radical damage low free radical damage

34 If you think you can just stop and stand still or ignore the aging process consider this:
We are flying through space on an earth that circles the sun at a speed of 1000 miles per hour … We are rotating at a speed of 500 miles per hour Our galaxy is traveling through space at a speed of 1 million miles an hour. And if you want to stop and just stay in one place the world will go on without you. And so will the aging process…

35 Harvards Dr. Eric Ding Reports:
Dark chocolate improves insulin sensitivity improving diabetes risks Bad cholesterol goes down while good cholesterol goes up reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

36 Prevention’s Dr Teitelbaum Reports:
‘Eating a small square of dark chocolate three to four times a week may be 25 times as effective as taking statins (drugs) for preventing heart disease”

37 Statins for high cholesterol
Dark chocolate is a Natural Alternative to the second most prescribed drug Statins for high cholesterol (Zocor, lipitor) Pharmacists fill over 45 million prescriptions a year for lipitor alone These statins work by interfering with liver function and blocking the production of cholesterol

38 Side Effects of Statin drugs
Nasapharyngitis, arthralgia, diarhea, dyspepsia, nausea, pain in extremities, urinary tract infection, myalgia, muscle spasms, musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, hepatic enzyme elevation, rhabdomyolysis, myopathy, peripheral neuropathy, acute renal failure,

39 “We conclude that cocoa procyanidins are potent immune stimulators of both the innate and adaptive immunity” Experimental Biology and Medicine Feb 232:(2)

40 Healthy Cocoa showed Improved skin and blood circulation and effects cosmetically.
Journal of Nutrition 2006, Jan. 136:6 1565

41 Free radical damage spreading to other cells

42 Healthy Cocoa has potential effects on blood glucose levels, because the antioxidants neutralize free radical damage caused by diabetes Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2005, April, 8:98 (1-2), 55-60

43 Free radical damage in the throat

44 (free radical damage in the cell)
Journal of Nutrition, 2005 12. Dark chocolate contains high antioxidants that neutralize oxidative stress 1-5 hours after eating cocoa. Nutrients are delivered to the cells better because the antioxidants are readily absorbed into the cells and these antioxidants bind with the nutrients and together improve nutrient delivery, which improves cellular nutrition and reduces oxidative stress (free radical damage in the cell)

45 Cocoa is truly Anti Aging Harvard - Kuna
The risk of 4 of the top killers stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes were reduced to less than 10% in the subjects that ingested high (about 40 cups per week) cocoa “if these observations predict the future, then we can say without blushing that they are among the most important observations in the history of Medicine” (Harvard Dr. Hollenberg)

46 Harvard- Cocoa shows promise as next wonder drug
Drinking cocoa increases blood flow to the heart the brain and other organs Kuna Indians drink 5 cups of cocoa a day and Harvard reports they don’t suffer high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia, alzheimer NO increases and protects heart, brain, blood vessels, liver, pancreas, lungs, eyes, and every organ in the body (truly anti aging)

47 Dr Ding recommends 70% dark cocoa
Harvard Reports 75% of People over 65 years of age prefer to eat healthy dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate because they prefer the heart and brain benefits Dr Ding recommends 70% dark cocoa

48 Dark Chocolate Can Help Reduce Inflammation
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2005 Experimental Biological Medicine, 2004 JAMA, 2007 Am J Clin Nutrition, 2005

49 Free radical damages the skin causing inflammation

50 Free radicals damage skin cells and they become tough wrinkled and sick

51 Free radicals damage organs and make them thick, nonfunctional and die early

52 Dark chocolate contains over 4 times as many flavanoids as milk chocolate and has 20 times higher ORAC values as healthy fruits and vegetables (Harvard University)

53 7. Polyphenols vs Flavanoids both are antioxidants

54 Polyphenols and Flavanoids
Poly means many Phenol is a chemical designation where a benzene ring has multiple hydroxyl groups ( - OH) Used everywhere circulation goes Able to produce and donate electrons without creating free radicals, and can be a carrier for other nutrients Flavus means yellow in latin and they are all are identified by colors (many) They all have the functional group ketone with a carbonyl group attached (C – C = O) the = O draws H from water in body Used as a source of energy in the heart and brain Used to be called vitamin P because they were permeable to the blood vessels…signals immune

55 Free radicals cause a cascade of bone cell damage

56 Dark chocolate is the highest rated anti oxidant, yielding ORAC values ten times greater than raspberries (US Dept of Agriculture & Journal of The American Chemical Society) ORAC Dark Chocolate 13,120 Milk Chocolate 6,740 Strawberries ,540 Raspberries 1,220 Alfalfa sprouts Cherries

