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Tirza van Daalen, head of Geo-Data and Information Department National Geo-data Centre of The Netherlands - DINO.

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1 Tirza van Daalen, head of Geo-Data and Information Department National Geo-data Centre of The Netherlands - DINO

2 Contents TNO DINO Key register Subsurface (BRO) Current situation

3 DINO information Environmental quality Infrastructures Min Agriculture and Nature Min Housing and Environment Archeology Min Science and Education Energy policy Min Traffic and Water Economic Affairs Spatial planning Water management Nature conservation Agriculture Internal Affairs Safety and security Ground pollution

4 Dutch Energy Policy Gas production letter 2004

5 5 Workshop 4.5 SDI in national government. Dutch geographic key registers National Spatial Data Infrastructure GIDEON Geo information is the corner stone of the e-government programme Development of 6 geo key registers Implementation of INSPIRE in laws, infrastructure and standards Capacity building, education, (re)use of geo information

6 Programme Andere Overheid 65% of government services on internet One-stop shop: no ‘wrong counter’ for business and citizen One-time data delivery from the individual citizen and businesses Government obliged to re-use this data Digital identity, electronic signature Administrative burden reduced by 25% Better internal organisation of the government Better prevention and reduction of fraud

7 Adresses (BRA) en buildings (BGR) Cadaster (BRK) en topography (BRT) Large scale base map (GBKN) Cables and wires Digging activities (grondroerdersregeling) Registration of cables Key register Subsurface (BRO) Geology en Soil Environmental Quality Archeology

8 01/0907/09 01/11 01/1201/13 Design stageImplementation stage Realisation stageCompletion stage

9 Data- providers BRO ININ OUTOUT Users

10 Key register Subsurface requirements Requirements defined in the key register framework Automated processes using webservices BRO requirements to dataproviders All data providers are connected One exchange format per data type Exchange format is conform IMBOD/IMMetingen

11 Ideal situation BRO webservices integrated in client processes Changes at the source are updated real-time (atomic level data exchange instead of mass) The content of the files is disseminated to the outer world using all levels of detail (complete extraction) All mandated data providers are connected

12 Conceptual architecture

13 Content Key register Subsurface Pre(date) law and post (date) law Authentic “Descriptive” Source documents Notification models Source documents Descriptive Authentic P r e l a w P o s t l a w

14 Koppelvlak met OSB WUS protocol WUS = Webservices using UDDI and SOAP Client waits for result, comparable with phone call (synchrone). ebMS protocol ebMS = ebXml Messaging Service Reliable messaging mechanism, processing is garanteed. Result is sent later on, comparable with SMS (asynchrone). Both protected using https in combination with PKI-Overheid certificates. Compliance test available as service using OSB.

15 Objecttypes BRO Exploration A location in the Netherlands or part of the Dutch part of the continental shelf, of waar de opbouw van de ondergrond verkend is door middel van een waarneming op een punt, langs een lijn of in een vlak. Model Schematisation of the composition of the subsurface. Infrastructure (Supportive) construction in the subsurface developed by hand (not cables and wires)(some are virtual). Rights of use A right mandated by an entitled authority for use of the subsurface for a specific purpose

16 Explorations EXPLORATIONS 1.Geomechanical cone penetration tests 2.Geo-electrical exploration 3.Seismic recording 4.Side-scan sonar 5.Georadar recording 6.Gravity recording 7.Geomagnetic recording 8.Geochemical recording 1.Soil bore sample profile 2.Geological bore sample profile 3.Results of bore sample study 4.Bore sample photo 5.Borehole data 1.Soil profile recording 2.Geological profile recording 3.Results of sample study 1.Sample description 2.Results of sample study Field test Drilling Profile recording Surface sampling

17 Models MODELS 1.Soil map of NL, 1:50.000 2.Groundwater ladder map, 1:50.000 3.Soil map 1:10.000 Soil models REGIS-II Hydrogeological models Geomorphological models Geomorphological map of NL, 1:50.000 1.Digital Geological Model 1:250.000 2.DGM-deep, 2,5D grid model and NCP 3.GeoTOP, 3D model upper 30 m Geological models

18 Infrastructure INFRASTRUCTURE 1.Groundwater quantity data 2.Groundwater quality data 3.Groundwater extraction data 4.Fire extinguishing water 5.Mining Act production data 6.Mining Act storage data 7.Heat-Cold storage data 1.Groundwater monitoring 2.Soil quality data 3.Forest soil quality data 1.Mining Act boreholes 2.Other purposes Well Network Borehole Mining Act offshore Production work Water level gauge (surface water data) Pipelines (as stated in Mining Act) Offshore Caverns

19 Rights of use Rights of Use 1.Mineral or natural gas production 2.Storage of substances 3.Detection of minerals or natural gas Mining Act Water Act Erosions 1.Groundwater extraction 2.Geothermal heating & cooling

20 DINO 2010 Head Dino Data managementService deskICT Account managementData processing Policy/info/quality 3 fte 15 fte

21 MinEZ VROM V&W LNV OCW Governance of the NDC Geo Information Program (GIP) Annual Budget 15 10*6€ Geo-InformationCommision National Council for NDR for NDR DINO Mapping Agency Geo-Information Program (GIP) DINOUserCouncil MinEZ OCW VROM V&W LNV IPO Mining Council Industry KNAW Delegated Program Management Director Geological Survey of tHe Netherlands Workgroup E&P

22 GBR Chairman meeting Shallow subsurface data Soil and groundwater quality data Chairman: Fred Olie (a.i.) Royal Haskoning Chairman: Frans Otto Prov.Utrecht Deep Subsurface data Chairman: Solveig Van der Bruggen PetroCanada Geo models Chairman: Gé van den Eertwegh KWR Strategic/ Tactic Operational Chairman: Tirza van Daalen Head department DINO Data Information Organisation – DINO User Council 20042008 Soil and groundwater quality data Chairman: Mart Lucassen BIELLS

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