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Envision Madison Positive Planning Or Something Sinister? The SOS Foundation Presents.

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1 Envision Madison Positive Planning Or Something Sinister? The SOS Foundation Presents

2 Meeting Outline Prayer by Invitation Pledge Envision Madison Presentation by Scott Smith

3 "Truly speaking, it is not instruction, but provocation, that I can receive from another soul. What he announces, I must find true in me, or wholly reject; and on his word, or as his second, be he who he may, I can accept nothing" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Divinity School Address, 1838

4 Catch Phrases & Terms Typical Terms Sustainable Development Sustainable Communities Smart Growth Urban Sprawl Urban Planning Global Warming Climate Change Excluded By Design Future Planning Individual Liberty Property Rights

5 Objective and Purpose

6 Envision Madison, Or So They Say… Envision Madison, is a grassroots, long term planning approach for Madison County. a community driven effort to help identify and develop a vision for the future of Madison County. Source(s):

7 The Envisioning Process The process for Envision Madison is designed to create and build on public engagement at every stage of the process. Envision Madison Stakeholders will select elements of the scenarios they think should be explored. The reaction to the scenarios will serve as the basis for the vision's products: a set of goals, along with a vision scenario that illustrates one plausible way these goals might play themselves out in the cities and county. Envision Madison will then take the principles and vision scenario and translate them into an action plan that includes both strategies and short-term tactics to shape the future of Madison County. Source(s): *

8 Robert Grow

9 Stakeholders A Jill Anderson Carlos Aponte Gary Archibald George Archibald B Connie Ball Mickey Beaver Jordan Busby Terry Butikofer SRC President - BYU-Idaho C Christine Campbell Kim Clark Tom Cluff Craig Cobia Stephanie Cook Colby Coombs Bruce Crapo Patti Crapo Brent Crowther D Glen Dalling Jerry Dalling Melanie Davenport Allen Dunn Winston Dyer E Ryan Easton Trever Einerson Rex Erickson F Ron Feik G Kathryn Gardner Rachel Gonzalez Marianna Gonzalez Janet Goodliffe H Doug Hancy Dan Hanna Harold Harris Ted Hendricks Brent Hill Leslie Huddleston Ethan Huffman J Christine Jarski Justin Jenkins K Troy Kartchner L Randy Landon M Rochelle Mathews Doug McBride Kelly McCandless Anthony Merrill Jerry Merrill Art Morales N Matt Nielson P Phil Packer Aaron Peterson Shay Phister Glen Pond Randall Porter Spencer Priest R Dell Raybould Craig Rindlesbacher Blake Rindlisbacher S Randy Schroll Cory Smith Sally Smith Betsy Smith Richard Smith Liza Souders Bart Stevens Bruce Sutherland Jason Swatsenbarg T Amy Taylor Teri Tengiao-Phillips Geoffrey Thomas David Thueson Shane Turman W Jedd Walker Jeff Walters Johnny Watson Richie Webb Jon Weber Bart Webster Joseph West Scott Wood Lori Woodland Richard Woodland Z Mary Zollinger

10 Executive Committee Gary ArchibaldCo-Chair Lori WoodlandCo-Chair Kim ClarkPresident, BYU-Idaho Jon WeberMadison County Commissioner Glen DallingMayor, Sugar City Richard WoodlandMayor, City of Rexburg Randall PorterCommittee Member Jeff WaltersCommittee Member Carlos AponteCommittee Member Richard SmithCommittee Member

11 Partners Envision Madison: Madison Economic Partners, Inc.Madison Economic Partners, Inc. Madison County City of Rexburg City of Sugar City Rocky Mountain Power BYU-Idaho

12 Envision Utah Leave Your Personal Interests at the Door, Please! In order to accept the invitation to participate, each prospective Partner or Special Advisor signed a pledge form, promising to overlook his or her own self-interest (either personal or of those whom he/she represented) while bringing expertise to the table. They were all challenged to work toward the common good of the community and to look beyond the short term issues now facing the region. Furthermore, they were told that the Coalition and the Partnership would take a neutral position on all growth- related issues until the process was complete and the community had voiced its desires for a preferred growth strategy for the future of the Greater Wasatch Area. (The History of Envision Utah 15).

13 Envision Utah: Key Players Robert J. Grow Founding Chairman Peter Calthorpe Urban Designer John Fregonese 3-D Modeler

14 Robert Grow

15 Peter Calthorpe

16 Whats their angle? Are these guys just opportunists who want to make a buck on the green movement, or are they committed environmentalists?

17 Is the Envision Process following its own agenda? ~OR~ Does it follow an agenda laid out by a larger, less benign entity? The Agenda

18 Glen Beck on Agenda 21


20 More ICLEI Why is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives praising the Utah Envision model?

21 Others Views of Envision Utah

22 More UNLV



25 More Beck: The Local Connection It was fuzzy when we found it.

26 J. Gary Lawrence Gary Lawrence is one of the key thinkers on sustainable development, an advisor to the US Presidents Council on Sustainable Development and to US AID. He was on the US Government delegation to the 1996 Habitat II Conference and has also been Director of the Centre for Sustainable Communities at the University of Washington and Chief Planner in the City of Seattle. Source: The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium J. Gary Lawrence

27 Give It an Innocuous Name Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many…[who] would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined the conspiracy by undertaking [Agenda 21]. So, we call our processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth. Source: The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium J. Gary Lawrence

28 What can you do? Join the SOS Madison County group on Facebook to become and stay informed. Become a member of the SOS Foundation and come to future meetings so that together we can be organized in the fight. Attend the Envision Madison kick-off meeting on JUNE 13 TH and express your concerns.

29 You Can Do More E-mail and Visit with City and County Government Officials Go to City Council and County Commission Meetings

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