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PHOTOJOURNALISM REVIEW Dr. Kristen Landreville Mon. 9/27/10.

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1 PHOTOJOURNALISM REVIEW Dr. Kristen Landreville Mon. 9/27/10

2 Photojournalism Review Sports Action Tom – Feet up, head down Anna – Defense Sports Feature Bailey – School Spirit Bailey – Gameday Pride Feature Dyann – Just Waiting Tom – Trespassing for music Adrienne – Free Bird Portrait Tom – Wind in the hair Courtney – Girls Best Friend


4 Website Template Home page: Discipline page template: Story page template

5 Example php?id=146 php?id=146 Troy Elias Moon Lee Clay Calvert Whats different in your project: 650-850 words Need chunks

6 Reminders of how to write good news stories. News Writing Basics

7 Characteristics of News Stories Short, concise Sentences are usually only 15 to 35 words long. Paragraphs are usually 2 to 5 sentences. Use quotes every 3 to 5 paragraphs Interesting language and style, yet clear. Strong lead to grab readers attention.

8 Steps to Good Writing 1. Identify the focus or main idea from notes What are the basics? How would you tell a friend? 2. Locate the material that supports, explains, amplifies the main idea 3. Organize the secondary material in order of importance 4. As you write, make sure the separate elements are linked with transitions and transitional quotes.

9 Steps for Good Writing 5. Read the completed story to make sure you have explained the lead. 6. Read the completed story for accuracy, brevity and clarity 7. Read the story for grammar, style and word usage 8. If steps 5 through 7 indicate problems, rewrite

10 Personality Profile Basics

11 Personality Profile Excerpt A student reporter wrote this: Don Shebers leathery, cracked hands have been sculpted by decades of wrestling a living from the earth. But this year, despite work that often stretches late into the evening, the moisture-starved soil has yielded little for Sheber and his family. Shebers hands tugged at the control levers on his John Deere combine last week as rotating blades harvested the thin strands of wheat that have grown to less than a foot high…

12 Personality Profile Writing Find a theme Show people doing things Set a scene Let them talk Let the action and the dialogue carry the piece Keep the piece moving Weave strong quotes throughout

13 Personality Profile Writing Use concrete details rather than vague adjectives Observe or ask questions involving all your senses Not in chronological order You can tell a story like a plot (with a beginning, middle and climax) Use foreshadowing Insert biographical information (e.g., age, residence, hometown) where and when they make sense in the story Kicker sometimes wraps up the story and ties back with the lead

14 Your Job! No such thing as an uninteresting person! Your job: Research and interview the professor to obtain most interesting tidbits Present to readers a snapshot of a life using interviews, observations and creative writing Convey importance and uniqueness of professor

15 Personality Profiles – Leads Can be more than paragraph Should reflect the theme Can be anecdotala memorable story that represents the professor Can be a scene describing a setting that reflects the professor Avoid beginning with a quote unless it is very powerful

16 Personality Profiles – Format The story can be organized in many ways: 1. Time frames: Start with present, go to the past, go back to the present, and end with the future. 2. Chronology: Dont write the whole story in chronological order, but some part of the story is OK 3. Sections: Sectioning into specific aspects of the persons life may work.

17 Personality Profiles - Hints Include a quote every three paragraphs or so Dont bury quotes in the middle or end of a paragraph. Use active voice Have you answered the readers possible questions about this person? End with a strong quote or paraphrased statement that reflects the person well

18 GOAL Method The secret to writing a good profile is getting to know the person Use the GOAL Method G = Goals What were your original goals? What are your next goals? O = Obstacles What obstacles did you face in accomplishing your goals, and what new problems loom? A = Achievements What pleasure or problems have these achievements brought? L = Logistics What background (logistics of who, what, where, when) led to your current situation?

19 Example Interview Questions 1. How did you get involved in this…? 2. What made you decide to…? 3. Whats been your best experience? 4. Whats been your most difficult, disappointing, upsetting experience? 5. Explain a typical ______ (insert theme of story). 6. What advice would you have for someone who is interested in…?

20 The Word Still Dominates Storytelling for the Web

21 Writing Style for Headlines Entice readers Reflect the overall story for search engine optimization Use conversational language If you use a catchy headline, be sure to include a literal secondary headline Can use concise bullet points with main facts Example: Do-Re-Mi promotes a feeling of we Music can encourage children to cooperate

22 Writing Style for Online Stories Still newswriting, but with these exceptions… We dont read, we scan. Include short subheads that chunk the story Hybrid Writing Tight, punchy, and colorful like broadcast news Subject > Verb > Object (active voice) More detail like newspapers

23 Examples Good Science Story Good Technology Story About/124607/ About/124607/ Bad Example Big/124335/ Big/124335/

24 Linking Purpose of Links Background and related information to professor Example: Former universities (Colorado State University) Where you got your story information or sources Example: UW faculty members homepage Web sites of people or organizations you mentioned in the story Example: UW faculty mentions a professional organization (National Communication Association) News stories published about faculty member Example: Laramie Boomerang quoted this person or did a story on them before

25 Linking Issues Be specific about your links Within the story, highlight the word or phrase you want to link to (not the whole sentence) Ensure the word or phrase is exactly what the user will expect to appear Limit linking to a handful of VIPs Dont want to lead users away from your story

26 For Next Time… Dreamweaver Basics

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