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1 Huawei Devices Presentation

2 Who are we…

3 Huawei Device’s Strategy
Smart Device MBB / Handset Connected Home Solution Industry / Enterprise Device Smart Device Simple World Simple to use Simple to connect Simple to operate Huawei is focused on creating a smart device which is simple to use, making life more convenient. And to ensure that the network is optimized to support these devices and provide access to a large number of applications and services, thus creating a simple world. FMC / Indoor / Outdoor Connection Multimode / Multiband Apps Online update TMS DSM / Hispace Hosting Center

4 Huawei Device’s Product Portfolio
MBB Handset Convergence Huawei Device Co., Ltd.’s products cover a wide range of market sectors including mobile phones, mobile broadband devices, and home devices. Our products also include the Hi Space App Store and the Management Cloud, which are solutions that make devices smarter and easier to use. With our primary focus on the consumers, Huawei Device is committed to creating the most influential smart device brands in the world, providing user-friendly mobile Internet experiences. As of the end of 2010, Huawei Device‘s products were available through more than 500 operators all over the world. Huawei Device has established strategic partnerships with many of the world’s leading operators including Telefónica, China Mobile, Vodafone, T-Mobile, BT, China Telecom, NTT Docomo, France Telecom, and China Unicom. August 2010: Huawei’s shipments pass 100 million mobile broadband devices and it has nearly 50% of the global market share. At this point, Huawei has been the leader in market share in the industry for 3 years. September 2010: Huawei announces IDEOS, the world’s first affordable smartphone with Google, at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) in Germany. March 2011: More than one million C8500 smartphones were sold in China within the first 100 days of availability. Mobile Broadband No.1 in global market with 55% Share Android Top5 in global smart phone market with about 9% Share 2011Q1 3G Gateway No. 1 in global market FWT No. 1 in global market with 35% Share

5 Huawei Device in Africa
Full Covered Service Network in Africa Huawei as a reliable, long term partner. Partnerships with top operators across Africa, such as MTN, Vodacom, Bharti, Safaricom, ET. Leading position in terminal industry of Africa High level repair center Authorized service agent MBB Market Share Handset Market Share Handset Market Share Various support systems for our customers, such as Market Cooperation, On Site Support, Local Service & Training. Home Convergence Market Share Smart Phone Market Share in Kenya

6 Where are we going…

7 Brand Story... in B2B Where we have come from ... our brand story
One of the world's most innovative technology brands We have always been driven by a desire to do things differently, to do things better. It’s not surprising, then, that all of the world’s leading mobile phone operators speak highly of us. You don’t get to become the world’s leading B2B communications brand if you are not simply the best in the business. Not only can we supply the most innovative, cost-efficient technical solutions, we can also design, build and install tailored system enhancements that make the end-user’s life that bit more pleasurable and the clients technical and financial directors’ day quite a little easier. Thanks to this “can do” spirit, when operators the world over pick up the phone to talk to the brand they trust, there’s now a very good chance they will be dialing our number. Where we have come from ... our brand story One of the world's leading communication-infrastructure brands One of the leading OEM suppliers to the communications industry

8 “To be one of the world’s
Where are we going… Where are we going... A B2C brand and a B2B Brand = a “B2P” (Business to people) brand Operators A Business to People (B2P) brand that has strong beliefs, its own style, and a compelling promise “To be one of the world’s top 3 handset brands” “To be one of the world’s top 3 handset brands” Consumers

9 Our Brand Target Audience
Who we need to take with us The key target for our communications Younger Social Networkers (YSNs): The sweet-spot, the “bulls-eye” of those who will buy our products… United by an attitude (more by mindset than a demographic grouping) Know more people (in person) “Know” more people virtually (more friends on Facebook, more active on You Tube) Keener to communicate with others; spend more time communicating via technology More interested in what’s going on in the world; more interested in sharing new ideas More knowledgeable about the technology category and what they can get out of it (how it can make their lives more fun, interesting, entertaining.. Rewarding More likely to use or aspire to use smart phones Shorter replacement cycles for the communications devices they own More receptive to advertising (therefore targeting them more likely to be cost-efficient ) More “brand aware” More likely to influence others

10 Why…

11 Development of Mass Smartphone Trend
2010 2015 M Unit Sketch map Prior to 2010, Smartphones were considered premium products and mostly unaffordable to the masses. Over the coming years, this trend will change and see a massive growth with the mass market smartphone. This means that more people will have access to the features and benefits normally reserved for premium devices. Feature phones will continue to grow and become the basic requirement for lower cost devices. Mass smart phone (smart feature phone) takes market share of middle-high feature phone, total market share of smart phone increase significantly In 2015, the proportion of FP and smart feature phone will be about 2:1, the price segment for smart feature phone is between USD50-90 Feature phone is mainly homogenized gradually as basic phone

