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New Life ABF.

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1 New Life ABF

2 You Will Know that I AM the LORD
EZEKIEL You Will Know that I AM the LORD

3 Theme That you will Know that I Am the Lord
Found some 62 times in 27 of the 48 chapters Flushes out 5 major concepts The Nature of God Purpose in God’s judgments Individual responsibility Israel’s history Israel’s future

4 Theological Background
Deuteronomy 28

5 Historical Background
Three (four) major kingdoms involved Assyria Egypt Babylon Israel (Northern 10) & Judah (Southern 2) Two major shifts in power Assyria and Egypt to permanently fall to Babylon Israel to go into the punishment of God Israel will succumb to foreign rule and dependance God’s will being accomplished



8 Kings of the Times Hezekiah 726-697 Manassah 697-642 Amon 641-640
Josiah Jehoahaz 609 Jehoiakim Jehoiachin 597 Zedekiah Good Very Bad Bad N/a Somewhat good

9 Saul David Solomon Israel Judah

10 To Keep in Mind Pagan King just Pawns
Jeremiah had told them of the coming captivity by God’s Decree God would purge His people of idolatry The reign of the Kings ended with the exile

11 The Prophets Role Isaiah - the prophet calling for Holiness in Judah before all this Jeremiah - prophet to those remaining home during exile Daniel - a prophet placed in the Royal Courts in captivity Ezekiel - a prophet placed in the country-side in captivity

12 General Breakdown Chapters 1-24 predict the Fall of Jerusalem in 586 (After Zedekiah) Chapters Speak doom to the Nations against Jerusalem Chapters Are Encouragement to Israel Chapters Are the Prophetic Future for Israel

13 Outline I. Ezekiel's Commission (1:1-3:27)
A. The Vision of God's Glory (1:1-28) B. The Lord's Charge to Ezekiel (2:1-3:27) II. Judah's Iniquity and the Resulting Judgment (4:1-24:27) A. The Initial Warnings of the Watchman (4:1-7:27) B. The Vision of the Exodus of God's Glory (8:1-11:25) C. The Lord's Reply to the Exiles Invalid Rationalizations of Hope (12:1-19:14) D. The Defective Leadership of Israel (20:1-23:49) E. The Execution of Jerusalem's Judgment (24:1-27)

14 III. Judgment on the Foreign Nations (25:1-33:20)
A. Judgment on Judah's Closest Neighbors (25:1-17) B. Judgment on Tyre (26:1-28:19) C. Judgment on Sidon (28:20-24) D. Israel's Restoration From the Nations (28:25-26) E. Judgment on Egypt (29:1-32:32) IV. The Future Blessings of a Faithful Covenant God (33:21-48:35) A. Restoration to the Promised Land (33:21-39:29) B. God's Glory Returns (40:1-48:35)

15 Ezekiel's calling and commission : 2-3
Some Snapshots Ezekiel's calling and commission : 2-3

16 Some Snapshots “Because”

17 Some Snapshots Key verse: Ezekiel 36:22

18 You Will Know that I AM the LORD
EZEKIEL You Will Know that I AM the LORD

19 Excursus on end of section 2
Chapters 4-24

20 Some “highlights” Chapter 19: a poem of destruction
Chapter 20: the elders are rebuked and the destruction of Jerusalem laid out (See Also 14) [Read 20:1-32] Chapter 21: A Sword Read Chapter 22 Chapter 23: Oholah and Oholibah as Allegory Chapter 24: The Boiling Pot and Ezekiel’s Wide dies [Read 24:15-27]

21 “I, the Lord, have spoken; it is coming and I will act
“I, the Lord, have spoken; it is coming and I will act. I will not relent, and I will not pity and I will not be sorry; according to your ways and according to your deeds I will judge you,” declares the Lord God.’ ” Ezekiel 24:14.

22 Jerusalem is destroyed . . .
. . . just like He said.

23 Some after thoughts (T or F)
Statement Answer God is not involved with the wicked actions of wicked nations God would never force anyone to do anything God will not intervene in your life against your will God keeps all His promises It “breaks God’s heart” to “be forced” to punish us God is against capital punishment There is a future for Israel (why?) False True

24 You Will Know that I AM the LORD
EZEKIEL You Will Know that I AM the LORD

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