57 Skin Pinch Test tests for collagen, elastin and turgor
Pinch skin on back of hand for 10 seconds Measure time to flatten out completely Time seconds Age

58 Demo Anti oxidants and coke

59 Did you know that during your lifetime you’ll spend:
3.5 years eating 12 years watching TV 2.5 years talking on the telephone 2 weeks kissing 12 years nonstop talking

60 You’ll produce 200 billion new red blood cells every day
You’ll have sex an average of 2,581.3 times You’ll Blink 415 million times You’ll get new skin every month You’ll get a new skeleton every 4 years You’ll produce enough hair cells in a day to grow a meter (39 In) of new hair In general: everything you are, or have is less than ten years old…. So why the sagging, wrinkling, blurriness…? The problem is that free radicals gum up the duplication process (duplicate videos)

61 “Antioxidants gobble up free radicals, implicated in heart disease”
Mario Serafini, Ph.D. Italy’s National institute of food and nutrition reports: “Antioxidants gobble up free radicals, implicated in heart disease”

62 The body uses two systems to neutralize free radicals
1. The antioxidant nutrient system Derived directly from the food 2. The antioxidant enzyme system Must be manufactured by the body Antioxidants willingly donate electrons to free radicals that greedily accept their electrons like opposite charges on two magnets (+ - ) Once a free radical has accepted an electron and paired up it immediately is neutralized and will behave itself *Antioxidants can continuously donate electrons without generating free radicals. **Cocoa is an antioxidant that carries enzyme stimulators with it… producing whole body protection from free radicals because it can neutralize free radicals on contact and deliver a message to the immune system that mobilizes and activates the body’s natural defense system resulting in the prevention of free radical damage

63 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2005
A review of 93 studies that conclude; the regular consumption of dark chocolate improves bioavailability and bioefficacy of polyphenols Dark chocolate improves absorption and distribution of your nutrients because polyphenols (antioxidants) are readily absorbed into individual cells *Systemic Anti-Aging effects

64 This began in one cell and was caused by free radicals that were unopposed

65 Mice given lethal doses of radiation and oral doses of antioxidants survived longer, improved white blood cells, neutrophils, bone marrow regeneration, prevented lymphopenia, improved recovery and modulated apoptosis (NASA, supported study)

66 Aging is measured when:
A cell stops dividing it dies. This causes tissues to become weak, brittle or partially functional. When the tissues stop performing at optimal levels we develop symptoms of aging.

67 Free Radicals are everywhere

68 Mechanisms of Action Cardioprotection – Lowers Blood pressure, vasodilate Diabets – Reduces risk and insulin resistance ErbB2 - Reduces Inflammatory Gene in Aorta SERTUIN-1 - Increases skinny gene activity 15% NF-Kb - Reduces fat gene activity by 34% Antileukotriene – Reduce cause of inflammation Nitrous Oxide – Reverse endothelial dysfunction enhances blood flow and cognitive function Myeloperoxidase - Suppress Lipid perox. (LDL) Chemoprotection - against (ROS) Reactive Oxygen Species, and carcinogens Photo-Protection from UV damage Dermal blood circulation, soft hydrated skin May reduce mortality half as likely to die

69 Archives of Internal Medicine, 2006
Dark cocoa intake improves blood pressure and helps reduce cardiovascular mortality in the elderly *The Zutphen Elderly Study

70 Journal of American College of Cardiology, 2005
Dark chocolate reverses endothelial dysfunction even in smokers This means the flavanol based antioxidants neutralize the toxins from smoking in addition to the other causes of inflammation





75 Free radical damage in brain and kidney
Dr. Gordon Pedersen Board Certified in Anti Aging Medicine, Ph.D Toxicology, Naturopathic Doctor N.D. Free radical damage in brain and kidney

76 JAMA, 2003 Antioxidant constituents of cocoa beans can be measured in the plasma shortly after ingestion of cocoa. The antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the blood vessels and blood cells which reduces inflammation

77 Measuring your biological age
Clinical - mri scan, cat scan, ultra sound*, bone density, hormones, stress tests, c-reactive protein, inflammation, telomere, DNA. All looking for free radical damage. Lab tests Blood strength Urine vision Skin elasticity balance Reflexes saliva Memory hormones

78 Signs and symptoms of Aging
* Poor general health * Increased body fat * Depressed mood * Hi cholesterol * Reduced energy * Reduced memory * Reduced muscle mass and strength * Poor sleep

79 “Dark chocolate is healthy chocolate”
“Dark chocolate has health benefits not seen in other chocolates” “The best medical news in ages, dark chocolate not milk chocolate is good for you (Journal of the American Medical Association, and Nature)

80 Bioavailability, bioactivity
“Dietary Polyphenols promote health and attenuate, or delay the onset of various diseases” “Flavanols might exert cardio-protective effects with respect to vascular function and platelet reactivity” Bioavailability, bioactivity Am J Clin Nutrition, 2005



