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Hey ya’ll’ Life’s a Pitch. Hey ya’ll’ Life’s a Pitch.

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2 Hey ya’ll’ Life’s a Pitch

3 Selling is Simple ____________

4 Pre-Call R________ P________

5 The Sales Call High level sales call Real world

6 Post Call E_______ I________

7 Research 4 Things we need to know: P______ C______

8 Research - Product Audience ________________ ________________the best
Fishing Gym Your ____________

9 Research - Prospects M A N What is a prospect?
Everybody else is a ________? M A N

10 3:1 Research - Prospects - ____Suspects - ____ Prospects
How many do you need? What is the working ratio? Where do you find them? - ____Suspects - ____ Prospects - ____ Prospects - ____ Sale ____ - ____ Contract 3:1

11 List Prospects working – 100
Go to your Planner Mathernes Grocery List Prospects working – 100

12 Research - Customer What do we need to know about the customer before we make the call? Name of the gatekeeper____________ Name of the decision maker or influencer Know the name of the business owner Know something about the business

13 Research - Customer How do we get the information we need to know about the client? _________________

14 Research - Customer The best way to ask for information is to say:
Hi! My name is ________ with _____________ What is your name? We want to send information about advertising to the person responsible for advertising. Who makes the advertising decisions? What is their position? Who owns the business and how do you spell that?


16 You value in the market just went up
Mathernes Grocery William Henry Mike Smith Beth More 1381 Forest Dr $700 Call client and get the name of the Decision Maker, Owner, Receptionist, person behind the cash register, etc.

17 Research - Competition
Who are they?__________________________ How much do they_______? What is their __________________ & _________________? What is the other media’s? ______ / ___________ / __________ Where can you find this information? Call and ask Agencies Published rates All other media companies Cost Strength Weakness Reach Frequency Circulation

18 Pre-Call Research Plan

19 Plan ________________ You better have a plan for your next step ..or


21 The Sales Call What’s a good day? 10 5 3 2 Have you ever done this?

22 The Sales Call How do you make the call P O G C A

23 The Sales Call Advertising How do you advertise now?
What percent of your advertising goes into___________________________? What is your annual_________? What is your _______promotion? What is your _________? What are your best _______months? When do you need the most ______?

24 The Quick Sales Call I would like to show you what your competition is doing We had a client just like you…

25 Post Call Evaluate Important

26 Post Call - Evaluate How ___________the call go?
What did I do ___________ What could I do ______________ next time?

27 What’s Important

28 Thank you

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