12 Mobile OS Trend Development
Explosive growth of mobile internet phones Android platform brings huge internet and App+ usage with only 4% global share in Q3.09; Symbian and RIM own biggest market share ,but the share of web browsing and App+ are very limited; iPhone and Android as typical representatives, growth rapidly HTML web pages browsing market share (Net app,Apr.09) App+ Mobile internet usage market share (AdMob, Apr.09) Global shipment market share (Gartner, Q3.09) percentage There are some many handsets, but which is the most suitable for and could bring big benefits to operators, this bar chart is in 2009, at that time, Android only got 4% of the market share, but it already revealed a higher percentage of website browsing and app downloading, on the contrast, Nokia and Blackberry grasped big market share but a few users download software and use the mobile internet. So it is easy to say, Android is the more suitable platform for increasing ARPU.

13 Smart Phone Market Analysis - Android
OS market share trend: Q to Q4 2010 OS market share: Q2 2011 OS market share trend: Android, over the space of 2 years, has become the No.1 smartphone OS in the USA, and according to IDC forecast, in 2015, Android would take 45% of the smartphone market worldwide. With the growth of Smartphones, Android still has a huge opportunity to grow and achieve this. 1. Nokia 2010 Q2全球发货1.11亿,占据全球36%的市场份额,Nokia在亚太、非洲、拉丁美洲等新兴市场的销售占其总销量74%,全球的边际利润率降到了10%以下。 2. Samsung 全球发货6400万,同比增长22%。北美地区同比增长16%,在北美多个运营商都发布了一系列的QWERTY 和触摸屏手机。但在西欧出现-3%的负增长,对其全球的边际利润率产生影响。 3. LG 全球发货3100万,仅同比增长3%,低于业界平均水平。LG在3G智能机缺失,以及在中端2G市场上遭遇 的激烈竞争。西欧是LG在Q2的亮点,19%的同比增长,主要是因为Lollipop,和Cookie型号的强烈需求。 4. Rim 仍然在本季度保持第四的位置,发货1100多万。RIM在北美市场上受到Apple和Android强大的竞争,新的Blackberry 6 OS和Torch机型,并未引起美国消费者的追捧,市占率降到了11%。但在西欧、东欧、非洲、亚洲和拉美的销量都出现了成倍的增长,其安全邮件服务和数据压缩收到高端消费者和运营商的欢迎。 5. SE 全球共卖出1100万部,同比下降20%。虽然市占率已经比去年减半到了6%,SE连续2个季度盈利的报告说明其专注于高端3G的策略起了作用。SA认为SE应该在2011年盈利状况变好后,对其3G的服务和App store进行投入。 6. ZTE 曾在Q1时处于全球市占率第5的位置,Q2发货接近1100万,排名第6。在新兴市场,尤其是非洲、中东是ZTE的主要产粮区。 7. 之后分别是Apple,Moto,TCL-Alcatel,然后是我司。值得一提的是TCL-Alcatel,发货800万,同比增长250%,得益于其在零售市场份额和低端2G产品的增长。TCL在中南美有强劲的增长,从3%增长到10%;非洲和中东为5%。 Share of Android platform increased dramatically, listed No.1 with 33% in all shipped smart phone 2010 2010, the total shipment of smart phones is 302M, Android phones is 69M ( ABI Research ) 2011, the shipment of Android phones would be above 100M units

14 Our Success…

15 IDEOS Case in Kenya Hot Sale: The sales of Huawei handsets increased steadily,Safaricom was satisfied with what we did and decided to stimulate the market with entry Android phone to increase DATA ARPU. This initiated an opening order of 60k units. Shortly after it’s launch in January 2011, the Huawei IDEOS surpassed Nokia and became the number 1 selling handset in Kenya with a volume share of 73%. This resulted in a further order of 150k units from Safaricom. According to the GfK Group, Huawei's market share in the smartphone market in Kenya climbed to 45.4% and 67% in January and February 2011, respectively. This marked the first time that Huawei ranked first in the smartphone market in any country. As Huawei's handset partner in Kenya, Safaricom, the biggest operator in Kenya, was impressed by Huawei's success in bringing IDEOS to the Kenyan market as well as the IDEOS’ role in improving users' 3G data service experiences. As was reported, IDEOS has been the smartphone of choice for young people since it went to market in December in 2010, and it has become a bestselling phone in Kenya. According to the GfK Group, IDEOS has played a positive role in promoting the overall development of smartphones in Kenya and it has increased the market share of smartphones by at least 3%. IDEOS in Market IDEOS Launch Event in 19th Jan

