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East Valley High School Class of 2015 Expectations Assembly

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1 East Valley High School Class of 2015 Expectations Assembly
Ms. Carrie Allen, Principal “Home of the Falcons” Presented by The Counseling Department

2 Administrative Staff Ms. Allen Principal Ms. Williams
Assistant Principal

3 Counseling Staff

4 Counseling Department
Ms. Leaños- College Counselor and AVID +A-B Ms. Dumani-LEP + C-GD Ms. Lobel-Weiss-GE-Z Ms. Brown- Attendance Counselor

5 Graduation Requirements for Class of 2015
Social Studies– 30 credits English- 40 credits Mathematics- 20 credits College Prep *Through Geometry* Lab Science- 20 credits Biological Science-10 credits Physical Science-10 credits Visual/Performing Arts- 10 credits Electives- 75 credits Applied Technology- 10 credits PE- 20 credits Health- 5 credits Computer Literacy Career Pathway Service Learning Senior Portfolio CAHSEE- Pass ELA and Math Total Credits needed to graduate – 230

6 A-G Minimum Subject Requirements
A. Social Science – 2 years B. English – 4 years C. Mathematics – 3 years D. Science – 2 years E. Language other than English (LOTE) – 2 years F. Visual & Performing Arts – 1 year (in sequence) G. College Prep Elective – 1 year (G or A-F courses not considered introductory level)

7 Class of 2015 Credits to Promote
55 Credits – 10th Grade 110 Credits – 11th Grade 170 Credits - 12th Grade 230 Credits – To Graduate High School

8 Advanced Placement Courses (AP)
AP World History AP US History AP Government AP English Language AP English Literature AP Biology AP Studio Art AP Spanish Language AP Calculus

9 Honors Courses H English 9 H English 10 H Biology H Chemistry
H Geography H Economics H Adv Comp H Lit Analysis

10 Take a College Class at EVHS
Sociology will begin on September 9th Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 2p.m.-3:50 p.m. Great way to earn 3.0 college credits Looks very favorable on college application Must have 4th and 8th period off

11 Adult School Must be at least 16 years old to attend
Independent after school class that meets off site See your counselor for an application

12 Work Permit Policy Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA with no F’s in any class on the most current progress report/report card. No more than 2 U’s on the most current progress report/report card. Maintain a good daily attendance record in all classes. Maintain an appropriate discipline record at school, 10 weeks prior to issuance. Must have grade level credits prior to issuance or wait until next grading period. Understand that student’s grades and attendance will be monitored through out the year. If the student does not meet the above requirements, his/her work permit will be revoked! Agree that school is the priority over work. See your counselor for an application when actively searching for employment

13 Student Attendance Goals
Far Below Basic Below Basic Basic Proficient Advanced Less than 87% % 92 – 95% % 100% 25 or more absences 15-24 absences 8-14 absences 1-7 absences 0 absences MORE LIKELY TO ACHIEVE AT GRADE LEVEL AND GRADUATE! Attendance Performance Meter Goals At least 71% of students school-wide maintaining Proficient or Advanced Attendance (96% or higher)

14 What is Excellent Attendance?
The LAUSD’s goal is for ALL students to attend at a rate of 96% or higher. We expect all students to be present in school, on-time, every day. Students should miss no more than one week (about 7 days) of school per school year.

15 Compulsory Full-Time Education E.C. 48200
All children between the ages 6 and 18 years must attend school full time. All parents, guardians, and students are responsible to comply with this law. Kindergarten students are included. They must abide with the attendance policy if they are enrolled in school 15

16 Attendance + Grades=Success
Why does this law exist? Attendance + Grades=Success School attendance is the strongest predictor of High School Graduation. A high school graduate will earn about $300,000 more than a high school dropout over their lifetime. A college graduate will earn about $1,000,000 more than a high school dropout over a lifetime. The attendance law exists back in the 18 or 1900’s to protect children from being exploited, cut back on delinquency. 16

17 What Students can do: Get to school every day on time, in every grade!
Make any appointments during school vacations or off time. Set a schedule and stick to it! Make sure you go to bed early so that you are rested and ready to learn. Prepare school clothes, homework and supplies the night before school. Talk to your parent, counselor, or someone you trust for help and support if you need it!

18 Attendance Policies and Procedures
Be on time at 8AM. Make doctor appointments after school or on vacation time. Bring a note from a doctor or a parent if you are absent. Talk to a counselor if you are having problems with your attendance or need help with something.

19 Sports Football Boys JV/Varsity Basketball Girls Varsity Basketball
Boys JV/Varsity Soccer Girls Soccer Girls Volleyball Boys Baseball Girls Softball Swim Team Cross Country

20 KYDS Keeping Youth Doing Something Before and After School Program
Morning Programs 6:30 a.m.-8:00 a.m. (Books and Breakfast, Morning Fitness, Girls Soccer Club, Basketball Club) Afternoon Programs (3:25 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (Play Production, Pep Band, Driver’s Ed, Study Hall, ELL Tutoring, Falcon Lounge, Math Tutoring, Speech Club, Play Production, Scrapbooking Club, Softball Club, Yoga/Pilates, and Cyber Patriot

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