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Assignment 3 | MLA Citation

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1 Assignment 3 | MLA Citation

2 Agenda Talk about paper 3 progress finding sources interviews
ELI Review Details MLA Citation basics MLA (ex)citing activity

3 Paper 2 In the midst of grading, doing them as fast as I can.
Taking longer than last paper due to audience responses.

4 Paper #3 How is the source finding coming?
How is the interviewing coming? Take a 5-10 minutes and write me a progress report for this paper ( ). I want to gauge how everyone is doing and find trends to better help everyone in class.

5 ELI Review Thursday What you will need to have completed
At least two pages written A complete outline Reviewers should be able to see your essay from start to finish A small part of your grade is going to be based on your ELI comments

6 Instructor Copy (Now optional)
11/8 Class with be cancelled Optional conferences will be held instead Monday and Tuesday (7th and 8th) You are highly encouraged to make an appointment I will only look at papers if a conference is made

7 MLA Citation Why do we cite?

8 MLA Basics in-text citations works cited page formatting

9 In-text Citations Identify sources used in the paper
Direct the reader to the Works cited paper Distinguish your words from others

10 In-Text Citations In general they go (author page#) e.g (Lauckner 24)
Need name; either Brooks argues (12), or (Brooks 12) Use page numbers if provided

11 Works Cited A separate page in your paper with all your sources
Alphabetical order Hanging indent Clark, Alice L., and George H. Dalrymple. "7.8 BIllion for Everglades Restoration: Why Do Environmentalists Look So Worried?" Population and Environment (2003): Print.

12 Formatting 12-point Times New Roman font Double Spaced 1" Margins
Indented paragraphs Heading and page number

13 Activity As a group, use the resources provided to come up with both a in-text and bibliography citation for each source you brought. Resources Little, Brown Handbook (if you have it on you) Purdue OWL

14 Activity Continued After, I want you to trade citations with another group and I want you to check them for accuracy Then we will meet back for questions.

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