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April 2012 Insert a picture here Characterisation Services Developments Nuvia, NNL and Canberra Framework

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1 April 2012 Insert a picture here Characterisation Services Developments Nuvia, NNL and Canberra Framework (

2 Health Physics April 2010 2 Introduction 14:30 – Characterisation Service Developments – Representatives from Nuvia Ltd, Serco Ltd (Dave Worrall) and Babcock International Ltd Nuvia first on – so Ill try and keep to time.. Nuvia head one framework with partners of NNL and Canberra NNL laboratory – large handling capacity - samples Canberra portable systems, gamma camera and neutron detection Nuvia bulk systems for big projects 1 Waste Characterisation Services 2 Transport Services 3 Very Low Level Waste Disposal Services

3 Health Physics April 2010 3 Nuvia Framework The existing capabilities – of NNL lab – and Canberra Instruments – equipment and service supply - are pretty well known As are those of Nuvia who generally use characterisation in support of big engineering remediation projects – so Ive concentrated on what is new and what has been done under this framework contract Put another way seeing I have limited time Ive just done a few slides on some of the newer capabilities rather than the baseload capabilities I suppose it is worth mentioning that because of the nature of the industry in some of the more interesting and progressive areas there is some competition in newer technologies – as there should be.

4 Health Physics April 2010 4 NNL Main resource under the contract is the capability to open and sample containers – drums/HHISOs and perform laboratory analysis to UKAS standards for radiochemical and chemical species. Newer areas – ILW analysis – this will become more important in differentiation between the higher level LLW and ILW. Preparation of samples for radiochemical, physical and analytical characterisation. Activity levels up to 20mSv h -1 gamma Visual assessment of samples. Diverse sample matrices handled. Analysts with high level of experience Handling of dry active material.

5 Health Physics April 2010 5 NNL - RadBall®: The Technology RadBall® is a novel, passive, radiation detection device which provides 3D visualisation of radiation from areas where effective measurements have not been previously possible.

6 Health Physics April 2010 6 Canberra Contract – portable and fixed measurement systems – HHISO monitor at LLWR Drum/Container assay Gamma cameras – neutron measurements Technical consultancy – computer modelling etc.

7 Health Physics April 2010 7 New for the UK market - Canberra Mobile Characterisation Services. Extensive experience of trailer-based assay system deployment for US DoE sites. Can extend to UK.

8 Health Physics April 2010 8 Nuvia capability Ive delayed that until a short section to discuss characterisation.

9 Health Physics April 2010 99 Are we sure what we actually want from waste characterisation? My favourite quote from Tom and Jerry Spike – Son, dogs bury bones Tyke – Why Dad? Spike – I dunno son, but dogs bury bones Is it the same with waste characterisation – do we do something because weve always done it? New contract should make everybody think!.

10 Health Physics April 2010 10 Characterisation For my last talk on this subject I said to Richard Hunter there were about 20 different talks I could give on this topic However as the key issue I think it has to be appreciated that characterisation is one small – but very important – factor in the whole waste management plan for a particular project. In the past this has sometimes been somewhat piecemeal – temporary PCM stores with no real plan – FISPIN characterisation for fission product wastes that are then exposed to rain so most of the Sr90 disappears – gross techniques for fingerprints – lack of process between decommissioning, waste and assay teams. So if we now look at checking some of these stored characterised wastes there may well be a few surprises in store Im afraid. Or putting it another way – Tradition – versus more modern measurement methods Hopefully things are better nowadays – but it does need the overall waste management plan of the complete process

11 Health Physics April 2010 11 Aim of this section of the meeting Two issues for this session:- a/ What is there that people have used and will use to characterise wastes in the first place …or in other words the first characterisation measurement? b/ Experience of working on the second measurement under the LLWR framework contract – and also in the case of this particular talk the EA framework contract And of course – whose measurement is right? – what does a difference in the results mean? – who is liable?

