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Het leermiddel centraal Creating and distributing content.

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1 Het leermiddel centraal Creating and distributing content

2 Het leermiddel centraal Table of contents  Introduction  From Database-publishing to the “Educational Content Catalogue” (ECC)  Principles of the ECC  What is next?

3 Het leermiddel centraal Introduction Marco Meurink Marketingmanager Member Managementteam Experience:  Distance-education/E-learning  Educational Publishing

4 Het leermiddel centraal Introduction Ontwikkelcentrum  Dutch foundation  Founded in 1993  Original objective: create educational tools for agricultural territory 

5 Het leermiddel centraal Introduction Ontwikkelcentrum  20 employees  1000 publications  ECC (20.000 LO’s, 40.000 users)  Projectmanagement & consultancy for educational publishers, schools, companies, Europe

6 Het leermiddel centraal The initial database The initial database :  Content encoded in SGML  Automatic lay-out  Publication ‘on paper’ (books) or as pdf on cd  Custom made becomes possible SGML

7 Het leermiddel centraal ECC From August 15th, 2006:  All content contains metadata (in the form of factsheets)  Metadata is harvested  Users have a log-in account  Users have acces to content directly from the database

8 Het leermiddel centraal ECC: why? Changes in schools demand new learning materials; students  follow individual learning-routes  spend time outside the walls of the school building  decide what information they need, and when  multimedia and interaction

9 Het leermiddel centraal ECC: what  20.000 learning objects (text, movie, QMP, simulation)  Our own materials  Contentbroker: third-party-content  Ready-made arrangements  Users can make their own arrangements  Downloadable and open  Scorm-output for Learning platforms

10 Het leermiddel centraal Use of Metadata  International standard: IEEE-LOM  Dutch Standard: ContentZoekProfiel  Extra: Green ContentZoekProfiel  The harvester collects metadata, not full text.

11 Het leermiddel centraal ECC: a picture XML PDF WMV Etc. Database Ontwikkelcentrumm harvester Livelink Groenkennisnet Educational Content Catalogue PDF HTML WMVXML PDF WMV Etc. Artik+ (Library Wageningen University) Teleblik (public broadcasting companies) Who’s next??

12 Het leermiddel centraal Future steps -Social tagging and Metadata? -User Generated Content -Supporting Implementation -Assisting other publishers and schools -From students to employees -European experience-exchange -Expanding Community-businessmodel

13 Het leermiddel centraal





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