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1 Seminar O n morphing

2 Introduction How morphing works ? Types of morphing Application of morphing Benefits of morphing conclusion CONTENTS

3 What is morphing? The term morphing stands for metamorphosing and refers to an animation technique in which one graphical object is gradually turned into another. Simply speaking the tween of an object in between two existing objects is called morphing.

4 What is tweening ? Tweening means to insert between other things or parts, or to estimate values of a function between to known values. Ex we can tween a straight line between two straight lines.

5 Find midpoints between A 1, A 2 and B 1, B 2 and name them A 3 and B 3, respectively. Join A 3 and B 3 to form the in between line. A1A2 B1 B2


7 HOW MORPHING WORKS ? The morph between command is only active when exciting two objects are selected at the same time. It performs a linear morph between the two objects with a specified number of interim steps. The working of morphing based on the algorithm which described below.

8 Morphing algorithm Warp Color dissolve Mapping

9 WARP :- It is the process of rotating, squeezing,stretching or shearing of image pixels so that the source image matches with the target image in a sequence. Ex;-image is warped using a straight line using warped vector


11 BLACK WHITE GREEN RED Color dissolve Before we present the formulation of color dissolve, let us discuss some basics! A particular color is considered to be a vector in the orthogonal axes system as shown in the figure below. The three axes represent the true red, green and blue colours, commonly known as RGB space

12 Color (r,g,b) denotes a vector from the origin to a point(r,g,b) in the RGB coordinate space. The origin with r=0,g=0,and b=0 is conveniently considered as black. Two color (vectors ) say (r 1, g 1, b 1 ) and (r 2, g 2, b 2 ) the average or midpoint is {r m, g m, b m }={(r 1 + r 2 ) / 2, ( g 1 + g 2 ) / 2, ( b 1 + b 2 ) / 2} Contd..

13 Mapping :- It defines transformation which maps every point (x,y) in the source coordinates to the corresponding point (x,y) in the destination coordinates ( or vice versa,if invertible). (x, y) The warping and color dissolve process are combinely known as mapping

14 Types of morphing There two types of morphing >> Image morphing >> view morphing

15 Image morphing Image morphing is the animated transformation of one digital image to other. In this morphing,the first image is gradually distored and is faded out while as the second image starts out and is faded in.




19 What is transformation ?: Transformation T: ( x, y) -> ( x,y ) which defines the spatial relationship between two images. ( x,y ) = T ( x,y ) = ( x, y) + u( x, y ).. (X,Y ). Image A A IMAGE B









28 View Morphing The morphing which does not cause any distortion is called view morphing. View morphing is able to preserves 3D shape. cameras are parallel scene has no depth.

29 View Morphing Example

30 Application of morphing Audio morphing Air craft morphing

31 Morphing audio principle Context of lost : Previous Frame Frame A Missing SignalNext Frame Frame B Voiced / Unvoiced strategy Pitch estimation Frame A : P0 Pitch estimation Frame B : P1 UV V V VV Frame B Frame A P0, P1 P0, P1 = P0 P0 = P1, P1 Unvoiced signal When missing signal is defined as unvoiced, Frame A is copied to missing signal or comfort noise is generated

32 Smoothing.... …. …….. ……. Frame A Frame B Synthesis Frame Each block is then copied in the synthesis frame. Blocks concaténation and smoothing BK0 BK1 BKi BK(n-1)

33 Morphing audio principle Some results of concealed signal Behaviour of the morphing technique during a transition frame (30ms) for male speech signal. Original frame Nb sample Conceal frame Nb sample

34 Proposed technique improves the quality of the frame correction for strong lost rate (5 % and 10 %); Morphing audio adds latency (Frame B is required). Another modelisation are possible and voiced condition can be controlled to improve restitution quality. Advantages of this technique

35 Air craft morphing To tailor design for different mach ranges. (I) Landing (II ) Take-off (III) cruise

36 Conclusion:- What I discussed so far,these are only the abstract views of morphing. But in realistic world, morphing technique is very hard to implement. So being a software professionals we should aware of the minimum knowledge regarding morphing. Because it will help us in future if any body have an aim to design dynamic images in more advance form.


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