12 Health Physics April 2010 12 Requirements Waste costs are now real! For some sites they were not in the past. You have to actually demonstrate what you have got to LLWR/EA/SEPA satisfaction. LLWR reducing total volume of waste from 4Mm 3 to 1Mm 3 so a LOT of waste is going elsewhere and there is a LOT of waste to characterise!

13 Health Physics April 2010 13 Bigger unit volumes - drum to bag monitoring In 2005 Bulk Monitoring Workshop at NPL Agreement to use 1m 3 bags PROVIDED there wasnt something nasty in the middle! That means one has to be confident there arent any big point sources. Monitor land – or HP monitoring or specific items of buildings Conveyor or trench monitoring

14 Health Physics April 2010 14 To ensure bulk waste had no large point nasty sources Conveyor for radium dials sorting Chernobyl conveyor 10mSv/h at 10cm (!) Video on stall Trench Monitoring

15 Health Physics April 2010 15 GEM - Bulk Monitoring - Spoil Heap Bucket Monitoring in CZ6 at OP NICOLE winner 2010 - Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe Video on stall

16 Health Physics April 2010 16 HiRAM Bag monitoring – old and new trailer mounted system Over 20,000 bags (and 20,000 drums) and counting – videos. PACTEC bags on right.

17 Health Physics April 2010 17 Remediation of large contaminated site – units m 3. General land and spoil monitoring - over 2M Conveyor – 200,000 – radium dials mainly Plus Chernobyl system GEM bag monitor – 20,000 HiRAM – 600

18 Health Physics April 2010 18 Building clearance - DQO/VSP – or whole room measurement Delicensing issues – Oldbury and Harwell

19 Health Physics April 2010 19 Challenges with characterisation measurements NDA DRP LOT 3 – Site Clearance R&D – Dave Worrall of SERCO will say more about this in the next talk Tradition – some wastes have been tried to be characterised for over 20 years – and still havent been because of the approach. Tradition – some wastes characterised by some interesting approaches in the past – and still await off site disposal Large area light items such as ducting – suggest R&D effort Pu contaminated materials – Nuvia/RSRL papers at ICEM 2011 – RSRL DO NOT have a temporary PCM store – others do! Mixed ILW and LLW wastes – nimonic springs – control rods in vaults New limits – can be hard to achieve

20 Health Physics April 2010 20 New challenges of mixed ILW and LLW wastes - 3D and 2D mapping 3D - In vaults – 2D - nimonic springs in MAGNOX swarf IAEA approved method

21 Health Physics April 2010 21 Nuvia Support to New Routes for VLLW/ LA-LLW In order to divert waste from the LLWR vaults one option is to utilise landfill routes permitted by the EA to take VLLW and also Low Activity LLW. One such route recently opened is the ENRMF facility operated by Augean plc. For the nuclear industry this route is available through a service provision offered by LLWR which also includes other similar routes Augean plc, RSRL and LLWR will no doubt provide more details on recent developments at this conference… However…

22 Health Physics April 2010 22 Nuvia HiRAM measurements Nuvia assurance monitored the first nuclear industry wastes to go to the new ENRMF route from RSRL, for the EA, before the VLLW was disposed through a service provided by LLWR, to be sent to ENRMF. This was reassurance monitoring for the regulator in addition to the work completed to characterise the waste by RSRL

23 Health Physics April 2010 23 Stoneyhill VLLW Nuvia SITA NORM plant at Stoneyhill became fully operational on the 5 October 2012. To date it has carried out descaling for 4 North Sea operators on a variety of contaminated components. These include tanks and piping and we are currently in negotiations for dealing with larger components such as risers and Christmas trees. Nuvia SITA NORM is staffed with fully qualified personnel and managed by Ewan Hill. The facility has two high pressure water jetting containments and substantial layup and strip down areas. The waste products are conditioned in cement and steel drums suitable for land disposal.

24 Health Physics April 2010 24 Radium scale processing at Stoneyhill

25 Health Physics April 2010 25 The End Hope this was the sort of thing required Either questions now/later? or….. ….over to Dave Worrall

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