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1 Because Emergencies Dont Wait For Ideal Conditions….

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1 1 Because Emergencies Dont Wait For Ideal Conditions….

2 2 And Problems Can Happen In A Flash… Be Prepared With Products From Landmark Earth Solutions (LES): RIBS trapezoidal flood barrier bags. RIBS installation machines RIBSCage RIBSHopper BarriCage collapsible force structures

3 3 Unique Trapezoidal Flood Barrier Bag Rapid Installation Barrier System (RIBS): Cellular trapezoidal expandable woven polypropylene bag. Shape of the RIBS Bag employs gravity to ensure a tight seal with the ground. Rapid deployment with RIBSCage or the full-length RIBS Hopper unit makes the RIBS system ideal for emergency situations.

4 4 RIBS Flood Defense Bags Strong: Heavy-duty woven polypropylene coated fabric for a water resistant seal. Watertight: Unique trapezoid design creates a downward sealing pressure; RIBS bags seal tighter as water gets higher. Continuous Chain: RIBS Bags are joined together via 3,000 lb tensile strength nylon strapping with metal D-rings. Rapid Installation: RIBS Bags can be used with either the RIBSCage or RIBS Hopper. Mallett Excavating is your certified RIBS installer! Patent # 6,390,154 Segments: 50 w 2 baffle Sizes: Available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 heights. Material: Woven polypropylene coated fabric UV Resistance: 70% after 2,000 hrs Tensile Strength: 390lbs x 360lbs (ASTM D-1682) Puncture Strength: >100lbs (ASTMD-751 with 5/16 hemispherical tip) 4Bag: 4H x 2L x 6W (2 opening); sand fill is 0.8 tons per LF Replaces sandbags, rip rap, etc…

5 RIBSCage: Save Time. Save Property. Quick installation of 2, 3, 4, and 6 heights in tight situations. The lightweight easily maneuverable RIBSCage allows for adaptation to the challenging Colorado terrain. Patent Pending Portable RIBSCage Installation Unit Ask about our turn-key installation!

6 6 RIBS 10 Hopper Installation Unit Patent # 6,637,474 RIBS Installation Unit Hopper: 1.5 deep x 3 wide x 10 long Fills: 5 cells (10) at a time Adjustable wheel/skid height to match bag size. RIBSHopper: Save Time. Save Property. Quick installation of 3, 4, and 6 heights. Heavy gauge steel construction allows it to handle rough rocky terrain.

7 7 Stronger Under Pressure RIBS Testing-ERDC (2/28/11- 3/10/11) Waves 2 to 12 RIBS no effect on seepage, no movement Sandbags repeatedly damaged by waves Overtopping RIBS some initial loss, then stabilized, no movement Sandbags Failed * Unaltered product. USACE Testing Proves It: The patented RIBS bags get stronger under pressure. …The barrier appeared to be completely stable and was not significantly affected by the hydrostatic forces, wave action, overtopping, or debris impact. source: ERDC test report

8 8 Protecting Property Mallett Excavating is ready to protect your property… Location: Silver Fox Ranch. Application: The RIBS bags were installed using the 6 RIBSCage. Results: Secure RIBS barrier installed with help from Mallett Excavating.

9 RIBS Flood Barrier Options RIBS Flood Defense Bag: Replaces laborious and time- consuming sandbags Tested and proven to hold back flood waters Patented trapezoidal design Full-Length RIBSHopper: Heavy duty steel construction. Load, fill, and go design RIBSCage: Portable lightweight units Available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 heights. Perfect for tight rocky conditions Mallett Excavating is ready to serve your needs. Call us today…

10 10 The BarriCage BarriCage is your Hesco alternative. BarriCage is a collapsible force structure that is durable and versatile. Key features Connecting pins to link individual units No limit to length of connected units Designed for easy removal Reusable

11 11 BarriCage Options A stackable 3 and 4 BarriCage flood products are available for use. BarriCage Flood is available in 3 and 4 stackable heights. With BarriCage connecting pins, units can be safely and quickly connected, creating true versatility. BarriCage is made with 8 and 6 gauge aluminum-zinc-coated steel wire. A heavy non-woven geotextile fabric lines each unit.

12 12 Because Emergencies Dont Wait For Ideal Conditions…. contact Mallett Excavating at 719.687.6920 Flood barriers, including RIBS, when properly installed in accordance with manufacturers specifications can significantly decrease the risk of damage due to flooding; however, neither RIBS nor other flood barrier products are intended to or can prevent all flooding. Any deployment of RIBS must be (1) carefully designed by professionals familiar with the specifics of the site of application, circumstances surrounding the particular flooding risk and the RIBS specifications and (2) installed by competent installers familiar with RIBS installation techniques. Landmark Earth Solutions makes no representations or warranties concerning the appropriateness or performance of the RIBS technology at any particular site or in any particular situation and shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect selection, use, or deployment of the product. As with all flood barriers, unanticipated site characteristics or water conditions, misuse of the product or failure to properly follow the instructions can lead to severe flooding, property damage, injury and deaths. Emergency planning and actions must take into account the potential of barrier failure. For information concerning the Limited Warranty made by Landmark and product and installation specifications please see

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