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Warm-Up 5.1 Know Want to Know Learned.

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1 Warm-Up 5.1 Know Want to Know Learned

2 Andrew Jackson:

3 Champion of the “Common Man”?
Essential Question: Champion of the “Common Man”? “King” Andrew? OR

4 What were the democratic trends in the 19c?

5 Voting Requirements in the Early 19c

6 Voter Turnout:

7 Why Increased Democratization?
White male suffrage increased Party nominating committees. Voters chose their state’s slate of Presidential electors. Spoils system. Rise of Third Parties. Popular campaigning (parades, rallies, floats, etc.) Two-party system returned in the 1832 election: Dem-Reps  Natl. Reps.(1828)  Whigs (1832)  Republicans (1854) Democrats (1828)

8 Jackson's Early Life

9 Jackson’s First Hermitage Residence

10 First Known Painting of Jackson, 1815

11 General Jackson During the Seminole Wars

12 Jackson's First Presidential Run

13 The “Common Man’s” Presidential Candidate

14 William H. Crawford [GA]
Jackson’s Opponents in 1824 Henry Clay [KY] John Quincy Adams [MA] John C. Calhoun [SC] William H. Crawford [GA]

15 Results of the 1824 Election
A “Corrupt Bargain?”

16 What were the key issues in 1828?

17 Rachel Jackson Final Divorce Decree

18 Jackson in Mourning for His Wife

19 1828 Election Results

20 The Center of Population in the Country Moves WEST

21 The New “Jackson Coalition”
The Planter Elite in the South People on the Frontier State Politicians – spoils system Immigrants in the cities.

22 Jackson’s Faith in the “Common Man”
Intense distrust of Eastern “establishment,” monopolies, & special privilege. His heart & soul was with the “plain folk.” Belief that the common man was capable of uncommon achievements.

23 The Reign of “King Mob”

24 Andrew Jackson as President

25 The “Peggy Eaton Affair”

26 The Nullification Issue

27 Sen. Daniel Webster [MA]
The Webster-Hayne Debate Sen. Daniel Webster [MA] Sen. Robert Hayne [SC]

28 1830 Webster: Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.
Jackson: Our Federal Union—it must be preserved. Calhoun: The Union, next to our liberty, most dear.

29 The Tariff Issue

30 1832 Tariff Conflict 1828 --> “Tariff of Abomination”
> new tariff South Carolina’s reaction? Jackson’s response? Clay’s “Compromise” Tariff?

31 Jackson's Native-American Policy

32 Indian Removal Jackson’s Goal? 1830  Indian Removal Act
Cherokee Nation v. GA (1831) * “domestic dependent nation” Worcester v. GA (1832) Jackson: John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!

33 The Cherokee Nation After 1820

34 Indian Removal

35 Trail of Tears ( )

36 Jackson’s Professed “Love” for Native Americans

37 Renewing the Charter of the 1st National Bank

38 Jackson’s Use of Federal Power
VETO 1830  Maysville Road project in KY [state of his political rival, Henry Clay]

39 The National Bank Debate
President Jackson Nicholas Biddle

40 Opposition to the 2nd B.U.S.
“Soft” (paper) $ “Hard” (specie) $ state bankers felt it restrained their banks from issuing bank notes freely. supported rapid economic growth & speculation. felt that coin was the only safe currency. didn’t like any bank that issued bank notes. suspicious of expansion & speculation.

41 The “Monster” Is Destroyed!
“pet banks”? 1832  Jackson vetoed the extension of the 2nd National Bank of the United States. 1836  the charter expired. 1841  the bank went bankrupt!

42 The Downfall of “Mother Bank”
Warm-Up 5.2: The Downfall of “Mother Bank”

43 An 1832 Cartoon: “King Andrew”?

44 1832 Election Results Main Issue?

45 The Specie Circular (1836) “wildcat banks.”
buy future federal land only with gold or silver. Jackson’s goal?

46 Results of the Specie Circular
Banknotes loose their value. Land sales plummeted. Credit not available. Businesses began to fail. Unemployment rose. The Panic of 1837!

47 The 1836 Election Results Martin Van Buren “Old Kinderhook” [O. K.]

48 The Panic of 1837 Spreads Quickly!

49 Andrew Jackson in Retirement

50 Photo of Andrew Jackson in 1844 (one year before his death)

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