16 How do we plan to get there?

17 Long term investment, steady cooperation partnership
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Android pre-study The first Android ODM Handset Anti-fragmentation Agreement Join Android camp Launch Pulse with TMO Tier 1 vendor of Google OS release The first entry level Android phone with Google Brand Tightly cooperation with rich products Android 2.1 (Eclair) Android 2.2 (Froyo) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) Jan,2010 June,2010 Assumption:Q4,2010 Assumption:Q2,2011 U8100 Éclair Ideos Froyo IDEOS X5 Vision Jan,2010 Apr,2010 Sep,2010 Jun,2011 Q2,2011 Q3,2011 17

18 Huawei Smart phone - Join 10 million club
Business Young Social Networkers IDEOS X5 IDEOS X3 Boulder Sonic Gaga Flagship Elite Mass Over the next three years, smartphone sales will continue to grow rapidly at a projected compound annual growth rate of 23%. Among all smartphones, those running the Android operating system are expected to have the fastest growth. By 2014, Android will become the world's most widely used operating system for smartphones. Huawei Device will cooperate with Google and continue to provide a full range (including flagship, quality, and general series) of smartphones that offer remarkable user experiences. Huawei Device will use innovative product specifications and the latest version of Android to provide extraordinary and rich mobile Internet services. In 2011, the global market volume of Android smartphones will reach 100 million units, and Huawei Device Co., Ltd. will strive to sell 10 million units. Brand recognition High Quality Build up IDEOS family Differentiated QWERTY style focus on business market Improve experience with 3.2”-3.5” Android phone 2.8” Android phone instead middle-high feature phone; bring more smart phone users and help increase ARPU

19 Message Phone 2011 for Young & Business
G/U6150 G6005 Mail + Wi-Fi SNS Mass Young fashion group; Super slim Integrated SNS Young business segment; Business solution For students who upgrading handset

20 Home Convergence Device
Complete Solution for Home and SME: 3 Centers Access & Connect Center Entertainment & Media Center Control & Auto Center Access Products: Totally 80M Units FWT Products: 12M Units in 2010 STB Products: 8M Units PO in 2010 S7 Tablet: 15 Countries in 2010 WHG VHG Cable Modem 2 Clouds Management Cloud App & Service Cloud Hybrid STB Control & Auto Center Access Center Media Center Indoor Connection Phone/Terminal/Cordless Home Solution Business Solution PCO Solution Long Distance Coverage Solution DECT 3G Router Interactive HD STB Huawei Device will provide connected home solutions centered around home connection, entertainment, and control through its three centers (connection, media, control) and two clouds (service and management clouds) strategy in order to offer consistent user experiences and networking design. Video-centered media and entertainment services hot topics for the future for home services. WiFi Adapter/Repeater SD STB PLC Tablet

21 IDEOS Tablet S7 Slim Multi-touch screen GMS & Abundant service
720P HD Video Play OS Android 2.2(Froyo) CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz Screen 7 inch WVGA (800*480), Capacitive screen Camera Front:0.3M Back: 3.2M Wireless HSUPA DL: 7.2M / UL: 5.76M WiFi: b/g/n Interface Micro SD, Micro USB, power jack, earphone jack, Micro HDMI Battery 3250mAh (5 hours work tome for 720P HD video playback) Dimension 12.5mm, ~450g Video Music Photo Calling SNS News Info Control Game Message 1.Tablet,TV,Smartphone可实现统一UI的家庭体验。通过媒体中心可实现媒体内容的共享和智能控制,Smartphone和Tablet均可作为TV遥控器。 2.在传统的3play或者说Multiplay的基础上,提供更加精彩和友好的的业务体验。 3.控制中心可支持Tablet实现家庭网络终端故障的诊断和管理。 4.Tablet可通过接入中心控制家庭中的终端设备。

22 Liza de Wet – 082 997 0656 Enrich people’s life through communication
Smart Device ( MBB \ Handset \Convergence \ Video) Simple World Our Huawei vision is enriching lift through communication, the duty of huawei device is to make the communication easier and more effective, we want to bring good experience to end users base on our smart platform, and bring a simple world to everyone. Liza de Wet –

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