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The Fundamental Series Disability Income Protection.

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1 The Fundamental Series Disability Income Protection

2 Agenda Disability Marketplace Introduction to the Fundamental Series Claims Overview Q&A

3 Disability Insurance Market Overview Mark Hardy

4 RBCs Leadership Position – Market Share 2011 vs New Business Market Share (Annualized Premium) Source: LIMRA Canadian Individual Income Insurance Survey Q4/2012, Q4/2011

5 RBCs Leadership Position – Market Share RBC New Business Annualized Premium and Industry Rank by Year ) Source: LIMRA Canadian Individual Income Insurance Survey Q4/

6 RBCs Leadership Position – Market Share Inforce Market Share, 2012 (Annualized Premium) ) Source: LIMRA Canadian Individual Income Insurance Survey Q4/2012

7 RBCs Leadership Position Underwriting 31 Living Benefit Underwriters trained in Disability Insurance and/or Critical Illness 24 of the 31 are Devoted to Underwriting Disability Insurance Combined 100s of Years of Underwriting Experience 2 Financial Underwriting Consultants A team of Part-time and Full-time physicians to consult on complex medical issues

8 Wage Growth Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, Wage Index – Base 1997

9 Full Time Employment Index – Base 1997 Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, Full Time Employment

10 Disability Opportunity Estimated Market – Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, ; HRSDC COPS

11 Trades & Transport Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, ; HRSDC COPS $1,000,000,000

12 Introduction to Fundamental Series Michael Thompson

13 Introducing the Fundamental Series Knowing the Market and RBC Insurances Dominance what do we have to offer? Simplicity –At the Time of Application –At the Time of Underwriting –At the Time of Claim Loss of Income and Business Overhead Expense

14 RBC Insurance Living Benefit Portfolio Individual Disability Insurance The Professional Series The Foundation Series The Bridge Series The Fundamental Series Retirement Protector Business Disability Protection Business Overhead Expense Key Person Protector Business Loan Protector Disability Buy Sell Critical Illness Protection Non Cancellable T65 and T75 Guaranteed Renewable T65 and T75 Term 10 Simplified CI

15 The Fundamental Series – Loss of Income Features Loss of Income –Guaranteed Renewable Contract –Injury Only or Injury and Illness Coverage –24 Hour or Non-Occupational Coverage –Benefits based on either Gross or Net Earned Income –Benefits issued in $100 Increments –Partial Disability Benefits Included –No Pre Existing Condition Exclusion

16 The Fundamental Series – Loss of Income Features Loss of Income –$10,000 Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement Benefit Included –Best Doctors Provided when Illness is Purchased –Illness Underwritten in 30 Days –Injury Policy Issued in 5 Days

17 Total Disability Definition The Fundamental Series – Loss of Income Features First 36 Months Regular Occupation Definition After 36 Months Reasonable Occupation Definition

18 The Fundamental Series – Loss of Income Features Maximum Injury and Illness Coverage Issue Limits Class 1 and 2$6000 Class 3, 4, 5 and 6$5000

19 The Fundamental Series – Loss of Income Features Accident Death & Dismemberment Issue Ages18 to 64 CoverageTo Age 70 Face Amount$100,000 to $500,000 Accidental Medical Expense Reimbursement Benefit Rider $100,000

20 The Fundamental Series – Loss of Income Features FeatureBusiness Overhead Expense Benefit Period12 Times the Monthly Benefit Elimination Period30 Day Partial Disability Benefit 50% of Monthly Benefit for a Maximum of 3 Months

21 The Fundamental Series – Injury Application

22 Pre-Qualifying Questions 1.Are your bodily movements or daily activities currently limited or restricted by any injury or other condition? 2.Are you currently working a minimum of 20 hours per week, 35 weeks per year? 3.Are you a Canadian citizen or been granted Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) status by the Canadian government?

23 The Fundamental Series – Illness Application

24 The Fundamental Series – Feature Summary

25 The Fundamental Series – Rate Guide Whats Included –All Premium Rates –Occupational Classifications –Issue Limits –Benefit Determination Chart –Underwriting Guidelines –Height & Weight Chart

26 The Fundamental Series – Who do we Sell? Name Youve Written Down Self Employed Clients –High Gross Income and Low Net Income –Using BOE as Foot in the Door Medically Impaired Clients Blue Collar Workers –WSIB Mentality Non-Traditional Groups Young Clients –Injury policy and Graduate them to Fully Underwritten policies

27 The Fundamental Series – Alternate Offers The Fundamental Series gives You the Opportunity to Insure Every Canadian!

28 Break – 10 Minutes

29 RBC Insurance Leadership Position Claims Practices and Philosophies Jocelyn Tardif

30 Claims Philosophy Provide thorough, fair, objective claim evaluation Pay approved claims promptly, with high level of service Assist clients, where appropriate, in their return to work efforts

31 Claims Payment Information Annual cash benefits: $331 million Annual new claims: around 5,300 Open LTD and IDI claims: around 10,300

32 Our Claims Resources Disability Specialists Field-based Employees Rehabilitation Specialists Financial Consultants Clinical Specialists Doctors Disability Managers Field-Based Rehabilitation Specialists

33 Our Medical Resources Orthopaedic Surgeons Dr. Joseph Schatzker C.M., MD., B.Sc. (med.), F.R.C.S.(C ) Dr. John J. Murnaghan MD. MA. MSc. FRCSC. Psychiatrists Dr. Joan Tucker M.D. F.R.C.P.(C), ABPN Dr. Sarah VanderBurgh B.Sc. MD Neuropsychologist Dr. Ivan Kiss, B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D., C. Psych. Internal Medicine Dr. Estera Bekier, M.D., F.R.C.P. (C) Dr. Alice Dong, MD, FCBOM, ABPM

34 New Claim Dedicated Claims Contact Easy to start the process through a general toll-free phone line Assistance with Filling out claim forms Hand-holding through the pre-claim process Very experienced with simplified Individual Disability Claims Over 10 years of claims-handling experience.

35 Definition of Disability & Other Provisions Change of Definition at 36 Months Definitions of Disability Other Provisions… Recurrent Disability (6 Months) Return to Work Assistance

36 Client, employer and attending physician interviews Clinical reviews Independent Medical Evaluations Vocational Rehabilitation / Return to work plans may also include: Work site modifications Job site analysis and work conditioning Transferable skills analysis Job search and resume-writing assistance

37 Senior Sales Consultant

38 The Fundamental Series – Compensation Override to MGA +

39 The Fundamental Series – Compensation Example… $1500 of Premium FYC30% Compensation$450 MGA Override150% Total Broker Compensation$1125 Annually Payable

40 Highlights Market Opportunity RBC Insurances Leadership Position Simplicity Strong Definition of Disability Best Doctors No Pre Existing Condition Exclusion Increments of $100 Alternative Offers on all RBC Disability Insurance Compensation

41 Call to Action We want to Partner with you What can our Sales Consultants offer –Best in Class Insurance Products and Services –In Field Support –Advice for All your Clients Help you Build your Business

42 Thank You for Your Time

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