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A slide presentation by Mr. Woodward

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1 A slide presentation by Mr. Woodward
Why Study History? A slide presentation by Mr. Woodward

2 We study history because it is fascinating!

3 How were the pyramids built?

4 People to settle in the Americas?
Who were the first People to settle in the Americas?

5 How many people built the Great Wall of China?

6 What were the Crusades like?

7 What would it be like to travel back into history?

8 What will be our impact on the future?

9 History tells the story of real people

10 History studies writing: Ancient Hieroglyphics

11 History studies the struggle for equality: the march in Selma, Alabama

12 History studies primary sources

13 History studies artifacts: an object made by human beings long ago.
the Roman Coliseum

14 History investigates, what kind of food did people eat?

15 How did people write?

16 What are we doing this century…how will this change history?

17 Are we adding to traffic and congestion?

18 What about pollution?

19 What about these leaders, did they change history?

20 What about you? What will be your “mark” in history?

21 Problem solving in the past provides insights to the future


23 The spread of Democracy requires informed people

24 The past has an impact on us today

25 What would modern cities look like without the invention of skyscrapers?

26 How would we get around?

27 How would we interact on a global scale?

28 How has religion shaped history?

29 We learn from our past mistakes

30 Genocide


32 Nuclear Weapons…

33 What will history say are the mistakes of today?
Iraqi war? Sudanese genocide? Burning of the rainforest? Car pollution? Election of President Clinton? George W. Bush? China’s rapid modernization? Hurricane Katrina? Only time will answer these questions.

34 The Olympics

35 UN General Assembly

36 Arab League

37 G-8 Summit

38 We are a world of diversity…

39 Lets watch a short movie about history

40 What do you think the artist, Billy Joel was trying to say in his song?

41 Now it is time for your assignment… you just received an e-mail from a friend.


43 You are to complete two parts to this assignment.
Part 1 You are to examine a variety of web resources on why we study history: Why Teach History? Why Study History? What is History and Why Should We Care? Why Study History Essay On History...History Quotes Studying the Past History Case Studies You are responsible for examining all the web pages supplied by your teacher. You are to complete the note taking guide following your teacher’s instructions. You must provide at least one reason from each different web site. Have your teacher examine your note taking sheet before you go on to Part 2.

44 Part 2 You are to compose your own to a friend telling them why they are wrong about saying history is a waste of time. Be sure to include at least 7 reasons why they are wrong. Hint: use your note taking ditto. Examine the following link on how to write an using etiquette.

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