83 Examples of free radical damage
Stress Radiation from the sun, or X-rays Toxins or poisons produced to destroy things: herbicides, pesticides, chemical cleaners, soda pop, chemotherapy, drugs Fat Aging Poor nutrition Almost all diseases destroy cells, tissues body systems and vital organs using free radicals

84 Dark Chocolate Can Help Reduce Inflammation
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2005 Experimental Biological Medicine, 2004 JAMA, 2007 Am J Clin Nutrition, 2005

85 Questionnaires that determine Health and biologic needs
Immune Brain subsets of brain Cardiovascular Stress Balance Range of motion Skin elasticity Inflammation memory


87 Ways to quantify your biological age
Stress test (lab Ph) Balance test (standing clinical) Inflammation test (clinical c-reactive protein) Urine Blood (hormones) Reflexes (clinical) Skin elasticity (clinical) Memory tests questionnaires

88 Example Questionnaire
Give yourself one point for each true answer, and keep a total of yes answers

89 Anti aging solution Extreme stress take 6 anti aging capsules per day and chocolates per day Moderate stress take 4-5 anti aging capsules per day and chocolates per day Low stress take three anti aging caps per day and chocolate antioxidants per day

90 2. What is a free radical and why does it cause disease

91 Free radicals damage the cell membrane by stealing electrons
The cell responds by defending itself with inflammation around the free radical and the surrounding tissue becomes thicker leathery and accordian-like to protect itself…but this prohibits the transfer of nutrients, water and oxygen into the cell and wastes cannot be excreted. So the cell slowly starves and or degenerates in its own exhaust waste. This is premature aging one cell at a time.

92 Prolonged exposure to free radicals cause Cross linking which produces the symptoms of aging
Free radicals break bonds releasing more free radicals that find partners in abnormal places essentially handcuffing molecules together in abnormal places, pulling cells and tissues into thickened ridges Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv Acbedfhgkmlnoqztrvuijp

93 Locations of free radical damage and the diseases they cause
Lungs- allergies Brain- alzheimer, parkinson’s, memory loss Eyes- cataracts, macular degeneration Arteries- atherosclerosis DNA- cancer Red blood cells- chronic fatigue, anemia Anywhere – any chronic degenerative disease Immune cells – no defense or attacks itself (called autoimmune)- lupus, MS, RA, Fibromyalgia,

94 Prolonged exposure to free radicals cause Cross linking which produces the symptoms of aging

95 Cross linking of molecules causes the membranes to bond together in accordian-like folds causing:
Wrinkles in the skin High blood pressure in hardened arteries which puts pressure on the heart In the brain impedes transmission of signals between nerves- producing poor memory, concentration, focus. DNA – cancer Immune cells – inflammation, autoimmunity

96 Free radical damage, cause cells to cross link resulting in accordian-like deep thickened wrinkles

97 Milk Thistle mechanism of action: As an antioxidant (silymarin) prevents damage & regenerates liver cells. Stands guard on the outer receptor sites of cells, barring toxins from entering. Neutralize toxins inside the cells. Stimulates protein synthesis. Boosts immune function by increasing glutathione by 35%.

98 AARP reports Poor manufacturing of dark cocoa using too much heat and adding too much sugar and fat removes 80% of the healthy flavanoids from the cocoa beans

99 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2005
Polyphenols reduce cardiovascular risk because the antioxidants reduce the stickiness of platelets, and dilate the inner diameter of the blood vessels delivering more blood, reducing blood pressure and cleansing the blood and vessels. *This is anti-aging everywhere the arteries deliver blood

100 Journal of American College of Cardiology, 2005
Older people develop impaired cell functions resulting in the negative effects of aging by suffering inflammation of the cells that line the blood vessels…because of the inflammation cell division is slower and the patient is chronically fatigued from lack of blood flow, nutrients and oxygen…which is reversed (fixed) using dark chocolate

101 Sugar feeding a cancer cell

102 Experimental Biological Medicine, 2007
The part of dark chocolate that improves the immune system is cocoa procyanidin oligomers (anti oxidants) Peripheral blood mononuclear cells are mobilized and activated clearing fats, toxins, abnormal cells from the blood

103 Scientists at the University of California At San Diego report that eating dark chocolate helps improve physical endurance Mice eating dark chocolate were able to run on a treadmill 50% further than mice given water only Conclusion:

104 Conclusion from UCSD Muscles responded to the antioxidants with structural and metabolic changes in skeletal and cardiac muscles resulting in greater endurance capacity. 50% improvement in endurance New capillaries and mitochondrial growth resulted from the dark chocolate flavanols

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